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!!!Please note that the patch is not save-game compatible!!! INSTALLATION - Requirement is an installed Third Age - Total War 1.3. - Install TATW_1.4_Patch.exe into the default 'Medievall II Total' War directory. (Normally this is: 'Programs/SEGA/Medieval II Total War') If you have installed Medieval II into another folder, please select the folder manually. - Start the mod with the 'Third Age - Total War' shortcut on your desktop FEATURES New Units - The Balrog - Uruk-hai cleavers - Guards of the Orthanc - Troll-men or half-trolls of Harad (name is WIP) - Improved Ithilien Rangers ..... New Heroes (by bilwit) - Boromir - Faramir - Glorfindel - Elladan and Elrohir - King Aragorn Elessar New Settlements and Reskins - New Castles for all orcish settlements (based on Teutonic order castles) * no civilian buildings * no farms * a lot of space to fight in the castles - Minas Tirith reskinned - Gondor uses south european, dwarves northern european models Map Chan

Third Age - Total War 1.4 Patch (Obsolete)

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