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something is in the air!

Mar 24 2017

Finally, spring has arrived!

Mar 4 2017

The changeslog was updated a few minutes ago! Don't forget to bookmark it:...

Feb 21 2017

Merry Christmas!

Dec 24 2016

Without going into details, we wish all of you a really joyful christmas and happy new year!

Dec 24 2016

We are still alive! \o/ If you haven't seen it yet, here is an updated changelog:

Nov 13 2016

It's almost finished...

Aug 8 2016

I posted a new photo to Facebook

Aug 8 2016

can't wait to play it!

Jun 11 2016

one of our member, Vintar is working in an other team on a new indie game for xbox one. :)...

Jun 11 2016

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  • toast80 toast80

    Eagerly awaiting release, one week before my birthday too :)

  • milosv milosv

    I posted this in the announcement thread but no answer, so i will copy paste it here.
    FINALLY! I am so excited about lost alpha finally coming, when it was released i finished only half the game and decided to wait for lost alpha DC.
    Two Questions :
    1 - Can we choose english voices AND text for stalkers?
    2 - Can the stashes we find actually be populated with stuff as soon as we find them instead of having to find coordinates after which stuff spawn in them. This was one thing i always hated in stalker games. Maybe possibly randomize stashes or something similar, so it feels like a reward when you find it, instead of anti climactic "empty until you find" thing.

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  • WitchingSnake WitchingSnake

    Is the directors cut going to have a spawn menu? It makes the game so much better when you can spawn groups of opponents or chagne the weather or just spawn artifacts and gear and stuff.

    2 +
    • dezodor dezodor Creator

      Even the 1.3003 has spawn menu (2 menus actually). During game, hit esc and press F2 or F3. Both buttons bring up menus.

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  • renjin renjin


    Wenn der Mod einfach mal nur Bugs hätte aber ab X18 ist das ding schon

    fast Unspielbar :-)

    Hab mich bis zur Bar druchgeschlagen bekomme die Quuest für X18, Code

    von nen besoffenen Banditen besorgen und dann mit nen Monolither im X18

    Komplex reden soweit so gut.

    Dann heißt es nen Auto besorgen was praktischerweise vor dem Gebäude

    rumsteht und es erst mal das Problem gibt ich brauche nen Benzinkanister

    wie Praktisch das Sido in Kordon welche verkauft (also noch mal nach

    Kordon latschen da im Dunklen Tal und auf der Müllhlade keine

    Benzinkanister zu finden sind).

    Hat man das gemeistert kommt das wo ich denke mal die meisten den Mod

    erst mal von der Platte hauen weil er Grütze ist :-)

    Man soll mit dem Auto flüchten Richtung Kordon was einen die Fahrphysik

    und nen Dauerangriff eines Kampfhubschraubers vermiest aber sowas

    unausgereiftes habe ich echt noch nicht erlebt.

    Eventuell werde ich mir die neue Version am 26.04 (Muß das an meinen

    Geburtstag sein) noch mal ansehen.

    Sorry my Keyboard make Problems

    -16 +
    • Zero_x3 Zero_x3

      First of all do yourself a favor and learn to use ,. As a native German its badly readable and the one , u used was set incorrectly. Next problem is your grammar and syntax. You are using "words" like nen and thats the short for einen and not einem. Also there is no need to make a line break after every (half)sentence.
      If i understand it correctly your mayor complain are bugs,but you didn't mention of the bugs in your complain.
      Next your a complaining about running back too Sid to buy a Fuelcan cause there is no one in Garbage area(Oh no,you have to walk back into a zone in a Stalker game).
      After that you complain that People would delete the Mod because there is so much backtracking (Again,its a Stalker game. Backtracking is normal for the Game).
      And again you are Complaining about the vehicle physics and being under attack of the Hind and you say you never some something "unfinished" like this.
      I played Lost Alpha after it got released and had never a problem with vehicle physics or being hunted by a Hind (Not like some other mods that poorly implanted stuff like Vehicles)
      And for the great ending you are complaining that the LA DC gets released on your birthday? Dude you got other mayor problems in my opinion and not the mod.
      Anyways Your post is reported for spamming nonsense.

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  • napalm1986 napalm1986

    Dezodor, do you still remember about Lt.Priboi and Otter?

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  • Maester_Hamfi Maester_Hamfi

    PS: it's already March 27th, 2017 ! :D

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