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  • The_Scout The_Scout forgot to link the real link

  • The_Scout The_Scout

    Can you add please?

  • MakkPeti MakkPeti Creator

    Sorry, i cannot do that

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  • NaikJoy NaikJoy

    Diplomacy and Custom Troop Tree by MitchelD is a huge +.. There is one problem tho with the Native Warband.. The scenes.. Can you place some custom scenes so I can have normal battles without worrying of climbing steep hills?

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  • MakkPeti MakkPeti Creator

    Version 0.1 Features (Released 30 October 2017):

    -Bunduk got better things to fit that he was a guard
    -Added "Merchant" troop: This troop can be found in caravan parties and villager parties (the ones who go from their village to the town or castle)
    -Added "Camp's Hunter" troop: new unit between watchman and mercenary crossbowman
    -Tweaked "Caravan Master" troop's stat to let me fit in the "Merchant" troop
    -Added the "Farmer" troop to caravans
    -Added the "Watchman" troop to Villager parties and Village defenders (Don't worry, in village raids they are less than 10)
    -Added "Forest Bandit Leader" troop
    -Added "Mountain Bandit Leader" troop
    -Added "Sea Raider Jarl" troop
    the rest will be added in following versions
    -Added "Sarranid Thrower" troop:this unit can be upgraded from skirmisher
    -Added "Sarranid Master Thrower" troop: Master version of the Thrower
    -Looters can be found in any of the non-mounted bandits' parties except Sea Raiders
    -Most of the outlaw kinds have different colours on the map than before: Mountain bandits are green, Deserters are red, forest bandits are red
    -Changed the upgrade path for the bandit kinds, because it didn't make sense to upgrade a better to a weaker class (recruit)
    -Looters can now wear "headcloth" and carry practice swords, two handed practice swords, practice staffs with them

    Version 0.11 changes (Released: 31 October 2017)

    -Added Steppe Bandit Khan troop : this is the leader variation for steppe bandits
    -Added Desert Bandit Bey troop : leader variation for desert bandits
    -Added Taiga Bandit Boyar troop: leader variation for taiga bandits (tundra)
    -Changed the party name "Tundra Bandits" to "Taiga Bandits"
    -Reduced the power throw of the Sarranid Master Thrower troop, but gave it higher level so it will be more expensive and it won't be a cheap killer unit
    -Tweaks in equipments for the troops i made

    Version 0.2 Changes (Released 13 November 2017):
    (Rojoyerf joined the developing, so now we have two guys working on stuff)

    -Adding Diplomacy and Custom Troop Tree mods to the mod.
    -Adding variations to all the practice weapons (the wooden ones you use in tournament), so when you win over a looter party you won't get bunch of regular ones, there will be such as cracked ones. Also renaming their prefix to "Wooden" instead of Practice
    -Adding Townsman to the Caravans
    -Adding the "Peasant Rebel" troop into Looter parties (the Peasant Rebel troop is the one when they revolt against tax collecting in quests)
    -Adding variation to the "Headcloth" item, explanation the same as i said above about practice weapons
    -Renaming Sarranid Throwers to Sarranid Javelinman, and it's master variation too

  • omreogre omreogre

    Would you guys think about adding new items?