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Return to the Zone in S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Wormwood, a high-difficulty survival-oriented realism modification for GSC Game World’s S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat. Wormwood builds upon the core Stalker experience, enriching the latest in the cult game series with brand new survival mechanics, intense and realistic gunplay, new missions, levels, fleshed-out building interiors and much, much more.

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  • Maggy_ Maggy_ Subscriber


  • RumbleRamy RumbleRamy

    Another great mod was canceled RIP

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  • TheRenegadist TheRenegadist

    The fact that what you have wasn't released or the code/behind the scenes files weren't given to Call of Chernobyl is mind boggling.

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  • _anxiety_ _anxiety_

    FCK!!!!!!!!! 2016 canceled this project! How did I not know this! God dangit! Hhh farewell warmwood :(

  • The_Preacher The_Preacher

    To the authors of this mod - please consider releasing all what you have done so far and giving full approval of using your resources further . That way , other modders could incorporate what you have done and actually make your efforts not in vain . It would be the worst to let everything go to waste .

    I do not understand why not ? You have put your project on indefinite hiatus , if anytime later you come back to it , you can finish it in way you want - even if others incorporate it into other mods ( CoC , as example ) it would still be fully your project .

    Please , consider this ...

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    • sasasa sasasa

      It's not ready for anything in its current state, really. People were having constant problems with scripts in the X-Ray Engine. The best we've got is some new models, decals incorporated into the map, and to an extend, everything from Redux and every new feature that has been shown working (mutant looting, etc).
      The highlights of the mod is probably the refurbished locations, which is similar to a dead mod long ago. A number of new quests that were done writing. New UI taking the 'wooden' approach. Ultimately the mod took a bite bigger than it could chew. With ambitious goals in mind, yet the team wasn't working full-time (for obvious reasons), it was inevitably going down sooner or later.

      Oh and a new splash art that's not yet finished. I lost nearly all of my work/presets/references while transfering data from my old Compaq to my current MSi lmao. The workflow just stopped there for a while until I picked it up with my new Intuos tablet.

      Don't get me wrong. It was a wild (sometiems), yet fun and comfy ride working with the guys whom I still consider good pals. Seeing compliments and feedbacks from Beac and Etc really got me going. Heh, I still remember that day when he asked me to do the front page annoucement banner within half a day.

      Good times.

      • stooe stooe

        Could you perhaps share some of the set backs the team faced aside from scripts being funky? And how was their goal too big to complete? Also, out of curiosity, what are the new models you mentioned? Thanks Sasasa

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    • J00B J00B


      Please let the fruits of your labours live on, its the right thing to do, if not for others but for yourselves.

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