More Cheaters Get Banned From Planetside 2, One Of Whom Spent Over $230

SOE is cracking down heavily on cheaters in Planetside 2. The game, which was launched as a free to play title late last year, has seen numerous instances of cheaters who’ve attempted to gain an unfair, Lance Armstrong-like advantage through the use of aimbots.

Not one to mince words, SOE boss John Smedley wished the cheaters good riddance on his Twitter account. He wrote: “Our CS (customer service) guys are banning the crap out of a whole bunch of idiots.”

He added that two of the players who received bans had over 300 hours of playtime, while another player had spent $230 on the game.

“Thanks for playing. Bunch of aimbots crashing like crazy now,” he added in a later tweet.

SOE appears to have no qualms with banning players who break the rules, and by doing so make the game unenjoyable for everyone else, regardless of how much time or money they spend on it. The studio stated their intentions to crack down on aimbots last year, and it looks like they’re making good on their promise.

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3 Comments on More Cheaters Get Banned From Planetside 2, One Of Whom Spent Over $230


On January 27, 2013 at 1:28 pm

Good for SOE. I don’t really care if somebody spent a bunch of time and money on a game, if they are cheating it ruins the fun for others. Personally, if I spent a bunch of time playing an MP game, I would want my skills to speak for me, rather than rely on cheats. I guess I have enough pride that I’d rather no that I earned results, even if those results aren’t always great.


On January 28, 2013 at 1:47 am

Agreed, and I must admit that I love hearing about cheaters who gets banned, but even more if they have spend more money on the game then normal players. Gotta hurt them even more.
Of course, the bans should be 100% justified, and not because of a stupid little things that doesn’t actually doesn’t affect the gameplay. But I’m all for banning people who replaces the enemies texture with bright pink ones, so they can easier spot them. It’s cheating, no matter what, as it give them an advantage over others.

Nipple H

On January 28, 2013 at 3:50 am

Good. These are the people developers should be targeting. They’re using external means to earn unfair advantages over others. People who exploit in-game glitches left in by developers without using tools, while somewhat cheap, are not a threat and shouldn’t be punished. They’re just taking advantage of mistakes, if anything they’re doing the industry a favour by pointing out these errors. But people who actively abuse code to screw over others deserve no sympathy.