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This mod makes Men of War Assault Squad 2 into more of an arcade type of game. BACK UP YOUR MAPS FOLDER, since this mod uses alot of tags, if you save a mission be sure to save as a new mission file like new.mi, or enable uninstall in by changing {if rand 0.0 ("uninstall_exec")} to {if rand 1.0 ("uninstall_exec")} which will remove nearly all of the tags that were added by this mod.

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  • Crazysoldier10 Crazysoldier10

    Sundiata I got the same error message in the editor:

    Program will be terminated.
    EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION write at 0x006e15fc

    EIP=006eae3f [main_loop]
    EAX=0f57e600 EBX=214df690 ECX=0f57e600 EDX=42c075ba
    ESI=006e13b8 EDI=0691f224 ESP=0691f21c EBP=0691f23c
    > file "/entity/humanskin/human/human.def"

    64: }�
    65: }

    Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Editor - v3.260.0 - editor
    2016.09.16 22:40 - 0x00C5DD84

    But what do I exactly paste in the game log folder, to debug this error?

  • Sundiata Sundiata Creator


    Wait until this semester is over (May), as I will be simplifying the code so it can be usable in your mods!

  • Sundiata Sundiata Creator

    Finally created the mod page, will update it sometime.

    Let me know of any bugs or crashes.

    current bugs: paratrooper spawning in skirmish causes a crash. Quant::Bullet crash when blast happens on some type of entity, still trying to figure out which entity is the culprit.

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