Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Walkthrough

Budding Ninjas looking to get the most out of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 would do well to heed the advice in this detailed guide. The game does a wonderful job of bringing the manga to life, meaning that our hero Naruto will be faced with a number of challenging battles.

These obstacles can be superseded by the careful acquisition of items, techniques, and supporting characters, but due to the open-ended RPG part of the game, some of them can be difficult to find.

Thankfully, we’ve got a crack walkthrough writer whose job it is to make all those things easy to find — the comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough is below. Alternatively, there are lists of trophies and achievements, as well as a general Cheats page here.

Table of Contents


    Reunion for Two

    Meet with Tsunade in Hokage’s Room

  1. Use the Left Analog Stick to move around.
  2. Walk straight ahead to the bridge. Cross the bridge and head right down the alley. Investigate the container behind the crouched boys.
  3. As you exit, run over the nearby signs for potential items. Keep an eye out for objects like this that have the cel-shaded look of the characters, rather than the painted style of the backgrounds.
  4. Continue forward and save by pressing B at the Bird Feeder.
  5. When the path splits into a Y follow it right. At the end you will find a Memory Crystal.
  6. Head back out and continue on the main path until you reach the large round building. Go up the stairs to the right to find some materials on the roof. Head back down and enter Hokage’s Room.
  7. After the conversation, exit the building and return back on the path the way you came. Keep in mind that all objects you interacted with before (containers, signs, etc.) will return after a screen change and many will contain new materials, so knock over and investigate everything!
  8. The Bell Stealing Drill
    Go to Training Field

  9. Head out the gate past where you started the game. At the second screen outside you will find a Lucky Jizo statue and another Memory Crystal.
  10. In the next area you will enter your first battle. The fighting system in this game can get very complex so for this first battle just get used to the basics.
    • Move around with Left Analog Stick
    • Press B to attack. Keep pressing to perform a combo.
    • A jumps and pressing again in the air performs a Ninja Move.
    • Throw shuriken with X.
    • Block attacks with LT or RT.
    • Hold Y to charge up your Chakra. Press Y when charged to load it. The next button you press will determine which Chakra Move you use.
  11. Experiment during the warm-up and view the info in the Start menu for more information. After you’ve sufficiently smacked your friend around read through the guides that scroll in the load screen to get some ideas for your future battles.
  12. Heal yourself, equip the Paper Bomb, then proceed forward to the next battle.
    • Kakashi is an easy opponent. You can progress the battle by simply performing combos, but this is another great opportunity to experiment and get a feel for the combat system.
    • When the quick-time evens begin, try to react as soon as you can. There are only response events in this battle, no mashers.
    • During the Bell-Stealing section, Kakashi will stand out of reach on the rocks. When you see a glow around the little islands, stand on top of them to avoid being electrocuted. If the water builds in one area, keep moving to avoid the dragon-shaped burst he sends at you. When he comes down to your level, engage him as usual. After enough fighting, you’ll enter the final quick-time event sequence.
    • This sequence has some more complex maneuvers, including mashers, but requires far fewer to maximize. Get all the stars required to view the Secret Factor.
  13. A New Departure
    Report to Tsunade in Hokage’s Room

  14. Make your way back to Hokage’s Room all the way up north. Now that you have some money, you can stop by the shops on the way as well. Pick the materials you wish to turn in wisely, as these don’t give you the item, they just make it available for purchase.
  15. Speak with Tsunade to get your first choice of missions. Select the first one.
  16. Mission: Advice Session

  17. Exit and head south to the closed flower shop. Speak with the young man standing in front. After you speak with him, return to the village gates and exit.
  18. Heal and equip as necessary, then select your characters and begin the next battle.
  19. The false Naruto is much more aggressive than your last two opponents, but stay calm. This is a good time to really practice your Chakra moves. Also, try using LB or RB to call in Sakura and set up your opponent for an Ultimate Jutsu move (Y, Y, X).
  20. After the battle, proceed back into the village and to the flower shop. Once everything is settled, select yes to return automatically to Tsunade.
  21. Mission: Licensing Work

  22. Speak to Shizune, right next to the desk.
  23. Head south and then follow the right path at the Y. Enter the General Store on your right and speak with the owner.
  24. Exit and continue south. When the camera shifts to the side view, enter the store with two Kanji symbols and a “Q” written on it. Speak with the BBQ owner.
  25. Exit the restaurant and head down the alley to the right. Enter the Card Shop at the back.
  26. After you’ve delivered the last License, return to Shizune.
  27. Exit and begin moving south.

