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Welcome to Extension Pack No.2.Here you can find information about our modification along with updates about new versions

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  • [aliminhas [aliminhas

    Can you add this .. if a freindly black hawk is going over you ask for a pick up .. so the bot lands to pick you up.. sorry for bad english

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    • Betamaxx Betamaxx Creator

      That is a feature that can't be implemented to BF2 Bots
      You must enter the helicopter before it flies away from you :\

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  • mrkillerovsky mrkillerovsky


    first of all, cool mod! I really like it ^^

    but I have been experiencing some problems with the new weapon sounds.. (like that M16A3 in medic class) matter the distance, they still sound like if it was fired in front of your ear.
    any possible solutions to this?

    Thanks in advance

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  • *Pro*Player007 *Pro*Player007 Creator

    2 years later,it was such a great time working over this :)

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  • NinjaTheCat NinjaTheCat

    Hate to be a Devil's advocate, but I don't think that labeling certain factions as good or bad is really necessary. The battlefield franchise is good because it explores both sides of a conflict instead of writing off the "bad" factions and making "good" factions heroes like a CoD game. It would be wise to keep a mod's story line or background as neutral as possible to A)Maintain the neutrality of the battlefield series or B)So that offending people is not a possibility. In my opinion, there are no good sides in war, both kill people to stop the opponents from killing people resulting in both sides killing people, it's just often the case that a certain state or entity's morals in a war may be better than their opponents but both still kill people at the end of the day.

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    I look forward to the next views modification .super mod;)

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