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Brief changelist for v1.3 Beta - Two New Sides; The Hydran Kingdoms and the Lyran Star Kingdom. - New Terran Empire NPCs that will either be found derelict or attack you on certain maps - New Civilian freighters imported from Klingon Academy. - Updated graphics for many iconic ships (Missouri, Yamato, Imperial Hawk, Senator etc) and for some stations (Federation Sensor Probe now uses the correct Klingon Academy model) - Redone Computer voices for the Federation - Resampled Music (Higher quality) - New sound effects for station selection etc (taken from Armada I). Now each race has its own. - Hero units for the Federation, ISC and Gorn Confederacy - FleetOps inspired "Mixed Tech" - Captured shipyards can now produce your races vessels (i.e if a Klingon player captures a Federation shipyard, he can build Klingon ships there as if it were his own shipyard)

KA2: Empire at War V.1.3 Beta

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