Chapter 1

    Hungry Naruto

    Go to the Ramen Shop

  1. Head south.
    • After the cutscene, you begin the next battle, in control of Gaara. Deidara will fly around out of your reach. Press A and then hold A in the air to keep dodging around the stage. This will keep you safe from the birds and shuriken he fires. When he approaches the middle of the stage, jump in close and perform a combo on him. He will usually fall and be stunned. Get to about medium range and use Y, X to perform a Jutsu Move or close in for another combo.
    • After you work him down enough, you’ll enter the quick-time event. This one involves using the D-Pad, so keep your left hand ready.
    • The second part of the event involves aiming and firing. Use Y, X to fire a barrage, but keep Deidara in the reticle for maximum damage. When he uses the fire pillars concentrate more on dodging with A, rather than attacking.
    • The final sequence involves a lot of mashing but isn’t too difficult. Stay alert and you’ll win the match!
  2. A Time of Unrest
    Report to Tsunade

    Request: Find Lost Child

  3. Head forward and speak with the mother on the bridge. Move forward and head down the alley toward the Card Shop to find the missing child.
  4. Request: Konohamaru’s Worry

  5. Now head toward the Hokage’s Room. After you learn about the 37 Cursed Dolls, speak with Konohamaru to begin his request. Speak to him again when you have the necessary materials. If you’ve been investigating a lot you probably have them already. If not then explore the signs and plants in the village.
  6. Now speak with Tsunade in the Hokage’s Room.
  7. Exit the village and grab the Story Record on the second screen outside. Go forward and turn left at the branching path.
  8. Enter the Training Field. There is a Memory Crystal at the entrance, two Story Records straight ahead, and a Record of Battle to the right.
  9. Recapture the Kazekage
    Head to Hidden Sand

    Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  10. Make any preparations you need, then investigate the false Sakura and Kakashi to begin the battle. This can be a very difficult battle if you aren’t prepared. Doll Kakashi will strike very rapidly, using his support a lot. He’s also very good at doing Substitution Blocks. Keep the pressure on him and try to use your own Substitutions. Also, make use of your support to set him up for Ultimate Jutsu. Keep the pressure on him and you’ll finish victorious.
  11. Exit the Training Field and head east on the main path. Continue on until you reach the desert. Grab the Memory Crystal at the entrance, then proceed forward. Head straight through the village until you reach the House.
  12. Support Team Kakashi
    Go to the Land of Rivers

  13. You now take control of Guy. Work your way back out of the village and down the path through the forest.
  14. The next battle puts you in control of Neiji. He strikes very quickly, so use this to your advantage. Make use of the Chakra Dash (Y+A) to quickly close gaps and unleash your combos. Often you can also initiate your Ultimate Jutsu as Kisame is just rising off of the ground. Use your support and keep the distance close to win this battle.
  15. Immediately after your victory, you will engage Kisame with the other team, controlling Guy. This fight should be a lot easier. Immediately begin with a Chakra Dash to get the combo started. If timed correctly, Guy’s combos can be linked together, beginning the next combo as Kisame falls from the previous. If you lose the string simply charge in and begin again. If all else fails employ your support and Ultimates.
  16. To the Land of Rivers
    United, reach the Land of Rivers

  17. Head south along the path then follow it northeast through the clearing. Continue heading toward the arrow on your minimap, around the bends.
  18. In the next big clearing you’ll take control of Kakashi in the battle against Itachi. Your opponent is fairly strong but you outmatch him in speed. Make heavy use of Chakra Dashes, Support, and Combos to keep Itachi on defense. Note that in this battle Kakashi cannot use his Ultimate Jutsu. Also, considering how long his Lighting Blade takes to charge up and the medium range required to land the hit, standard combos will prove more effective.
  19. After the cutscene continue east.
  20. The Five-Seal Barrier Trap
    Remove the four tags

