Gameplay mod for EPIC 2

Doom II mod |

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3DGE gameplay mod to go along with the EPIC 2 megawad for DOOM 2. The mod takes the concept of Ancient Egypt vs 20th century and goes all out with new weapons, items, power-ups, enemies, textures, gameplay mechanics, etc. Practically turning it into a total conversion. Set around the 1930's, it features a large diverse arsenal starting with conventional weaponry (guns, explosives, etc.) and later more otherwordly counterparts (magical weapons) and time/theme appropiate enemies and monsters for you to fight along the way. Will also have lots of new decorational items, ambience sound effects and visual special effects to furhter immerse you into the world, all while without any edits done to the original levels. Taking a great deal of inspiration from Powerslave/Exhumed, Blood, Tomb Raider, Killing Time, Indiana Jones and The Mummy. And DOOM, of course.


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