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Modern Warfare 3 mania is on, and we’re providing you with all the information we can on the newest Call of Duty. First weapons, then weapon attachments, now we have on sights on MW3′s stock of special equipment. With a collection of new and old, you’ll want to see what these devious devices have in store for you before jumping into the multiplayer arena.

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  • A versatile weapon, the Frag grenade is an explosive hand-thrown weapon with a 3.5 second timer. Holding down the throw button will “cook” the grenade, basically giving your enemies less time to react when the grenade is thrown. Just don’t blow yourself up.
  • To help with cooking grenades, your reticule will animate every second while cooking a grenade. Wait for it to animate one, two, or three times depending on how close your target is or when you want the grenade to pop.
  • Grenades are good at softening up targets or flushing them out of hiding. Because of the timer, they can also be bounced off corners or thrown on the ground to cover your escape in a pinch.
  • Grenades can also be thrown back, but players will rarely have time to pick up the grenade and throw it back. Remember, a thrown grenade on the ground could’ve been cooked, giving you one or two seconds less to react.


  • This sticky bomb is just as powerful as the Frag Grenade, just with less range, and no cooking ability. It can’t be rolled, it immediately sticks to whatever it’s thrown at — including other players.
  • Once thrown against a wall, the weapon is instantly dangerous. Use it to cover an area or to stop enemies from approaching.

Throwing Knife

  • Explosives are noisy, so the alternative is a stealthy weapon like the Throwing Knife. These weapons are instantly lethal if they connect, and can be picked back up to refill your stock.
  • It’s difficult to use, as the blade arcs slowly, making moving targets difficult to peg. The upside here is that Throwing Knives can be thrown while you’re reloading, instantly, allowing you to turn the tables on an enemy that thinks they have you dead-to-rights as you reload.

Bouncing Betty

  • A proximity explosive, this bomb launches into the air before detonating once triggered. Ducking under the bomb blast will avoid half the damage, while going prone will keep you safe. Keep this in mind if you do trigger a Bouncing Betty.
  • Unlike the Claymore, the Bouncing Betty can be triggered in a 360 degree radius, making it more versatile to cover more approaches from every angle. But, other players can duck or go prone under the explosion, limiting its effectiveness against skilled players.


  • Another proximity mine, but with a forward-facing arc. These bombs explode only when an enemy approaches their front, making them only effective when placed properly. Be aware of the direction enemies are likely to use before placing a Claymore.
  • Like the Bouncing Betty, some damage can be avoid. Instead of ducking, you’ll have to jump. Still, if activated, there’s no way to avoid the explosion completely. Claymores are also more lethal, with a greater explosive range, but lacking the Bouncing Betty’s 360 degree coverage.


  • The most powerful explosive weapon, this one must be placed then manually detonated. When thrown, it’ll stick to any surface.
  • There are three ways to detonate C4; hitting the trigger of the detonator, shooting it, or tapping the reload button quickly twice.
  • C4 is the ultimate booby-trap weapon, but requires patience. You can’t fire-and-forget C4 like you can with the other explosives, it must be watched and detonated manually to get any effectiveness out of it.
  • Because you have to watch it, C4 is a good defensive tool. Use it while you’re already camping an area, where you won’t have to leave it alone.
  • Try to stick C4 where people won’t look, like a ceiling or the door frame interior of a building.


Flash Grenade

  • Flash Grenades are your second main-stay tool besides Frag Grenades. Throwing them creates a disabling flash of light, obscuring the vision of anyone looking at one. This weapon is perfect for interiors or room-clearing, where you know enemies are waiting.
  • At a distance, the flash effect does not work. Don’t expect your enemies to be blind, skillful players will always look away, so always play it safe and don’t just throw Flash Grenades everywhere, or you’ll blind your teammates and yourself, too.

Concussion Grenade

  • Instead of blinding, the Concussion Grenade stuns opponents. They stop sprinting enemies, make them stagger around, and slows their movement / turning speed.
  • The blast has to catch an opponent for this weapon to work. And avoid charging a stunned enemy from the front, they can still see and fire their weapon.
  • The Concussion Grenade is slightly more versatile than the Flash Grenade. Concussion Grenades will hit targets even in the periphery of their blast, and do not need to be looked at to be effective. But, the effect isn’t as debilitating.


  • Deploying this piece of equipment creates a shell of interference for any enemy in range. Their RADAR won’t work while in range of the Scrambler.
  • Another useful trait of the Scrambler; it hides anyone inside it’s scrambling radius from Air Support.
  • Use the Scrambler while defending an objective to hide your position, or before an assault to break apart an enemy team’s situational awareness.

EMP Grenade

  • This grenade is simple, if thrown, the blast will instantly destroy any deployed equipment. It can also destroy low-flying Air Support; like the AH-6, the Osprey Gunner, the Pave Low, and the Escort Airdrop.
  • It’s very useful against drones or Sentry Turrets. It’s blast radius is much greater than a Flash or Concussion Grenade, meaning multiple enemy deployables can be destroyed at once.
  • The EMP Grenade also scrambles enemy RADAR and HUDs if they’re within the blast. If very close to the center of the explosion, they’ll also be stunned.

Smoke Grenade

  • Smoke is your best bet at obscuring your approach, hiding a retreat, or defending an objective with Thermal Sights. Smoke Grenades, when thrown, create a thick cloud of smoke.
  • These are most useful in team-based game modes requiring a high degree of coordination, like any of the objective game modes. In a mode as chaotic as deathmatch, lose the Smoke Grenade.

Trophy System

  • Like a Sentry Turret, but purely for defense. The Trophy System intercepts and destroys projectiles. All types of projectiles, including; every grenade, grenades fired from launchers, RPGs, SMAWs, Javelins, C4, Predator Missiles, Reaper Missiles, and the AC130′s cannon.
  • But, the Trophy System can only destroy two projectiles before becoming useless. A burst of gunfire can also destroy it easily, so make sure to guard it well.
  • The Trophy System is best used while defending, to save yourself and an objective from powerful Air Support for a precious few seconds.
  • It’s a quick deploy weapon, and can be moved. Take it with you and deploy it when you know you’re in danger.

Tactical Insertion

  • The Tactical Insertion flare lets you set a new spawn point on the map. Place one of these well and you can really get the drop on unsuspecting enemies.
  • The benefits here are obvious, but the flare can only be thrown once, and only works for a single spawn. Try hiding them deep in enemy territory, just for fun.

Portable RADAR

  • The Portable RADAR device is a deployable, similar to the Scrambler, but with the opposite effect. Instead of disabling enemy RADAR, it improves your RADAR.
  • Any enemy in the circular radius of the Portable RADAR will appear on your map. Don’t rely too closely on it, as it must sweep the area before detecting enemies.
  • Enemies with the Assassin Perk won’t be detected, so keep that in mind.

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