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Mass effect 1 Texture Overhaul, shadow engine fix, and visual effects enhancements.

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    MEUITM 2017 Updates:

    Some progress updates:

    I have been heavily researching the Unreal engine, it's texture formats, and performance tricks. What that has taught me is pretty much that using all 4K textures for everything will likely break the engine to some degree/destroy performance.

    But I also learned the HQ_Norm 3DC compression and what it actually means and why they chose to use it for Mass Effect:


    Using this I have been able to make 2k normal maps look better than my existing 4k normal maps and normal maps being what they are, have really no need to be 4k with this format because it is very close to 8R8G8B in quality.

    Now I know my previous releases formated the normal map textures "properly" to 3DC before but they were always converted from DXT1, so the damage was done. On the rebuild I have been recreating and saving the normals in uncompressed dds format and then compressing to 3DC using the compressonator software from ATI. This has lead to a dramitic increase in quality so I can load 2k normal maps and they look better than the old 4k. Pretty exciting, and much less stress on the vram for a visaul improvement. I did compare 2k vs 4k difference in quality when both are from an uncomprssed source, was not detectable to my eye in game so I stuck with 2k.

    I have also figured out how (read how, lol ;)) to rip the models and texture directly onto them in photoshop. It requires a bit of pateince and 3 softwares (umodel-->3Dstudio Max-->Photoshop) but once setup I have been able to paint seams away, so for Liara's nude body, Kaiden's forehead hairline and sideburns, all femshep faces are all perfectly seamless and/or better blended, which is also a big deal for me since it's bothered me since 2012.

    All in all, things are coming along and performance is better since going with the 2k HQ normal maps.

    After talking to Aquadran I may leave the normals 4k and we can limit them to 2k at the MEM installer level to give people the option to sacrifice performance intriducing some stutter for absolute extreme visual fidelity, though I do admit again, that I couldn't notice between 2k and 4k normal maps in game using the new technique.

    I am also working with Aquadran on a potential performance fixes that can be at the installer level like setting all textures to 2048 MAX for lower resource usage on lolder rigs and also a mip map glitch that has existed since the game's release when Shepard adresses the normandy crew for the first time, Garrus's face is very low res.

    If we can work these out the modded version, combined with FPS and it's fix of the black character bug on AMD processors will be both graphically and technically better than the official vanilla game which would be great fo a slightly late 10th anniversary release.

    Progress is going steady, I work on it almost everyday and have for almost 2 months now. Every texture is being retouched or overhauled, seams removed, details added, new textures including environment textures (Inner Normandy, the Citadel, Feros, Normandy docking platform, and Virmire so far) have also been added.

    To me the update is a large quality leap over original MEUITM with performance improvements and zero glitches. So far I am very proud of it, and working with MEM is a dream.

    Hang in there, the release will be in Decemeber if all goes as planned.

    I am almost done with texturing itself but still need test, collect new screenshots, convert and resave some formats, build tpfs with DDS format for legacy Texmod and ME3Explorer support and .MEM files in uncompressed format for MEM which can then apply optimal compression at installation. Then I still need to organize and upload all of these things. This is a fairly monumental undertaking which is why I waited until the tools were right to do it.

    Again special thanks to Aquadran for the support and for the MEM software.

    Thanks to everyone else for following over the years and your continued support :)

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    Mod Update:

    So I have been frantically rebuilding this mod silently for well over a month now. Many new textures (including environments-I'm looking at you Feros), touched up old textures, some modular additions( example: Tali with visible face option), my own custom ReShade settings (screens to come), and even better dynamic shadows.

    Since I have been testing all of these texture mods the stutter introduced by MEUITM, due to texture streaming, has increased. The increase is due to the higher number of textures I have been adding both in the Citadel and to later areas in the game and making some old 2k textures 4k.

    Well the stutter was really getting to me so last night I got to digging around in my favorite place, that good old bioengine.ini.

    What I have found so far is that the best setting so far to edit in the bioengine.ini is:


    This setting unlimits the texture streaming and allows the game to use what's there I think it works as an auto method.

