MONSTER TRON T3 Headphones Review

One of the most underrated pieces of gaming equipment is a quality pair of headphones. Whether you’re playing games on your PSP, listening to music on your iPod, or watching videos on your laptop, a good pair of headphones enhances the experience. As such, you’ll understand why I was looking forward to reviewing MONSTER’s TRON-branded in-ear headphones. It may seem a little odd for us to be reviewing earbuds, but this set is being specifically marketed to gamers for portable gaming and music. That puts them right in our wheelhouse.

MONSTER is well known for their high-end cabling products, including everything from HDMI to USB cables. They also have begun selling quality cables for gaming consoles, making headphones with Dr. Dre, and offering tie-in products for Apple hardware. Now, they’ve teamed up with Disney to offer a line of TRON Legacy branded gaming hardware. The T3 headphones are part of this lineup.

The T3 headphones are attractive at first glance. They’re sleek, small, and shiny. The black construction is offset with silver highlights, but there are none of the iconic blue lights that you’d expect from a TRON-themed product. This isn’t really a surprise, given that lighted headphones would be sucking power from somewhere, and you want to save that power for gaming. As is usual for MONSTER headphones, they feature a flat cable rather than a round one, which makes them almost impossible to tangle up.

Inside the box, you’ll find 3 sizes of tips for the headphones. Unlike a standard pair of earbuds, the T3s are designed to fit into your ear canal, and as such, you may have to experiment a bit to get the fit just right. Also, you should read the instructions on properly inserting the headphones, as getting them seated correctly makes a world of difference in the sound they produce.

Once you’ve got the headphones in and hooked up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good they sound. Highs are clear and sharp, and mids are well-defined. Like most earbuds, the T3s lack a bit of low-end, but there’s enough there to get the job done. Also, due to the design of the headphones, outside sounds are muffled while you’ve got them in. You can still hear someone who’s talking beside you, but background noise is filtered out to large degree, making these headphones a great choice for a session of airplane gaming.

In practice, the T3s are solid gaming headphones. I had a chance to try them out on the DS Lite and the PSP, as well as my netbook, laptop and cell phone (HTC EVO). I even gave them a go on my desktop PC. On each of these devices, they performed well, and I was more than satisfied with the sound quality.

One area where the T3s are a little lacking is the cord. While I love MONSTER’s flat cord design, the length of the T3′s cord leaves a bit to be desired, especially when you’re using them with a laptop or desktop PC. I kept finding that the cord had gotten in the way of the keyboard, and if you don’t have a headphone jack anywhere but on your tower, you won’t be using these with your desktop unless you spring for an extension.

The other drawback to the T3s is pricing. Premium headphones have always been a little pricey, and the T3s are no exception. Picking up a pair of them will set you back $60, and in a world of $15 – $20 earbuds, that’s a bit steep. Still, the quality is there, and the headphones include a three year warranty.

Overall, the T3 headphones are an excellent piece of equipment. They’re well made, well designed, and they just plain work. Not only do they sound great, but they block out background noise as well. They may be a little on the pricey side, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth the money.

Get more info on this product at the official site.

Score: 9/10

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