Namco on Dark Souls 2 Difficulty: “You Will Get Your Ass Kicked”

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You may have heard concerns from critics and gamers around the web that Dark Souls II could possibly be easier, and (shudder) more accessible than Dark Souls I. For a game built on a masochistically steep challenge and sense of reward, that’s a valid concern.

But shut up. During a Dark Souls 2 gameplay demo at E3 yesterday, Namco’s Director of Strategic & Digital Marketing, Brian Hong, addressed those concerns head on. Here’s the whole quote, which we should note is beautiful:

“We know that there has been commentary about the game being easier, more accessible. We want to dispell any of that straight away. If there’s any question whatsoever about how hard this game is, you will get your ass kicked. This game is just as difficult as Dark Souls, if not more.”

So there’s that. Do you buy it?

Consider this. The QA lead playing the game during the demonstration died twice. Once by the hand of an enemy called a Mirror Knight. Just a giant knight made of glass, with a shield that would shoot out other small knights. I’d say the game looks plenty hard.

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2 Comments on Namco on Dark Souls 2 Difficulty: “You Will Get Your Ass Kicked”


On June 12, 2013 at 10:55 am

Maybe this guy should talk to Namco’s Lee Kirton, cause it sounds like they are spouting completely different messages.

Lee wants to bring in Skyrim players and hopes/prays this will turn into a 5 million Plus selling game. If they want to pull in more people I still don’t understand why they just don’t throw in an easy mode.

Now before someone gets their panties in a twist in the comments about the thought of an Easy Mode in Dark souls II, I want you to pause and think for an second. How do someone else playing Easy mode ruin your experience on a higher difficulty?

Honestly, truthfully, how is someone else who is playing their own single player game on a different difficulty setting, on a different console [possibly in another country] going to ruin your personal experience of the game?


On June 12, 2013 at 6:18 pm

@Dach WTF to ‘possibly in another country’. Are you implying that people abroad the US play at lesser difficulties? WTF…

And anyways, Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls… their single player is intended to be the most twisted way of multiplayer. So people on different difficulty settings, different countries may, and are encouraged to ruin your personal experience of the game.