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Latest Update - 1.75 Changelog. Heroes - Goblin Engineers. - Reworked Land Mine. Now it has no Target.< - Added new classes - Giant, A melee Tank. - Shaman, INT support hero. Items - Added two new Superchargers. - Replaced Arcane Scroll by Frost Buckler, tthat grants Frost Breath. - Replaced Child's Dreams with Orgrim's Stafff, grants Healing Wave. AI Updates - Engieers prefer Land Mine over Demolish annd Stasis Trap - Engineers use the Land Mine well. - Added Shaman and Giant into AI, and fixed the Item Builds. Current AI Glitches - AI Giant using Double Edge may fail sometiimes and end up nothing. - AI Shaman's Wolf may not Stick around withh Shaman, but has proper retreat behaviour. Gameplay - Improved The Last Guardian, now has 8000 HHP and regenerates 25 HP /SEC. - Improved the Terrain, added few Arcs, and Dense Trees. - Added a Titan Crystal Circle at the Centerr (Mid Lane), For later use. (New Game Mode... Coming Soon)

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