  21. You now control Neiji. Turn left to find the first seal on the tree. The second seal is straight across the field on the opposite tree.
  22. Since that was so easy, prepare for another battle. You fight as Tenten against a fake Neiji. Once again, Chakra Dashes and combos will make short work of your opponent. Neiji’s support move will knock the enemy back so it doesn’t combo well. Keep in mind that while Tenten’s Jutsu can be used at close and medium ranges, her Ultimate requires a bit of a charge and must hit from medium range. This is a good battle to practice your Substitutions if caught in a combo because Mirror Neiji strikes with a repetitive pace.
  23. After the battle, you’ll take control of Guy to destroy the last two tags. Head left to find the first tag on tree immediately in front of you. Continue ahead to find the second tag clearly attached to a rock.
  24. For this battle, you’ll fight as Lee against Mirror Guy. Lee is very fast so stay aggressive. His combos can sometimes be linked, like Guy’s, if you catch your opponent as they fall. Lee also has a very strong throw which can be introduced while comboing. Guy’s support, like Neiji’s, does not combo well unless used at the very end. If you choose to use Lee’s Ultimate, begin it somewhere between close and medium range, just as the opponent is beginning to stand. Timed properly, the charge time will allow him to dash in the first instance Mirror Guy is accessible. Speed and aggression are the keys to this victory!
  25. Faceoff with the Akatsuki
    Enter Akatsuki Hideout

  26. As Naruto, move toward the rubble and confirm your readiness.
    • It’s time for Sakura to get her hands dirty against Sasori. Dash in and pummel him a bit. Sakura’s Melee Jutsu move will send him in the air, prepping him for a combo. After a few of these, you’ll enter a quick-time stage.
    • The first few use the D-Pad, followed by the bumpers, so be prepared. The finisher is a fast three-part combo (A, Y, B). If you fail an event, you’ll get to retry at the expense of a little health.
    • Sasori will now surround himself with puppets. Dash in to the cable he stands on and grab hold. When he hits the ground, he’ll be stunned. This is a great chance for a Jutsu-led combo. Knock him around until he returns to his perch. When protected, press A then hold it again to keep dodging sideways. If you have Support available, use it to clear out the puppets, then Chakra Dash in to grab his cable. If he shoots fire at you, get out of the way! It will also ignite the black tar so keep moving. Repeat this a few times to initiate the final quick-time stage.
    • There’re a lot of combos this time. First is Y, Y, B, followed by A, A, B. After that is X, Y, B and then RB, B. Mix in a few mashes and doubles until the final heavy hit of A, Y, B, X, X. Enjoy the secret factor and victory, you earned it!
  27. But there’s no time to rest because Naruto has a battle with Deidara. This battle, however, is much easier than the last. Just keep the beating coming and you’ll have an S victory in no time. This is a good opportunity to practice the timing of Naruto’s Jutsu within his combos. Because the Jutsu charges forward and the end of the combo kicks the opponent upward, the move must either be used very early on, or right at the very end in order to hit.

Chapter 2

    Temporary RestGo to Hokage’s Mansion

  1. Head toward the Hokage’s Room, but stop and speak with the Curse Jutsu Master to turn in the Dolls you’ve collected so far.
  2. Go inside and accept the mission Tsunade offers you.
  3. Mission: A Certain Match
    Request: Collect Ninja Tools: 1

  4. On your way down the first street, speak with the Ninja Tool Freak to get a new Request. He wants you to obtain 10 Ninja Tools (Battle Items) and show him. Depending on what you’ve been spending your money on and how much you’ve used Items, you’re likely have several, if not 10, items already. If not, simply purchase a few more at the nearby shop. Remember, they need to be 10 unique items.
  5. Request: Repay Debt

  6. Go south until you reach the Flower Shop and turn down the street across from it. Speak with the Moneylender to receive another Request. You must pay 5,000 on behalf of the Poor Youth. This might be difficult if you made purchases for the Ninja Tools, but speak with them again whenever you have the funds. Don’t worry, we’re about to make some dough hunting Dolls.
  7. Proceed south and grab the Story Record.
  8. Request: Find Tonton’s Pearls

