How to Mod Skyrim to Replicate Hearthfire DLC Now!

As we count down the days to the PC release of Skyrim’s newest DLC, Hearthfire, Xbox 360 players are merrily establishing their homesteads across the land’s frozen wastes. Fortunately, it turns out we PC players have had Hearthfire all along — thanks to the wonderful modding community.

What are Hearthfire’s main features? The ability to build your own customizable home and adopt children. Here’s a list of mods that will come as close to replicating Hearthfire’s features as possible.

Adopt a child

Let’s kick off this list with what is clearly the most desirable feature of Hearthfire: adopting children. Because, deep down, every Dovahkiin wants to be able to say, “I was once an adventurer like you… then I had to settle down and raise these damn kids. What? No! Finish your damn broccoli, you brat!”

This mod will allow you to adopt a child from the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. There’s a one-time adoption fee — essentially like buying a horse — and then all the kid’s bills are magically paid by the power of… Well, of not going to college, most likely. You can even take your child on an adventure with you and have them fight alongside you as a Follower.

Build Your Own Home

Seriously, this is the reason you want Hearthfire: to build your own home. This mod has you covered. You can create a completely modular house wherever you’d like, be it a riverside shack, a two-story farmhouse, or a small fortress.

Spouses Can Live Everywhere

What’s the point of having a new, custom-made house, if your spouse is stuck in that dung-hole the Jarl allowed you to buy? This mod lets you to move your spouse into any house, even those added by mods. Hell, you can even send your significant other to live under a bridge, if they tick you off.

Trophy Hunting

You have a house. You’ve moved in your spouse, unless she’s a troll. You’ve perhaps adopted a child. What’s left? Decking out that house with some trophies that proudly display how awesome you are.

This mod allows you to learn how to collect trophies from the following animals: wolves, bears, sabrecats, skeevers, elk, horkers, mudcrabs, and slaughterfish. You can mount the trophies in your house anywhere you’d like and even fine-tune their position.

Tundra Defense

Let’s take things one step further. Sure, Hearthfire lets you build your own home… but this mod also lets you defend it. Construct your own outpost, build up its defenses, hire guards, and fight off raiders and dragons. This is as close as you can get to a realistic tower defense game.

Hearthfire may let you have your spouse and children live in your house. This mod allows citizens to move into your outpost and pay taxes to you.

It’s good to be king.

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