The Dismounted Project

Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms mod |

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This is a pet-project of mine. It, for the most part, dismounts units and creates new units as a result. This is mostly unfinished, as only the European heavy cav units are done. They dont have icons yet either. Units Now Dismounted: Mailed Knights Lancers Demi Lancers Gendarmes Famiglia Ducale Italian Cavalry Militia EE Cavalry Militia Royal Banderium Polish Guard Polish Retiners (non-playable, models odd, im gonna fix it in next version) Kataphractoi Knights Templar Knights Hospitaller Merchant Militia Teutonic Knights Knights of Santiago Greek Militia Cavalry Condottieri Serbian Knights Sub-mods incluede: Arcade; makes battles much faster Total Resound; replaces sounds from other sources. How to install: Simple, just drops this into Medieval II Total War and run it with the .bat in the arcade folder or use the shortcut. Place the shortcut on the desktop.


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