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Brontes IV was a small planet missing from most Confederate navigation charts. At least until all hell broke loose. Now the Swarm advances through a living nightmare of smoke and laser-fire. Protoss rain down from orbit, obliterating Zerg and Terran alike. Amid the ruins of burnt-out cities, a Terran rebellion seethes under the inspiration of a madman. Abandoned by the Confederacy, facing corruption from within, few will endure the planet's darkest hour. Yet, all that rabble needs to become an organized force, is a Leader... Welcome to Brontes IV.

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  • Vorgozz Vorgozz Creator

    The mod now includes Pr0nogo's 'Framework', which adds several minor visual improvements such as new idle animations for some units that didn't have, researching/building animations for some Zerg and Protoss buildings, etc. It will receive more updates in the future and so will this mod with it, but this is the mayor one. Also I fixed a couple mistakes and did some minor changes in the maps and the mod, as well as fixed Blizzard's own mistake of swapping the Greater Spire's and the Defiler Mound's sound effects. You can download the newest version through the same link.