Modern Warfare 3 Pointstreak Guide

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  • Pointstreak Guide
  • Assault Strike Packages


    • Unlocked with 3 points.
    • The UAV is activated immediately, and scans the area for enemies. Any enemies on the map without the Assassin Perk will show up on your map.
    • A very important reward, it lasts for 60 seconds and can be shot down from small arms fire. Any additional UAVs activated will add five seconds to the UAV timer.

    Care Package

    • Unlocked with 4 points.
    • Using this reward gives you a smoke grenade which will call down an airdropped crate. Using the crate will provide you with one random reward.
    • Only call in packages over flat ground, they can land on roofs! They can also crush you, allies, or enemies.
    • You’re more likely to get a low-end Pointstreak reward than an expensive one. Throw the dice and gamble whenever using the Care Package.

    Intelligent Munitions System (IMS)

    • Unlocked with 5 points.
    • This is a very powerful proximity mine. The large piece of equipment can be deployed, and when activated, launches four seeking exploves.
    • Use it to block entrances and chokepoint to defend objectives. If you’re facing an IMS, just shoot it.

    Predator Missile

    • Unlocked with 5 points.
    • Activating the Predator Missile puts you in control of an UAV flying over the map. Fire and you’ll be in control of the missile as it flies towards the ground.
    • All enemies on the map will be highlighted in red. If you’re shot while using the control console, you’ll snap out of control, so make sure to find an out-of-the-way spot.
    • The Trophy System will stop incoming Predator Missiles, or any hard rooftop. If you are using a roof, stay away from doors and openings, as the missile has a wide blast radius.
    • The Predator Missile is also good for taking out enemy equipment or Pointstreak Rewards. Choppers, drones, and Juggernauts are all vulnerable to Predator Missiles.

    Precision Airstrike

    • Unlocked with 6 points.
    • This reward allows you to manually target a location to call in an airstrike. It takes a few seconds for the jet to fly by and bomb a stretch of the map.
    • Anticipate where your enemies will be. Any objective-based modes make this easier, as chokepoints are easier to spot in those game modes.
    • Find safety by avoiding the airstrike warning or hiding under a roof.

    Attack Helicopter

    • Unlocked with 7 points.
    • Activating this reward calls in an attack chopper that sweeps across the map and automatically shoots any enemies with machine guns and rockets.
    • The helicopter is vulnerable to enemy AA launchers like the Stinger. The reward will stick around for a long time, if a team isn’t using AA support effectively, this helicopter can tear a team apart.
    • The helicopter has one set of flares to avoid a single AA rocket.

    Strafe Run

    • Unlocked with 9 points.
    • Unlike the Attack Helicopter, this reward calls in five Attack Helicopters at once. The five choppers sweep through the map twice, you only need to choose the direction and initial area of the attack.
    • These helicopters have no flares, meaning they have no defense against AA launchers. These choppers are best used in large open maps without much roof cover.
    • If the enemy destroys one of these helicopters, they’ll gain a point for their pointstreaks. That means the enemy team can gain five points easily if they’re prepared with AA launchers. Watch your team, and gauge whether they’re equipped with AA before launching this reward.

    AH-6 Overwatch

    • Unlocked with 9 points.
    • This reward calls in a small helicopter that literally overwatches you. It flies above you, and opens fire on anyone that tries to kill you.
    • The helicopter can give away your position, and comes with one set of flares. Use this reward when you’re not afraid to be found, like while defending an objective.


    • Unlocked with 9 points.
    • Like the Predator Missile, the Reaper is a UAV that circles the map. Instead of just having one shot, you have a large supply of missiles to fire.
    • The downside here is that your Reaper signifies targeted areas with a big red mark. The Reaper can also be shot down; it comes with one set of flares.

    Assault Drone

    • Unlocked with 10 points.
    • The Assault Drone is a reward that you call down with an airdrop, then deploy and control remotely. The armored drone is armed with machine guns, rockets, and a RADAR device. Hide somewhere after deploying the drone while you control it.
    • The powerful drone is perfect for breaking through a heavy defense or taking out enemies in Juggernaut armor. The drone is always on the enemy’s map, so it’ll be discovered as soon as you take control of it.
    • Beware of EMP grenades, and let loose with your guns — they both have infinite ammo.


    • Unlocked with 12 points.
    • This orbiting gunship is controllable from the ground, and lets you rain down powerful shells from the sky using three weapons. Every enemy below is highlighted in red, making them easy to pick out.
    • Rapidly switch between using each weapon while they reload to avoid having to wait. Go nuts with the guns, you have unlimited ammo.
    • Do as much damage as possible as quickly as possible, because the AC-130 only has two sets of flares.

    Pave Low

    • Unlocked with 12 points.
    • This bulky reward calls in a large attack chopper that stays around longer than the regular attack chopper. It’s got better armor as well, if you’re worried about AA.
    • The helicopter works automatically and requires no input from you, meaning it’s a good fire-and-forget reward.
    • It does only have on set of flares, but otherwise it’s all around better than the Attack Helicopter.


    • Unlocked with 15 points.
    • Airdropping this package provides a unique set of armor to the player — including an M60 and a USP pistol. It also gives you access to the Scavenger perk whether you have it equipped or not to ensure you always have ammo.
    • While wearing the Juggernaut armor, your movement speed is slowed and you cannot lay prone. You also show up on enemy RADAR. But, your health regenerates faster, you take less damage, and you’re resistant to splash damage.
    • The Juggernauts are weak against direct hits from launchers like the RPG and SMAW. If you spot a Juggernaut coming, equip yourself and try to hit them directly.

    Osprey Gunner

    • Unlocked with 17 points.
    • The most expensive Pointstreak Reward is also the best. Calling this reward allows you to control the weapons of the Osprey armed with unlimited ammo 25mm cannons.
    • The cannons are powerful enough to cause splash damage to anyone nearby the impact area. When you call in an Osprey, it arrives at your target location and drops three free Care Packages. But, it is immobile while it does so.
    • Make sure you only call the Osprey somewhere relatively safe. When the packages are dropped, it will behave like other helicopters automatically, but it won’t shoot on it’s own. You’ll need to control the guns, so find someplace safe to hide.
    • All enemies viewed while controlling the Osprey are highlighted in red for easy pickings.

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