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IF YOU ARE A LET'S PLAYER, DOWNLOAD THE LET'S PLAYER FRIENDLY PATCH. I have spent 3 months making sure I comment every LP of this custom story to let them know that the opera song is technically copyrighted and that a patch exists to replace it. Yet there are still let's players who see the patch (It's kinda hard to miss) and ignore it then complain when they get in trouble. A help file is in the download folder, use it if you get stuck. You need Justine for this to work right. First release version. I will try to correct any bugs found. Note that the reason it says "V2" is because this is a much longer version of a small mod I made a few months ago. Now updated with the files from Patch 2. If you downloaded this after it's updated, you don't need patch 2. If you downloaded it before it was updated, either redownload or just get patch 2. I apologize for not mentioning that you need Justine for this to work. It's a free update and I just assumed everyone would have it by now. Sorry

A Late Night Drink Version 1.1

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