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Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. It's a big project started in 2004. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals.

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  • MarioMilesC&C MarioMilesC&C

    For people who has trouble when face townes in skirmish

  • lucashitman lucashitman

    hi contra team,creator, developers, fans, supporters players, i played contra like from 003 i really like it LIKE REALLY, and i know we all have "things", school, work, wife, kids, etc life in general, but i ask of you fix the air challenge 3 different generals and the air breaks all the time... i hope there's a fix soon sorry for the long text always watching and waiting for a fix thx in advance :)
    P.S. why the battleships in challenge if we cant use hem?

    • ThePredatorBG ThePredatorBG Creator

      Some errors with Granger Challenge were fixed. We hope the crash is gone. But it needs to be tested a lot before we can confirm.
      Juhziz and Ironhand Challenge maps have static Battleships, but they are not meant to be used. Simply, maps look better with them.

  • ronaldo.Br ronaldo.Br

    Hello mod developers, in the question of naval units, do you intend to add in the future?

    • ThePredatorBG ThePredatorBG Creator

      Sadly not. Moving naval units can not be implemented in Generals without bugs.

  • Elybra19 Elybra19

    Hello mod developers and I tried the new version of this mod but I did not like the changes made I prefer the version 008 that this if they continue so it is not worth following this mod.

    1) limiting super weapons and super vehicles to a per player is a ridicules they took away the grace to the game.
    2) What I did not like in this version like the previous one is the fact that it needs a level of rangon to unlock some buildings.
    3) that the nuclear weapons general does not have any defensive structure at least add the bunker at least.

    Sorry for my english

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    • d-ce d-ce Creator

      You do realize that all those "changes" are present in 008 version too?
      For people who suggest removing super weapon limitation, level ranking and nuke general defence i can say only one thing. Please delete Contra from your PC, format your hard drive, and start fresh with another mod....and simply forget you ever "played" Contra.

    • ThePredatorBG ThePredatorBG Creator

      1) We have to achieve balance between the local player and the AI in Challenge. The other method is to make AI build more super units if the player does. In Skirmish, you can uncheck Tournament Mode and you will be able to build unlimited super weapons and super units.
      2) All versions since 003 use rank restrictions. It is nothing new to Contra.
      3) We've achieved balance without defensive structures and an unique gameplay. If you don't like how this general plays, you have 11 other generals to choose from. All of them have defensive structures.

  • qwertyuiopkl556 qwertyuiopkl556

    One of my favorite mods but I've encountered a possible problem:
    The cash hack (Both, Chinese general power as well as the Black Lotus ability) doesn't work on the GLA mobile supply stash.