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Movie Battles is a class-based, team-orientated Multiplayer Total Conversion for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

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#starwars Here's a lightsaber game made by google. You need a computer and a smartphone to play it. ~ Ace-_Ventura

May 27 2017 by moviebattles2

hello world

May 27 2017 by moviebattles2

hello world :slightly_smiling_face:

May 27 2017 by moviebattles2 #starwars Here's a lightsaber game made by google. You need a computer and a smartphone to play it. ~ Ace-_Ventur

May 27 2017 by moviebattles2

It has been 10 years since I joined the Movie Battles team. Lets look at some Star Wars creations for #maythe4th

May 4 2017 by macemadunusus

TIL you can no longer say "Spirit Animal" because its offensive and you should say "Patronus" instead which isn't even an actual word.

Apr 25 2017 by macemadunusus

Man that guy from yesterday is still going around insulting people. I think he needs a hug.

Apr 25 2017 by macemadunusus

Why not a bonus End-Match map vote gif as well?

Apr 24 2017 by macemadunusus

In other news, worked on some Comm. Tower layout changes post-secondary obj. Changed it into a mess hall/barracks i…

Apr 24 2017 by macemadunusus #starwars #episodeVII Shiez and giggles!

Mar 21 2017 by moviebattles2

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  • Solty_r Solty_r

    Can this mod work with Single Player? I just want the effects, they would improve the standard story quite well i feel. :)

  • #2Guest Guest

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  • #0Guest Guest

    what the heck , I just downloaded and there are zero servers , is the mod dead ?

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    • Calradian-heretic Calradian-heretic

      ''Still need help? You need to manually type in server numbers to get on them. Here's a whole list of MBII servers you can join:

      Don't worry, you never need to type in the number again after you're finished.''
      AmanRises. read the comments before spam!

  • tezaar tezaar

    does this mod have singleplayer or skirmish mode or something?

  • death6kollektor death6kollektor

    So just downloaded this, install and launcher install no prob. Go to join a server and i stay for about 5-10 seconds before it kicks me back the the main menu and gives me a message saying i need to "launch the game via launcher and keep it running". I dont know what the means i have this game on steam and did everything like the download tutorial said. I keep the MB launcher up and i even try to launch it just by the game launcher itself in my library on steam and it gives me the same message for both ways. Please any help would be nice i would like to play this again its been a while. Thanks

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    • Bclem Bclem

      Go to settings in the launcher and select check installation integrity on start up and then close the launcher and reopen it. It should verify the files and it should fix your problem as the same thing was happening to me. After doing this once you can go and deselect it so it doesn't verify the files every time you open the launcher. Darth Rahs

  • JuleRose JuleRose

    Do you guys Plan on Adding Characters from Star Wars Rebels?