Modern Warfare 3 Support Strike Packages

Tired of all the fighting in Modern Warfare 3? Would you rather help your fellow man than harm them? Well, you’re looking in the wrong place, because even the Support Strike Packages will kill your enemies dead, and help your team kill enemies dead in MW3′s intense multiplayer matches. Below you’ll find the full list of Support Strike Packages, how much they cost, and what they do for you and your team.

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Support Strike Packages


  • Unlocked with 4 points.
  • Same as the Assault Package UAV, it just costs one extra point.
  • The UAV is called down and scans the map for enemies, making them appear on your minimap while it lasts. The UAV can be shot down with small arms fire.


  • Unlocked with 5 points.
  • This handy UAV blocks enemy RADAR completely, while also disabling enemy UAVs and Advanced UAVs.
  • Best used before making a large offense to blind the enemy team.

Ballistic Vests

  • Unlocked with 5 points.
  • Deploying this reward leaves behind a stack of ballistic vests for your entire team to enjoy. The pile is usable, but requires a few seconds, so put it someplace out of the way.
  • Equipping a vest doubles your health, but once it is destroyed it does not regenerate. Equip your whole team and stage an assault for a powerful advantage.

Airdrop Trap

  • Unlocked with 5 points.
  • This airdropped reward looks like a Care Package, but it’s really booby-trapped with explosives. Anyone that tries to use it will set off the powerful explosives.
  • The explosion is an instant kill to anyone nearby. To fool your enemies, try to mix the trapped package with real Care Packages.

SAM Turret

  • Unlocked with 8 points.
  • This defensive turret, when airdropped and deployed, is a powerful weapon against any aerial enemies. It takes time to call in and deploy, so don’t use it as an instant answer to enemy choppers.
  • Prepare yourself, drop the turret, then pick it up for later use if the enemy is relying heavily on aerial Assault Strike Packages.
  • The SAM turret’s individual rockets are incredibly powerful against choppers, but they are lethal to drones. Any of the drones won’t last long.
  • Make sure to deploy SAM turrets in the open where walls and roofs won’t obstruct their firing radius. Small arms fire will disable the turret, though.

Recon Drone

  • Unlocked with 10 points.
  • This remote controllable helicopter uses a vision mode similar to the AC-130 or Attack Chopper, with your enemies highlighted in red.
  • The drone lasts as long as you can keep it alive, and if you’re smart, you can weave it through buildings carefully to avoid being spotted.
  • The drone can also “tag” enemies, you just need to aim and fire. A tagged enemy will appear on your entire team’s RADAR. The drone also carries a mobile scrambler.
  • The drone must be controlled remotely, so don’t forget to hide before using it.

Advanced UAV

  • Unlocked with 12 points.
  • This super-UAV provides positional and directional information on every enemy on the map not using the Assassin Perk.
  • Combine the AUAV with the CUAV to gain an intelligence advantage while depriving your enemies of any intelligence.

Remote Sentry

  • Unlocked with 12 points.
  • Like the SAM Turret, this Sentry must be airdropped and deployed. It takes awhile to get, but unlike the SAM, you take direct control of this turret.
  • The Remote Sentry is similar to the regular Sentry Turret, except that is must be controlled remotely and that is has 360 degree viewing.
  • With some support, this turret can bottle up a chokepoint.

Stealth Bomber

  • Unlocked with 14 points.
  • Similar to the Precision Airstrike in the Assault Strike Package, you drop a target’s location then direction to activate the bomber, which strafes an area with bombs.
  • The blast is much more powerful here, just remember that the bomber does not appear instantly, you’ll need to plan where you call in the strike.


  • Unlocked with 18 points.
  • Using this reward activates an EMP shockwave with several effects. First, it downs any enemy air support instantly. Second, is disables the enemy’s HUD. Third, it disables their RADAR. It also ends any electronic Poinstreaks and optical sights.
  • The effect lasts for 60 seconds. It is useful for knocking out enemy intelligence, but the CUAV does almost the same thing.
  • Save your EMP reward to destroy powerful enemy air support.

Juggernaut Recon

  • Unlocked with 18 points.
  • Similar to the Assault Strike Juggernaut reward, this must also be airdropped then deployed, then equipped to use. That takes time, so find a good quiet place to activate the armor.
  • The armor is just as defensive, your movement is still slowed. But, instead of heavy weapons, you come equipped with a Riot Shield and a USP pistol. You also come with Portable RADAR.
  • With the extra defense, and the ability to spot any nearby enemies for your team, you make a good focal point for any team-based offense or defense. With the Riot Shield equipped, the Juggernaut Recon can even withstand direct hits with the SMAW or the RPG.

Escort Airdrop

  • Unlocked with 18 points.
  • Another similar reward, this one is like the Osprey Gunner. Except, once called in, it drops five Care Packages and defends the packages just as it arrives.
  • Instead of taking a long time to set-up, before moving around and shooting, the Escort Airdrop’s Osprey will stay where you call it and defend it’s location. It is not so vulnerable just as it arrives, making it a better defensive Strike Package during a pitched fight over an objective.

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4 Comments on Modern Warfare 3 Support Strike Packages


On November 18, 2011 at 7:27 pm

for escort airdrop, who are the care packages protected? If an enemy is using Blind Eye are they affected by this???? PLEASE REPLY!!!!!

Kevin Thielenhaus

On November 20, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Enemy using Blind Eye won’t be attacked by automated air support, so you’ll have to defend the packages yourself. I know that sucks, but does that answer your question?


On December 13, 2011 at 6:13 am

The Ballistic vest info i completly off!
It gives you 30 percent extra hp i does not double it!


On January 25, 2012 at 11:07 am

will the 4 care packages come randomly from the escort airdrop. I mean that everytime I call it in I get ballitic, remote sentry,juggernaut,i.m.s,sam turret, counter uav, advanced uav or stealth bomber. But when this one time i was hijackin enemy crates i got some like strafe run,predator missile, pave low.. How the hell can i get those epic crates?