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We are looking for a website admin, who could repair our main site (wordpress engine) and check on it a few times...

Nov 18 2017

Thanks @eurogamer for this cool article!

Oct 7 2017

Hail to the creators of all STALKER mods/addons out there! You can find more awesome creations on the...

Oct 3 2017

After the Flood

Jul 30 2017

We need some help. Our one and only game designer (Michael) has pc issues. He has no funds to fix his computer,...

Jul 5 2017

We are low on man, so we can not give support to all the forums where we have topics at the moment. So we came to...

May 6 2017

Someone asked what this "keep textures in ram" does in the options. Our answer is: It makes the game to not...

May 1 2017

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  • poolworm poolworm

    idone x2 met up ghost am got full food and water bar talked to ghost then it says few hours later and i die i enjoyed the game if this is the end its a bit of a let down no free play just end

    • Ringelfinch Ringelfinch

      Its a known bug and will be fixed with the next Patch , if you dont want to starve to death wich is what happens in that scenario , then i suggest you to turn on God mode over the console .. the command is :

      g_god 1/0 = on/off

      Ps: After the real end there is a free play mode ;)

      • S_C_A_R S_C_A_R

        You can do it without God Mode, you just need to eat and drink lots before talking to Ghost. I think if you are sleep deprived, this might not work.

  • xebx xebx

    I Just Voted LA for MOTY.

    Thanks for your dedication and love for this game.


    6 +
  • youzuki youzuki

    Just voted. Thanks for this amazing experience!

    6 +
  • #4Guest Guest

    Is there any weapon mod on DC version of Lost Alpha? thanks :)

    2 +
    • Amoch Amoch

      Dezowave is working on a weapons DLC, as well as a DLC with two extra levels.

      9 +
  • tower12 tower12

    You really do beautiful work, ready for MOTY

    11 +
  • HybOj HybOj

    Voted for MOTY, loved the new screens and patch notes. The news article was right, this really keeps stalker alive! Fantastic project! Just finished watching your 2008 video, where u started to create the levels. OMG... 10 years already. And all the hardship, 2014 when the leak happened, feels like yesterday. That ****** things a lot for you, yet you continued nevertheless, pursuing your vision of Stalker. I can only thank you 1000 times, for me this is the best Stalker mod, it has something special about it, my opinion only ofc. All the best to Dezowave and all the Stalkers here!!!

    15 +
  • Amoch Amoch

    Very excited for LA:DC 1.4005!!!! :)

    10 +