Mods of the Week for August 16th-20th, 2010

Great mods can be, if you’re not already completely embedded in a game’s community, hard to track down. So we’re going to make this easier on you with a weekly guide to some of the most interesting new mods we’ve tracked down. (In the future we’ll be dropping these on Friday). Today, here’s 5 that kind of sort of blew our minds a little.


Quake 4 3A for Quake 4

Here’s a mod for people who think Quake 4 was too candy-apple soft, and want to toughen things up a bit. It takes Quake 4 and tries to make it a bit more like Quake 3. Tactical gameplay, single player mode realism, multiplayer balance and action have all been tweaked to create what is hoped will be a darker experience closer in spirit to earlier Quake games. YMMV, but we know it won’t. Grab it here.


Kosta87 Realistic Enhancements for Star Wars: Empire At War

This one is almost our favorite of the lot. Quite possibly the dorkiest thing we have ever heard of, this Empire At War mod has one purpose: to try to make sure all in-game ships are to scale and as close to the movie versions as possible. Sorry, it does have two purposes – the second is being flipping awesome. Grab a copy here.


Dominion War Refit for Star Trek: Legacy

Remember how the last entry was almost our favorite? That’s because of this one. There are two kind of Trek Fans: People who know that Deep Space Nine was the best Star Trek series evarz, and people who clearly need to ease up on huffing paint. I’m the first type, and after having spent the last few weeks watching the entire series from start to finish, this Star Trek: Legacy Mod hits the spot just right. Install it, and all your TNG era Klingon warships will look like they did during the Dominion war storyline in the last 4 seasons of DS9. Now, stop fantasizing about an Ezrie/Jadzia, ahem, double date and get it here.


NX Pack for Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Here’s another Star Trek mod in case the previous entry has you seriously jonesing for some boldly going action. It adds the NX class starship to Bridge Commander. NOTE FOR PEOPLE WHO AREN’T TURBO NERD CITY TREK NERDS: NX class warships were featured in the took-too-long-to-become-awesome UPN series Enterprise, which featured the adventures of the first human crew to explore the galaxy 100 years before Captain Kirk and YES I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND SO SHUT UP. Anyway, grab it here.


P.R.I.P.Y.A.T.A.N. for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Last but not least is a Mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:Call of Pripyat that adds a whole lot of extra goodies for this already heavily stacked game. For instance, looting money, Sleep Deprivation, Sounds – Russian audio with english/czech/ subtitles, New outfits and tons more. If you’re interested, grab your copy here, and hope you don’t die of radiation sickness.

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