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The Floris Mod Pack is a compilation of a lot of mods for Mount & Blade Warband, combining the best and adding even more.

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  • #7Guest Guest

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  • bouzardwinterishere bouzardwinterishere

    why the game crashes everytime i try to enlist in a tournament???

  • #9Guest Guest

    Just so everyone knows, there is a newer version on the Nexus modsite, which includes extra features like the ability to modify how the bandit lords work/exist at all in the camp options menu!

  • Stephen. Stephen.

    Just asking, I've been told that this mod is soon gonna get siege weapons, is it gonna happen?

  • TheFlyingKick TheFlyingKick

    Installer isn't working.

  • #4Guest Guest

    54 extended version seems to be a bit buggy

    1. there's only one book merchant on the map, the other one is missing along with half the books.

    2 Vaegir archery line is messed up
    lvl3 bows 32 damage accuracy 95
    lvl4 bows 29 damage accuracy 95 slightly slower ->downgrade
    lvl5 bows 44 damage accuracy 85 best damage vaegir archers get with slight accuracy penalty lolwut?
    lvl6 bows 31 damage(less than freaking lvl3 on accuracy and speed as well) acc 90
    lvl7 bows 40 damage acc 90,
    clearly the small accuracy gain from lvl5 bow doesn't offset the time needed to upgrade them or that they will drop 13 damage going from lvl5 to lvl6

    This feels like it was rushed out or you guys just don't care anymore?

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    • MotherDucker MotherDucker

      Just download Morgh's Tool and then you can fix all the stats of all weapons or units and even characters yourself, to your own liking. :)

    • DrunkTerminator DrunkTerminator

      Its a combination of mods

  • EpicJimmy123 EpicJimmy123

    I am currently the marshal of the nords and have good relations with most of the lords following me but when i go to siege a city/castle or attack another party none of the lords join me in battle. please help i cant do anything as marshal while this is the case.
    btw this did not happen before i was marshal
    pls help