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This is an update for the original TV dedicated server IMPORTANT: with this .rar file the startup.ini in the ..server\program\bin will be changed so if you want to use the ded-server also for other games you have to backup the startup.ini how to install: 1. download and install the Tribes Vengeance Beta_Dedicated_Server here the link: in a new folder eg c:\Games\TribesVengeanceBetaServer in this folder you should find a subfolder \server 2. Install the TVai mod: now unzip the TVai-mod into the c:\games\TribesVengeanceBetaServer\ ;Server folder you should have now these folders: content, program, TVai 3. download and unzip the TVai_ded_server.rar into your c:\games\TribesVengeanceBetaServer\ folder 4. now copy into the c:\games\TribesVengeanceBetaServer\ ;server\content\maps and the ..server\content\HavokData the files of the botmaps 5. modify the c:\games\TribesVengeanceBetaServer\server\program\bin\111ServerStand ard.bat:...

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