    My test scene was landing on Ilos and the whole romance seen leading up to it. Before the tweak it was riddled with stutter and texture load, after smooth as silk.

    Long story short I have had great success in reducing the stutter with even more textures added to the game.

    But I feel this mod is all coming together after 6 years! The new version will be glitch free (meaning no mipmap issues/textures load as intended) and have way more textures without crashing thanks both thanks to MEM, and perform better thanks to the pool size tweak.

    In the meantime try the poolsize tweak and let me know if it helps for you, it definitely did on my end.

    More to come and please stay tuned for MEUITM 2017 this will be a major mod update.

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  • #8Guest Guest

    just installed this today and im getting a glitch where the eye lashes are on the cheeks of the characters, any thoughts on how i can fix this?

    • dibdob dibdob

      I think you have to install an extra mod/fix called:
      No Brows fix for female NPC's-1-1-2.zip

    • CDAMJC CDAMJC Creator

      This can be caused by usinG FPS counter for AO in a non 16:9 resolution. Either disable AO or run in a 16:9 resolution to resolve. If you are not using FpS counter, this could be caused when the minshadowlod is too low, I always keep it at 32. to ovoid awkward shadows. Or if the shadow depthbias is too low, I use 0.012, the game uses 0.03 so try that setting if you have issues with 0.012.

  • zeupunisher zeupunisher

    Hello !
    I have installed the game, launched one time, then install M.E.U.I.T.M by following this french tutorial Masseffectuniverse.fr with a launching issue and then i ran Origin in Administrator mode.
    The splashscreen appears, then back on desktop in 1280x720 and i have this window :
    Then i launched a game update followed again the french tutorial, then reinstall M.E.U.I.T.M.
    I have still the same error when launching ...
    Can you get me out of this issue ?

    • #3Guest Guest

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    • roivas_alenko roivas_alenko

      J'ai lu vite fait le tutoriel de meu & il est bon. Vu ton message d'erreur je vois 2 possibilités, la plus probable c'est que tu n'ais pas modifié les bonnes lignes dans bioengine.ini. Vérifie que tu as bien pris le bon fichier (celui dans "documents") & que tu t'es pas trompé en changeant les lignes. Le plus simple c'est d'utiliser la fonction recherche de notepad & de faire un copier coller en effaçant bien sur les anciennes lignes (elles se suivent à chaque fois de mémoire) attention de pas laisser un ancien caractère ou d'espaces. Bien sauvegarder. Par contre avant de faire les changements dans bioengine;ini, il faut lancer le jeu une première fois sinon il écrase tes changements.

      2ème possibilité c'est que le LAA patch n'est pas été appliqué correctement, vérifie que tu as bien choisi masseffect.exe (et pas config ou launcher), que la case dans le logiciel soit bien cochée et bien sauvegarder ton changement.

      A tout hasard, vérifie que masseffect.exe soit bien en mode compatibilité windows XP SP3 et en mode administrateur. D’ailleurs Origin aussi doit être lancé en mode administrateur aussi depuis peu.

      Si après ça toujours rien, essai une clean install & de recommencer de 0 :x. Après si t'as toujours ce message je sais pas.

      Bonne chance :)

      • zeupunisher zeupunisher

        Salut ! Et merci ! :-)

        N'ayant pas eu de réponse dans un délai que j'estimais raisonnable :-P, j'ai refait une install propre. J'ai suivi le tuto à la lettre, à l'exception près que j'ai gardé une copie originale de tout ce qui allait être modifié.
        Le jeu démarre, je commence à jouer puis lors de la sélection d'un dialogue pour la seconde fois, le jeu plante ... Je recommence et le jeu plante à un autre endroit.
        Je remets le fichier bioengine.ini d'origine et là j'ai pu continuer à jouer en qualité bof.
        Depuis peu et ayant pas mal avancé j'ai remis le bioengine.ini modifié et je n'ai plus de problèmes pour le moment ...

      • roivas_alenko roivas_alenko

        ok bon moi ça m'étais arrivé le plantage car j'avais pas modifié les bonnes lignes, depuis j'ai appris & ca n'arrive plus XD. Bon t'as trouvé une solution système D on va dire. Bon jeu :p