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Hello and welcome to the World of Darkness mod - i'll be your host for tonight~ Are you bored of the same old Vampire the Masquerade? well we made you a completly new version of the game! NEW WEATHER EFFECTS / SEASONAL EFFECTS NEW SKILLS NO NEW CLANS OR SECTS (SORRY! COULDENT GET IT TO WORK,WE'RE SOLD OUT) HD GRAFICS / RE-TEXTURED 100% MODDED CONTENT! ! NEW QUESTS / DIOLOGS NEW CHARACTOR SKINS Made with the Antiribu mod, Camerilla Mod, The Final Nights mod & Clan quest mod all merged into one file! ! **ADDING VIDEO'S & OTHER CONTENT SOON! !** THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT, HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN!


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  • destielislove destielislove

    If you get this to work it will bloody rock

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  • rugall rugall

    Hi, i'm new here. How can I download this mod?

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  • Tharr Tharr

    As far as I know the "Clan quest mod" author is due to release a new version with many new quests, do you intend to merge that version or the one which is now released?

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  • aaronshadow577 aaronshadow577

    sounds like this mod might be fun if it has antiribu camerilla and final nights mods in it what about adding a option to be part of the sabot org and force feed from vampires dilb or however you say it..havnt seen that in antiribu but been awhile so idk if it updated or not but ya that whould be nice to feed on vampires..maybe intagrate the companions mod into this id like to turn all my followers into vampires vampire army man ya!! reply when you can tnx love vtm ^^

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  • klaha klaha Creator

    **UPDATE** 2017-08-16

    - Having extreem technical issues

    - I'm litterally the only one working on this project so it might take longer then a year

    - There's a LOT of issuess right now that i'm trying to fix

    - LOTS of stuff is going to half to be taken out..unfortunatly..

    - I don't know how to change the main clans or do proper coding (for example make Ventue a Tzimisce, I dont like Ventrue's lol)

    - I don't know how to make my own charactor models..

    - This is most likely going to be a failed project..

    I don't know how to fix the mess I made..unfortunatly..

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    • Pietroschek Pietroschek

      How about uploading the weather effects & graphical new stuff as exclusive add-on instead?

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    • #8Guest Guest

      Yeah, that was to be expected.
      Throwing all those mods together will just break your game all over the place. And if you have no idea about coding you won't even understand why. Forget about getting it to work.

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