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This addon is simply an extracted folder from gamedata.db9. It allows the English dialogue from the English version of the base vanilla SOC game and works in pair with DMX DKZ. So when you go to for example, the loner in Dark Valley that offers you the Gauss Rifle for 800 rubles, he will properly speak in English that he scammed you versus if he were to say it in Russian and you would be confused to what he did. Likewise, if you go the soldiers by the bridge in Cordon, they will speak English. I haven't fully tested this throughout the WHOLE game with DMX DKZ but I'm 99% sure it will work as I can hear the English dialogue from the default game clearly along with the added dialogue from DMX DKZ!!! Made using dbex_rel_en tool.

English Dialogue from Original SOC for DMX DKZ

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