  9. When you reach the area where you started, speak with Kotetsu for another Request. He wants you to find 30 missing Tonton Pearls. That’s quite a lot, so we’ll grab them as we go.
  10. [1/30] Exit the village to find the first Pearl near another Story Record.
  11. [2/30] Follow the path and turn left at the T. Grab the second Pearl on the log bridge.
  12. [3/30] The third Pearl is straight ahead on the next screen.
  13. Enter the Training Field and approach the group to start the battle against Kiba. You don’t have any allies with you, so Support is out of the question. Try to focus on linking your combos and Jutsu. This is a good opportunity for Battle Items as well. Kiba is quick but can be set up for traps. His Jutsu powers him up so dodge his initial rush and get in close to show him your moves. Both Shino and Hinata’s Support moves take a moment to charge so hop out of the way before they strike.
    Exit the field and return to the T intersection. This time take the path away from the village.
  14. [4/30] The fourth Pearl is ahead to the right.
  15. Continue ahead until you reach the clearing. Grab the Memory Crystal.
  16. [5/30] On the left side of the field is another Pearl.
  17. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  18. Heal up as necessary and speak with the false Guy. Contrary to what the pre-screen says, if you keep the pressure on, Doll Guy won’t use support all that often. He will block and Substitute a lot, though, so be prepared to play defensively yourself. Work in your Jutsu towards the end of your combos and try to connect with an Ultimate or two when he’s stunned.
  19. With the Dolls defeated, head north until you reach a Y. follow the path left.
  20. [6/30] The sixth Pearl is straight ahead.
  21. In the large clearing, you’ll find another Memory Crystal.
  22. [7/30] Head right for another Pearl beneath a tree.
  23. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  24. Continue east and, once you’re prepared, engage theĀ impostorĀ Neiji. Doll Neiji is fairly strong but his combos have a particular rhythm, so Substituting shouldn’t be very difficult. Like the Doll Guy before him, Doll Neiji will use a Jutsu that powers him up. Keep your distance at first so that he’ll use his sphere attack and miss. Begin a Chakra Dash just as the attack is winding down to get your own attacks in. I found he canceled my Ultimate multiple times, so concentrate on combos and Jutsu. Don’t forget that his attacks shave off Chakra so plan your Charging well.
  25. [8/30] Since we’re in the area, continue west and grab the eighth Pearl on the next screen.
  26. Follow the path around to the huge clearing. Grab the Memory Crystal and the string of Story Records.
  27. [9/30] Turn around and hug the west side to find another Pearl.
  28. Now make the long haul back to Hidden Leaf Village. Once inside, proceed until you reach the BBQ shop and turn down the alley beside.
  29. [10/30] Grab the tenth Pearl by the stack of papers.
  30. Continue toward the Hokage’s Mansion. After you’re stopped you’ll engage the mystery attacker. The nameless foe has some lengthy combos that can be difficult to Substitute out early on. Stay vigilant and pressure him up close. As long as you don’t try to land it as he immediately rises, you should be able to land at least one Ultimate. And don’t forget, unlike when you fought the Dolls, you have Support. So use it!
  31. [11/30] Turn in the Dolls you’ve collected then grab another Pearl on the roof.
  32. Head inside the building to progress.
  33. Apprehend the Spy
    Assemble outside Leaf Gate

  34. Heal up at the Ramen Shop (save your Ointments) and begin toward the gate. Stop on the bridge and speak with the Show Promoter for another Request.
  35. Request: Spectacle Match 1

  36. You face off against Tenten in the first battle with a Bonus Condition. You just need to string together 10 or more hits, something attainable with any successful combo. Tenten is a medium- and long-range fighter, so try to stay close. But don’t let your guard down, because she still has a substantial string of melee attacks. The biggest challenge here is closing the gap quickly. While Chakra Dashes usually do the trick, Tenten loves to lay mines on the ground which you’re likely to crash right into. If you’re a long way away, manually dash in. From medium range you can usually risk it. She lacks a sturdy defense, so working in an Ultimate or two in will punish Tenten severely. Keep close but don’t get reckless and you’ll fulfill the Request.
  37. Be sure to heal up again. This time, before getting to the gate, head down the alley to the Card Shop and speak with Konohamaru for a super easy Request.
  38. Request: Hide-and-seek Match

