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This patch has been archived by the uploader because it is out of date and no longer supported. We recommend you browse the file list for the latest patch.

This text-file needs to be placed in the mods/WTW/data-folder replacing the file already there. - Reports have stated that most of the custom battle maps are water because of wrong coordinates in this file - this patch (new custom locations.txt) will correct this issue and make every battle work in custom battles - pointing the battles to the correct battlefields. Scottish Glen ; Eastern Borean Tundra, Spanish Plain ; Amani Lands, Tuscany ; Lordaeron Road, Black Forest ; Quel'Thalas forest, Swiss Alp ; Dun Morogh Mountains, Morocco ; Durotar Coast, Saharan Sands ; Siithus Desert, The Sea of Grass ; Northern Barrens, Lebanon ; Eastern Tanaris, Eifel Mountains ; Mount Hyjal, Carpathia ; Dragonblight, Palm Beach ; Uldum, Mayan Jungle ; Un'Goro Jungle, Valley of Mexico ; Tel Abim, Highlands ; Wintergrasp, Andalusia ; Desolace, Lombardy ; Outside Stormwind City, River Seine ; Eversong Woods River, River Jordan ; BrackenWall River, River Po ; Stormwind Bridge

Custom Locations.txt for Warcraft Total War DEMO!

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