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Torchlight 2 Will Have Steamworks Support on Launch Day

torchlight II thumb

Mod tools should follow the game’s release by a few weeks.

Skyrim ‘Middle Earth’ Mod Hit With Cease & Desist from Warner Bros.

middle earth roleplay project thumb

Kinda surprised nobody saw this coming.

Mod Men: Half-Life 2 Mod ‘Grey’ Spooks Mitch

mod men grey thumb

Many freak-outs ensue.

Half-Life 2 Horror Mod: Grey


Are you afraid of the dark?

Got Dark Souls on PC? This Tweak Might Help with Resolution

dark souls 3 thumb

Use at your own risk.

Standalone DayZ Version Won’t Include Mod Support

dayz-gallery-photo_p3 thumb

But it IS a mod!

Missing Fallout: New Vegas Content Restored By Modders



Minecraft 1.4 Deets Emerging


Poor 1.3 is going to have middle child syndrome.

DICE “Afraid Of All The Things That Can Come” From BF3 Mods



Guess What — Counter Strike: Global Offensive is Getting Zombies

counter strike global offensive zombies thumb

All shooters must have zombies, by order of the king!

CD Projekt Invites Modders to Join in Witcher 2 Mod Beta

witcher 2 zoltan thumb

Help test the tools.

Portal 2 Test Chamber Maker Now Supports Co-Op

portal 2 avatar gear thumb

Yay, more Portal 2!

Day Z Standalone Could Be Turned Into Console Version



DayZ Standalone to Feature Instanced Underground Bases, Bigger Chernarus


Player-driven construction, as well.

Case Mod Puts Some Mass Effect 3 in this PC (PICS)

mass effect case mod 2 thumb

This might be an EDI prototype.

Witcher 2 Modding Tools To Be Unveiled At Gamescom

The Witcher 2thumb

Unfortunately, I won’t be in Germany so I am going to hate everyone who is.

DICE Devs Create Half-Life 2 Mod Mission: Improbable

half life 2 mission improbable thumb

Download this, because it looks great.

Early Footage From Black Mesa: Source Leaked



MineZ Mod Brings DayZ to Minecraft (TRAILER)

MineZ thumb

This sounds like an awesome idea.

PSA: Donation Calls for Slender: Source Are Fake

slender source thumb

Don’t give your money to anybody claiming it’s for Slender: Source, unless they sell you a t-shirt.

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Top 10 Best Deus Ex Mods


Can’t wait for Human Revolution? Dust off your old CD and try these mods.

Top 10 Best Counter-Strike Mods

counter-strike 10-04-2011

Yo Dawg, I made a mod of your mod.

Company of Heroes: OF: Europe at War Mod Adds More Models, Abilities and Co-op Missions (DOWNLOAD)

company of heroes europe at war thumb

Even more new stuff makes it into this big Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts mod.

Skyrim Mod Replaces Bard Song With Beautiful Fan-Made Rendition

skyrim bard thumb

Download this and add a new bard song to Skyrim.

Autotune Bears In Skyrim


How can there possibly be a better headline?

Half-Life 2 Mod, “Elevator: Source”, Has Perfectly Described Our Civilization


Exhibit 200 in the “why didn’t I think of this?” files.

The Most Popular Mods of All Time


Mods of the Gods!

Top 10 Best Skyrim Steam Workshop Mods


This list has one of the best immersion mods I’ve ever seen.

Terraria Dev: ‘We’ve Decided to Move On’ (So No More Updates)

terraria thumb

The game will still be available, though, and has a huge modding community. So that’s good.

Mass Effect 3′s Prothean Character Unlockable Without DLC (PC Only)


Find out how inside. And yes, Spoiler alert.

Minecraft Mod Adds Awesome Lighting, Water Effects

minecraft shaders thumb

These are pretty…pretty.

CD Projekt Invites Modders to Join in Witcher 2 Mod Beta

witcher 2 zoltan thumb

Help test the tools.

Missing Fallout: New Vegas Content Restored By Modders



DICE Reverses Position, Won’t Allow Color Changing



Carmack Promises Rage Tools Coming ‘Real Soon’


Wait what?

5 Must-Play Doom 3 Mods


From better visuals to total conversions.

Descent Being Recreated in UDK


“Worthless bureaucrats. They’d replace us all with robots given half the chance…” – MD1032

5 Moustache Mods to Get You Through Movember


Can’t grow a mo’? Mod a mo’.

Five Game of Thrones Mods You Must Play


If you’re a fan, that is.

No Mod Tools for Wolfenstein: The New Order on PC

wolf 1 thumb

You’ll be destroying Nazis in the 1960s, but it doesn’t sound like you’ll be creating any.

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