  39. Exit the alley and turn right. Konohamaru will be standing with his back to the street. Speak with him to fulfill the Request.
  40. Exit the village and follow the path until the next battle at the clearing. Sai is your backup this time against Yamato and Sakura. Sai’s Substitution links very well mid-way through Naruto’s combos. Yamato doesn’t put up much of a fight so go for at least one Ultimate early on. Continue to link your combos, Support, and Jutsu to finish him quickly. Do watch for Sakura’s Support though as Yamato can call it even when being attacked. If she hits you, you’ll likely take to the air. Press X at the peak to immediately recover and return to the fight.
  41. Continue ahead until the first Y intersection. Follow it right.
  42. [12/30] Grab the twelfth Pearl on the left near some flowers.
  43. Head straight for a quick detour.
  44. [13/30] In the opening, move directly forward for another Pearl.
  45. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  46. Prep as necessary then engage the Dolls. You’ll have your choice of fighter and support. I chose to use Sai with Naruto and Yamato as support. Naruto’s Support has a short, but noticeable charge that doesn’t link well with Sai’s combos but is great for breaking Doll Gaara’s attacks. Yamato’s Support is defensive so use it when Doll Gaara is attacking from a distance, before you close in. Sai’s combos are strong but Doll Gaara will often break out at the very end due to the charge time necessary for the last portion of the moves. His Ultimate however is very strong and easy to connect with. The biggest thing to be cautious of in this battle is Doll Gaara’s Jutsu which creates a grabbing hand from beneath you. This move cannot be blocked so as soon as you see the sand stir beneath your feet, dodge out of the way.
  47. Exit the area and follow the path right toward Tenchi Bridge.
  48. [14/30] The next Pearl is just to your left.
  49. Continue ahead. After the cutscene is Naruto’s battle against Orochimaru.
    • Charge in immediately and use a Jutsu fused combo to knock down the majority of Orochimaru’s health. Watch for an attack then combo again to begin the quick-time event.
    • It’s fairly short and simple, just stay alert. Remember, there’s no penalty for hitting the wrong buttons so long as you correct before time runs out. Once Naruto is sufficiently pissed off you’ll enter the second stage of the battle.
    • Hold X or B to rapid fire at Orochimaru. Concentrate your attacks on him and only fire away when the flying snakes get close. Occasionally a larger one will require your attention as well. Press Y+X or Y+B with full Chakra to unleash a super beam attack. I recommend using this right away to give it time to charge back up. If you haven’t used it again by the time the massive snake attacks you, save it. The next quick-time sequence is up.
    • Most of the sequences this time begin with a D-Pad movement followed by button presses. There are also a couple mashers that require some speed, the final one being particularly resistant. Stay persistent and the victory is yours!
  50. Rampaging Naruto
    Meet Naruto at Tenchi Bridge

  51. As Yamato, cross the bridge.
  52. Seeing the devastation Nine-Tails Naruto can cause, it’s now your turn to try and restrain him. Fortunately he won’t be pulling out any super beams of pure destruction, but he does have a high block rate and some very powerful combos. Use Sakura’s Support to prep him for a combo. Yamato’s Jutsu is relatively useless here as the charge time allows Nine-Tails Naruto to block almost every time. If you’re lucky it can be integrated into a combo but stick with Jutsu shuriken and standard strings to be safe.
  53. To Orochimaru’s Hideout
    Go to Orochimaru’s Hideout

  54. [15/30] Before proceeding, turn back to the bridge screen. The fifteenth Pearl is in front of the statues to your right. Half way there!
  55. Continue back on the path toward the hideout.
  56. [16/30] When you reach the Peddler, grab the next Pearl directly across from him.
  57. Heal up and grab supplies as necessary than continue ahead into the hideout.
  58. Go deep into Orochimaru’s Hideout

