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Early Footage From Black Mesa: Source Leaked



MineZ Mod Brings DayZ to Minecraft (TRAILER)

MineZ thumb

This sounds like an awesome idea.

PSA: Donation Calls for Slender: Source Are Fake

slender source thumb

Don’t give your money to anybody claiming it’s for Slender: Source, unless they sell you a t-shirt.

ZO. M. G. Gasp At These Improved Fallout 3 Graphics


Seriously amazing work.

Slender: Source Devs Drop First Videos, In-Game Images

slender source bear valley 1 thumb

It’s just getting spookier.

Slender: Source Gets Closed Beta in December, Release in March

slender source 2 thumb

Some of us are getting the crap scared out of us this holiday season.

600-Player Multiplayer Session in Just Cause 2 as Crazy as it Sounds


You’ve gotta see this.

Check Out (and play) this Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas Mod


I’d say just let it go, but this is pretty cool.

5 Essential GTA IV Mods


Five mods for you to install before you replay GTA IV.

5 Essential KOTOR Mods


Five mods for you to install before you replay KOTOR.

DayZ Hits 900k Players and Proves the Power of Modding

dayz-gallery-photo_p3 thumb

Maybe more developers should think about letting players mod their games.

Minecraft Mod Adds Awesome Lighting, Water Effects

minecraft shaders thumb

These are pretty…pretty.

5 Essential Half-Life 2 Mods


Five mods for you to install before you replay HL2.

Watch Sonic The Hedgehog Wreck Liberty City


All hail this.

KOTOR 2 Restored Content Mod Is Out!


May the fix be with us.

Game Front is Headed to QuakeCon 2012 Next Week!

quakecon carmack thumb

If you’re going to be there, hit us up!

Slender: Source Dev Responds to ‘Rip-Off’ Accusations

slender 3 thumb

It’s been, what, a day? Really, Internet?

The World’s Best Mod Puts Portal Bots Into GTA IV (VIDEO)


Perfection. Damn.

Slender: Source Mod Pits You, Friends Against Slenderman

slender source thumb

Not to be confused with Parsec Productions’ Slender.

10 Awesome Mods for Your Steam Sale Games


Check out these great mods for games you may have bought last week.

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DICE Reverses Position, Won’t Allow Color Changing



Carmack Promises Rage Tools Coming ‘Real Soon’


Wait what?

Descent Being Recreated in UDK


“Worthless bureaucrats. They’d replace us all with robots given half the chance…” – MD1032

5 Moustache Mods to Get You Through Movember


Can’t grow a mo’? Mod a mo’.

Top 5 Best Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy Mods


Classic mods for a classic game.

System Shock 2 Modding Guide


We’ll set you up with more mods than you can shake a stick at in System Shock 2.

No Mod Tools for Wolfenstein: The New Order on PC

wolf 1 thumb

You’ll be destroying Nazis in the 1960s, but it doesn’t sound like you’ll be creating any.

Need More Kill? Here Are 8 Skyrim Mods For Weapons


Here are some of the best weapons-based add-ons from modders who know how important it is to put the medieval in “getting medieval on your ass.”

Super Mario Crossover V. 1.1 To Feature 100% More Throwing Stars


Yes yes, this isn’t technically* a mod, but unless your heart is encased in cold, mottled cast iron, the recent…

FINALLY! Someone Figured Out How To Make Zelda II Good!


Admit it: No matter how much you try, you can’t wish away the fact that Zelda II: The Adventure of…

Alien Swarm Is Free. FREE I TELL YOU!


This is pretty fracking cool. It’s always great to see modders go from hobbyists to ballers-shot callers-impallas, but when the…

Half-Life 2 Mod — Source Media Arcade


A 3D, interactive user interface to launch games and browse files. It’s not a game — it’s a whole new way to use a computer.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Mod — La Caza


Get ready to crap your pants.

Blizzard’s Arbitrary Content Policy Isn’t So Arbitrary, But Their Response Time Is


The deletion of Ultimate Tank Defence really angered StarCraft II’s Custom Maps community. Turns out, they had a good reason for it. They sure could’ve told us what it was a little sooner, though.

San Andreas Mod Installer


Sami will make installing GTA: San Andreas mods a breeze.

Circle of 8 Marches Toward The Keep on the Borderlands

Classic pen-and-paper module B1:The Keep on the Borderlands is unofficially marching toward becoming a digital reality thanks to theĀ  fan…

Half-Life 2 Mod: Riot Act

There’s a new Half-Life 2 mod up on Half-Life Files. Riot Act is a small single player mod featuring full…

NWN2 Community Update Focuses on Modders

The latest Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update is up. Fans anticipating the release of Mask of the Betrayer can check…

Mods: Half-Life 2 Awakening

Set shortly before the arrival of Gordon Freeman in City 17, this single player modification for Half-Life 2 features a…

Bethesda Elder Scrolls Mod Spotlight

Bethesda has picked their favorites of the latest mods for Elder Scrolls games. One of the great parts of playing…

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