Modern Warfare 3 – Config File Tweaks

Are the graphics’ settings of Activision online epic just not good enough for you? If you’re in need of some serious tweaking, you can always make adjustments in the Config files. Play around with the values below to get the best performance for singleplayer and multiplayer from even older computers. Don’t get left behind due to a slow computer, get the graphics and framerate just right with these small tweaks.

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Config Files – Notes

  • Most regular graphical options can be tweaked in-game with the options menu for the PC version of MW3. If you’re still not satisfied with MW3′s performance, then you can start tweaking the config files for better performance.
  • To find these files, look here: C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommoncall of duty modern warfare 3players2 (Or whatever folder you’ve chosen to instal MW3.)
  • The relevant files are [config.cfg] and [config_mp.cfg] with values for singleplayer and multiplayer respectively. Open the files in Notepad, and you can start changing values.
  • Save the file when you’re done, and make sure it overwrites the previous version in the same folder. If you cause problems with your tweaking, just delete the files and Steam will replace them — or just save the original files in a different location as back-up.

Config File Tweaks

seta sm_maxLights “4″
The line determines how many local lights appear on screen at one time. Lower the number to improve performance, or just make the game a little less bright.

seta r_texFilterAnisoMax “4″/seta r_texFilterAnisoMin “1″
The sets the minimum and maximum for anisotropic settings.

seta snd_cinematicVolumeScale “0.5″
Sets the volume for cinematic music. Set it higher or lower than the base value to change the volume.

seta sensitivity “4.0″
Changes the mouse sensitivity.

seta snd_enableEq “1″
Processes sound effects. If you play on mute and don’t want the game to process sound at all, change the value to ’0′.

seta ai_corpseCount “X”
Sets how many corpses will show up on screen at one time. If you want to see every body, increase the value, or lower it if you don’t like wading through the dead.

seta r_preloadShaders “0″
Set the value here to ’1′ to preload shaders, allowing for better performance. It does have an adverse effect on memory.

seta r_rendererPreference “Default”
Older cards can benefit from changing the value from “Default” to “Shader model 2.0″.

seta cg_brass “1″
Change the value to ’0′ to remove weapon casings while firing your weapon.

seta r_depthPrepass “0″
Before using this setting, turn off depth of field in the graphics options. ’0′ is default deptth of field, ’1′ changes depth of field so only background objects are blurred, and ’2′ includes the foreground and background in depth of field.

seta ragdoll_max_simulating “16″
This value governs the amount of ragdolls on screen at once. Lower the number to stop all that twitchy.

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Thanks a lot! But the game looks better but still looks worse than Black Ops and COD4. IW was just LAZY this time.