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A new neighbor moved into town and he opened a shop. Become a home designer by buying, selling and questing. build up your home, and use the item shop to help you on your adventure in the Hello Neighbor House Designer.

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  • NEIGHBOR!!!!!! NEIGHBOR!!!!!!


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    How to save my money/house?
    It auto save also to delete a save file hit F10.

    What is the coin icon on the top left side of the screen?
    That is how much money you have.

    How do I earn money?
    Around the neighbor/player house you will find coins.
    You can also sell objects or do quests to earn money.

    How do I buy furniture for my house?
    Outside your house there will be a Catalog Book. Hit Q to turn on Buy Mode [In buy mode you can see all the items you can buy] to turn it off just hit Q again.

    Where is the Item Shop?
    head upwards from the player's house.

    How do I buy items?
    Go up to the item you wish to buy in the shop and hit Q.
    When you have the right amount of money the item will appear.

    How do I sell items?
    Drop an item into the red box in the item shop and hit Q.

    [Note] Putting multiple items in box doesn't make more money [the other objects will just be destroyed]

    [Note] If you're holding an object in your hand when it gets destroyed you will need to right click to get rid of it the same goes for the quest shop.

    Where is the Quest Shop?
    It is behind the Item Shop.

    How do you turn in Quest items?
    Throw the quest item that's on the tv into the yellow box
    in the Quest Shop. Doing so will make money appear and the quest will be complete. Try your best to fulfill all the quests and help the Shopkeeper make a complete collection. [Like his youtube collection]

    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask, Enjoy!

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    the file will be up very soon.

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