Modern Warfare 3 Pointstreak Guide

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  • Pointstreak Guide
  • Pointstreak Guide – General Information

    • Pointstreaks have replaced killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3. Why? Because you gain points for more than just kills. Completing objectives in objective-based game modes and shooting down enemy air-support earn you new points.
    • Killing is still your best way to earn points. Shooting opponents directly, or using Strike Package rewards to kill for you, will earn you more points.
    • There are three separate Strike Package; Assault, Support, and Specialist. They all offer different types of bonuses.
    • Assault Strike Packages are geared towards offense and calling in air support like powerful helicopters or bombing runs.
    • Support Strike Packages help your team by either boosting their resilience, tactical map information, or depriving the enemy of information. They tend to be more defensive, but a good player can use support rewards to plan a devastating attack on the enemy team.
    • The Specialist Strike Package provides perks as rewards. Kills earn you up to three tiers of perks, with an eighth kill unlocking every perk simultaneously, along with every weapon proficiency for your primary weapon — all at once.
    • Each Strike Package comes with its own rewards, so pick which three you want from each set wisely. Some rewards compliment each other, such as powerful tools of destruction for Assault Strike Packages providing you with extra points to purchase the next level of reward.

    Earning Pointstreaks

    • Each of the three Strike Packages earns Pointstreaks differently.
    • All Pointstreaks for all three packages can be earned by; killing enemies, completing objectives, shooting down Air Support of any kind (Including UAVs), and scoring kills with your Strike Package rewards.
    • NOTE: Using the Hardline Perk will lower the point requirement for all Pointstreak reward by one. If you unlock the Pro perk for Hardline, you’ll also earn a point towards Pointstreaks for every two assists.
    • Now, for the major differences between each of the three Strike Packages:
    • Assault streaks reset when you die, so you’ll need to earn points all on one life.
    • Support streaks do not reset when you die. You’ll continue to earn rewards after spawning, which is why Support Strike Packages are more expensive, but less powerful than Assault Strike Packages.
    • Specialist streaks provide their perk rewards automatically with each two kills. Six kills will unlock all three of your chosen perks. Eight kills unlocks all perks and almost all proficiencies. When you die, you lose the rewards.

    Keeping Pointstreak Rewards

    • The Specialist Strike Package always loses the rewards after death, but Assault and Support rewards can be kept. If you earn a reward and die before losing it, you will respawn with that reward.
    • Pointstreak rewards used after you have died do not add new points to your chain.
    • Your Pointstreak rewards that are active, while you’re alive, will earn you new points as they score kills — whether you directly control them or not.
    • Don’t forget, Pointstreaks are not “spent”, so if you reach a Pointstreak of 7, activate the Attack Helicopter and it score two kills, you can immediately earn the Strafe Run.
    • If you earn your third Pointstreak reward, you’ll reset back to your first reward. Also, your final Pointstreak reward will not earn you points towards your reset first reward. You’ll have to earn them the old fashioned way, with your Primary Weapon, completing objectives, or shooting down Air Support.

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