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This is a big side mod for the original maps in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Everything has been changed (every single stat from Wookies to V-wings). This will make Battlefront more accurate to Star Wars, more challenging, more complex, more battle-packed and more of what it should of been in general. I try to explore every possibility with side modding in SWBF2. Battlefront Project includes my redone side layout that includes hundreds of new models, re-vamped weapons interface, improved AI and improved Jedi/Sith light saber combos.

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    Great mod! But...AT-ATs need new models. Like in from GCW-1035 mod. This model is better.

  • Raptoid Raptoid

    Death Star Conquest can't be played with the latest update for the new sides, is there a fix for this?

  • Zaayl Zaayl

    I liked where this mod was going, I really did. Im quite picky with Battlefront 2 mods (for instance, I cannot stand the Conversion mod, which seems to be the most popular mod on here for example)

    Since this mod has been receiving updates for the last 7 years, I figured id leave some feedback on what I feel really needed to be improved, in my own opinion:

    -Droideka feels bad to play - Im a little biased, it was my favorite class, and I agree he needed nerfs. But his blaster in this mod is just, incredibly unsatisfying to use, it overheats far too quickly, id rather have lower damage but more consistent firing. (After thinking about it, im probably an idiot and forgot how much this mod relies on hold vs tap inputs, and held it down like I would in vanilla, doing a alt fire shot instead of the rapid fire. If thats the case, ignore this complaint entirely.)

    -Bugs - I for the life of me couldn't exit a droid dropship after landing it in the republic hangar. Also General Grievous was completely absent from the Utapau map, the 2.3 patch fixed missing vehicles and sides being flipped on the map, but not the lack of a CIS hero. No clue if these were faulty installation problems, or bugs with the mod itself. I also couldnt get a B-Wing to save my life, they seemed to almost never respawn, I only ever saw them leaving the hangar. I didnt even know if the rebels had a dropship, as again, I never saw it and it never respawned.

    -Missing maps - Its such a tease to have a total conversion like this, that makes so many maps way more fun, and only have totally vanilla versions of two of the maps available. Not to mention the lack of support for things like XL mode.

    Sorry if this came off too critical, or like I am asking you to tailor it for me, I am just trying to offer my opinion and point of view. I appreciate the work and dedication you clearly put in, and had a blast playing this mod on maps like Coruscant, Geonosis and Hoth, and the class changes/additions make everything seem much more enjoyable (Imperial special units were crap in vanilla imo). But until it feels more like a complete package, I cant see myself playing it any further. This is definitely a mod I will check back on to see its progress though over the years, as SWBF2 is a game that has always been close to my heart.

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  • Ikanite Ikanite

    What does the "Customisable" class mean? And how do you lie down? I don't fully understand how this mod works, could someone make or send me a like to some sort of overview or walkthrough of this mod?

    • Psyqhical Psyqhical

      On certain maps there are customizable classes: Maps like AOTC Geonosis, and Alaris Prime will have weapons on display in certain bunkers or areas, simply approach the weapon or addon you want for your class and then respawn once you've finished your selections. As far as the going prone function, simply crouch as you would normally; though this only works on the vanilla maps.

  • Knight45 Knight45

    I really like this mod and I used it and never knew it was still being updated. I recently did a complete installation with this mod and it's updated files with the prone fix and the prone looks really odd, for example, characters having strange crouches and then proning with sometimes their heads being in awkward areas.

  • sweetwindexman sweetwindexman

    Please get the word out, there is a bundle of KOTOR, RepCom, and probably a couple other mods i can't name off the top of my head like ones that add multiple Commanders like Cody and Rex and Toxin Droids and the like as well however i cannot find it ANYWHERE. It had Revan, Malak, Bastilla and Vrook and the whole lot of KOTOR heroes and even vehicles and maps and it was beautiful.
    I had it when i first had this game but it's been so long since then.
    Please let us begin the hunt to find it.
    And if not, somebody should compile it.
    We need this compilation.
    I'm going to post this in a few forums to get the word out.
    I re-downloaded the game earlier in the week after maybe a year of not playing and i am actually upset and sad i cannot find the compilation.
    I do not know the name, but it is one of a kind and must NOT be lost to the ages.
    Please help.
    This single mod that did all this made my BF2 experience what it was.

    • Aeturo Aeturo

      Kotor heroes sounds like the Conversion Pack, not the Marvel 4 one, and the Toxin Droid mod is another I used to play. It's on my other laptop. It's a CW mod but I can't remember it's name. I'll see if I can't find it

  • Darth~Vader Darth~Vader

    Doesnt work for me.