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This allows you to view the game from Mario's perspective for once. The cstick up and down allows you to look up or down a little, to make slides more comfortable.

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Realtalk When Nintendo wrote me that DMCA letter for SM64 Online, they specified exactly WHY they wanted to take it…

Jan 18 2018

Mario 64 x Ocarina of time is shaping up to have around 140 - 150 stars when it's done. Just finished coding the fairy fountains.

Jan 11 2018


Jan 9 2018

my entire youtube channel is demonetized right now, probably due to leaving my youtube partner network, let's hope…

Jan 6 2018

when the youtube auto detection system works for once

Dec 19 2017

Mario 64 x Oot is now about 2/3 done. 79 stars and a ton of powerups/bosses/quest stuff are programmed in already.

Nov 27 2017

Anyone down to do a Glados - voice for a romhack? just a little thing with like 6 sentences, just for fun.

Nov 22 2017

i just realized, that there are almost 40k people watching my dumb ass videos. wtf

Nov 12 2017

important guide for you ask me questions about romhacking and for everything else youll need help with in your life

Nov 3 2017

Net 64 / sm64o / the forbidden game development will resume soon. just gotta finish mario x portal and the forest temple first.

Oct 31 2017

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