Murdered: Soul Suspect – How to Complete Every Sidequest Guide

Solving the mystery behind your own death is the driving force behind Murdered: Soul Suspect, but there are a few ghosts hanging around Salem just begging to resolve their own haunted pasts.

Find all four extra quests to explore, and get quick guides explaining how to complete each one below. There’s an achievement or trophy for each, so what’re you waiting for? Help these unfortunates pass on into the after-life and don’t break a sweat doing it.

Discover all the solutions with GameFront’s complete Murdered: Soul Suspect puzzle guide, with solutions for each tricky investigation. Or find more extra info like this on our supernatural Murdered: Soul Suspects cheats list.

Side-Quests Guide

Julie Sidequest:

  • Location: Near the front of the church, standing near a bench.
  • How to Complete: Reveal clues on the beach, near Julie’s location. Speak with her to complete the quest.
    • 1. Reveal the picture frame leaning against the bench.
    • 2. Reveal the newspaper obituaries behind the bushes.
    • 3. Reveal the candles behind Julie in the sand.
    • 4. Reveal the flowers on the rowboat.
    • 5. Reveal the beach memorial with the life preserver.
    • 6. Talk to Julie and select “Newspaper Obituary”, “Framed Picture”, and “Bouquet of Flowers.”

Ingrid Sidequest:

  • Location: First Floor Apartment, Laundry Room
  • How to Complete: Speak with Ingrid, then return with all the clues. Enter Appt 1A to find everything you’ll need.
    • 1. Possess the old woman by the window and select “mysterious murder.”
    • 2. Possess the old man watching tv and select “mysterious murder.”
    • 3. Reveal the tools in the old folks’ closet.
    • 4. Reveal the note on the stand by the front door.
    • 5. Reveal the note on the table in the kitchen.

Brad Sidequest:

  • Location: Find his ghost near the SOC Gas Station, next to the Police Station. He’s near a crashed car.
  • How to Complete: Talk to him, then reveal and possess items or people near the crash or at the gas station before returning to Brad.
    • 1. Reveal the B-Rad license plates right behind Brad’s car.
    • 2. Reveal the gas station receipt on the ground near the broken wall.
    • 3. Reveal the broken whiskey bottle on the ground near the crashed car’s driver door.
    • 4. Reveal the wrecked trash can outside the Police Station.
    • 5. Reveal the broken glass on the ground next to the trash can.
    • 6. Reveal the woman refueling gas at the pump.
    • 7. Reveal the puking guy next to the woman.
    • 8. Reveal Brad making a call at the payphone along the gas station wall.
    • 9. Select the three witnesses (the only three options) who saw the crime.
    • 10. Possess the man at the gas station door. Select “mysterious bang.”

Katie Sidequest:

  • Location: Near the exit to the graveyard, or outside the area after the apartment investigation.
  • How to Complete: Talk to Katie and possess a nearby couple to solve the investigation.
    • 1. Possess the old man leaning on the fence nearby and select “jogging memory.”
    • 2. Possess the old woman with him and select “jogging memory.”
    • 3. Talk to Katie and select “Broken Hearted”, “Ex-Girfriend Suicide”, and “A Shoulder to Cry On.”

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Amnesia (20 points / Bronze):
    Helped Julie find peace
  • Missing Body (20 points / Bronze):
    Helped Ingrid find peace
  • Carnage (20 points / Bronze):
    Helped Brad find peace
  • Scorned (20 points / Bronze):
    Helped Katy find peace

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