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Prepare to see the most disturbing, sadistic and morbid manifestation of violence that you ever seen in your life. This is the definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Warning: After you see it, it cannot be unseen!

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Starting to test my level revamp script on Plutonia since yesterday. Welcome to the jungle.

12hours ago

The script can also redirect players to other maps without conflicting with other pwads. Now the possibilities are…

Mar 24 2017

So, I found out that you can change a lot of stuff in a map without having to actually edit it. v21 will be a bigge…

Mar 23 2017

Changing to Zandronum 3.0 and making use of the new features. Now barrels can cause bigger explosions depending of…

Mar 22 2017

I was so drunk when it happened that I only acknowledged it now.

Mar 19 2017

Physics? Gravity? Fuck them all. Testing BD v21 online.

Mar 15 2017

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  • doomslayer99 doomslayer99

    Any ideas when we can expect it to be released? I can't wait to try it out.

    • #1Guest Guest

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  • nikolaevous nikolaevous

    Current v21 changelog i wrote down:

    Brutal doom will have a script that detects which map you're playing, which makes
    the game add decorations, change the enviroment, enemy placements etc accordingly
    to make stuff look better and feel better. These changes are insane btw.

    Weapon visuals and sounds have been changed.

    Minigun has increased fire rate.

    Better smoke effects.

    Rocket launcher has a backblast.

    You can have a class where you get a (modified) pistol instead of the rifle.

    There is now an automatic shotgun (AA-12), which can be only found in the Skulltag difficulty (25% change to replace SSG).

    Enemy eyes glow in the dark (and certain textures also glow in the dark using brightmaps.

    You have a flashlight now.

    Barrels have better explosions.

    You can pickup barrels.

    New HUD features, like seeing how much time it takes for a powerup to wear off, grenade counter, better ammo counter.

    You can now disable reloads.

    First person executions exist now (press E on enemies on the floor)

  • thehgslug thehgslug

    release brutal doom v21 please

  • fr1dd fr1dd

    Recently tested Brutal Doom v20b with the latest stable release of GZDoom(v2.4.0)
    and experienced a rather strange bug(only Brutal Doom) that doesn't occur in GZDoom(v2.3.2).

    - Tree sprites(Doom 2 map 11 tested) move around if you shoot at them :) hmm...

    • Korell Korell

      I've had a bit of an investigation and it is due to the trees being damageable. They have a very large mass, though, which clearly prevented them from being moved in earlier GZDoom versions, so I've no idea why they are now moving in 2.4.0 and later.

      However, reading up on the DECORATE scripting, it suggests that using very large mass is not recommended and that +DONTTHRUST should be used instead. I've tried this by adding this actor flag to the trees beneath each +SHOOTABLE flag (which indicates that the trees can be damaged and makes them able to be moved). With the +DONTTHRUST flag present the trees can be damaged but cannot be moved, so that fixes it. :)

      Oh, it seems to be present in all Brutal Doom submods as it is in Johnny Doom too (and presumably BDJ, which is Johnny Doom's precursor).

    • Korell Korell

      I can confirm this, but it isn't just Brutal Doom as Project Brutality 2.08 is also affected.

      I'm wondering if it is related to how the trees can be set on fire and damaged to break them into just a stump. Once in the final damaged state they seem to become immovable.

      I tested with both GZDoom 2.4.0 and the latest dev build (2.5pre 135 as of today) and both showed the same behaviour.

  • olzhas1one olzhas1one

    All I hope it that it will work on the newer version of GZDoom

    2 +
  • Mardscrhash Mardscrhash

    Really excited for the v21. I recently watched the diary and felt the hype on this new kind of blood pattern.