Modern Warfare 3: How To Shoot Down Air Support

Everyone that plays MW3 online knows the terrible sound of air support eating your team alive. If it isn’t the annoying spy drones, it’s attack helicopters or the dreaded AC-130 giving you and your team a hard time. They’re annoying, but they can be defeated. Thanks to illustrious internet people, we finally have the answer to how many missiles it takes to destroy air support. Not only that, but we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for hunting these terrible strike packages.

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How To Shoot Down Air Support

  • The best weapon to use while hunting air support will always be the Stinger.
  • The MK14 is another good choice, a single magazine can take out most single-missile air support. Two magazines of fire can destroy the Pave Low and Ospreys.
  • Any air support close enough to the ground can be instantly dealt with by using EMP grenades.

Missiles Required To Shoot Down Air Support W/ Notes

One Missile:

  • UAV
  • Counter UAV
  • Advanced UAV
  • Care Package Helicopter
  • Attack Helicopter – Notes: The Attack Helicopter has one set of flares.
  • Strafe Run Helicopter – Notes: These choppers have no flares. Never target the center helicopter first, always target the second and fourth in the line, that way you can destroy all five with two Stinger missiles.
  • AH-6 Overwatch – Notes: This chopper has one set of flares, but flies low enough to be destryoed by a single EMP grenade.

Two Missiles:

  • Reaper – Notes: Like most helicopters, the Reaper has one set of flares.
  • Pave Low – Notes: Has one set of flares. If you’re close to the Pave Low, the flares won’t be able to redirect your Stinger missile, netting you a one hit kill. One certain maps, it’s also vulnerable to EMP grenades, if you’re able to get close enough.

Three Missiles:

  • Escort Airdrop – Notes: The Escort Airdrop works exactly like the Osprey Gunner below. The same notes apply.
  • Osprey Gunner – Notes: Has one set of flares. When the Osprey is dropping off a care package, just as it arrives, it flies low enough to be destroyed with a single EMP grenade.
  • Recon Drone
  • AC-130 – Notes: Has two sets of flares.

Thanks to BearPaw07.

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