  59. Dead-ends are always a good sign for explorers and the first two here have bountiful materials. Collect them and proceed north.
  60. It’s time for Naruto to put the beat-down on the emotionless Sai. Fortunately your opponent seems to have lost his edge this time around. Chakra Dash and Jutsu Combo like crazy to keep Sai from even attacking. I was able to. get two Ultimates in as Sai picked himself up, finishing the fight in less than 30 seconds. You’ve had a lot of practice up to this point so be super aggressive and put it to use!
    Sakura and Yamato team up next to take down Kabuto. This is another simple battle, just don’t get careless. Keep up the pressure and work in at least one Ultimate. Kabuto stands pretty still when you’re in close. If you do find yourself in trouble pull Yamato in for some defense. Just be warned that many of Kabuto’s combos will pull you into the air, where Yamato can’t help. Substitute if you can to return to the offense. While perhaps not as short as the last, this battle shouldn’t take long if you’re persistent.
  61. Time of Reunion
    Find Sasuke

  62. Like the last zone, the four dead-ends (three long and one short, just before the main stretch) are full of good materials if you want them.
    • It’s finally time for the big battle with Sasuke. Once again Sakura’s Support is very good for setting up an air combo and Sai’s Support is best integrating in the middle or end of a ground combo. You can’t use Ultimates this match but you shouldn’t have much difficulty without it in this first section. Beat Sasuke down enough to enter the quick-time segment.
    • Some of the D-Pad movements will be very obvious from the action on screen but there are several multi-button combos here.
    • When the battle begins again you will no longer have Support available. Sasuke doesn’t block or move as much this time so you can get several Jutsu’s to hit.
    • The second quick-time segment is very similar to the first: several D-Pad movements and button combinations. Finished, of course, with a masher. Enjoy your S rank and the completion of Chapter 2!

Chapter 3

    First Ramen in AgesMeet Sakura at Hokage’s Mansion

  1. Head toward the Hokages’s room to initiate two dialogue scenes.
  2. Kakashi’s Proposal
    Go to the Training Field

  3. Run one screen north to grab the Story Record then turn back and hand in your Cursed Dolls.
  4. Exit the village, grab the two Story Records, then get to the Training Field.
  5. Time to take on Kakashi. Speed is a good asset in this battle. Start out with a strong Jutsu combo, charge, then take out a chunk with an Ultimate. If you get caught on the receiving end of a combo, watch for the distinct movement of Kakashi’s attacks and Substitute out.
  6. Asuma Acts
    Go to the Training Field

  7. As Asuma, run to the field.
  8. Time to battle Naruto. Asuma has some swift moves and will move behind your opponent in some of his combos. His Ultimate takes about the same time to charge as Naruto’s so plan accordingly. Naruto will make solid use of Substitution so be on guard and prepare to have multiple turn overs in a single string. He always isn’t shy about using his Jutsu so don’t let him get behind you. This is a battle most easily won with a balance between aggression and caution.
  9. Return to Hidden Leaf Village, eat some Ramen, then speak with Tsunade.
  10. Apprehend the Akatsuki
    Go outside the Leaf Gate

  11. Head out of the village and to the beginning of the forest.
  12. Training Break
    Go to Ichiraku Ramen

  13. Back in control of Naruto, exit the Training Field and speak with Lee to spar him as a Request.
  14. Request: Training with Lee

  15. Choose your leader and and support. I chose Sai again for his balance of speed and strength. Whomever you choose, Lee is a very easy opponent. If you don’t get reckless you can control the battle from the start. Make use of your support to set up and finish combos. The Bonus Condition for this battle is to get a 15-hit combo. If you don’t interrupt Sai’s regular string you’ll easily rack up 20.
  16. It’s entirely possible to still be at full health, but heal if necessary — it’s time to hunt some Dolls.
  17. Proceed east, away from the village, and follow the path to the Y intersection.
  18. Head left and engage the group.
  19. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  20. Once again, you have your choice of characters and support. Don’t underestimate Doll Kiba’s strength. If he catches you in a combo, you’ll feel it. He makes heavy use of his support as well, but both attack in a relatively confined space, so back out of the area when you see them jump in. This is the first battle in which your opponent has access to his Ultimate, and Doll Kiba will definitely use it given the opportunity — don’t give it to him.
  21. With the Dolls dispatched, make the trek forward to The Akatsuki Hideout. Prepare to begin the battle with the false Sasori.
  22. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  23. This can be a very difficult battle if you aren’t ready for it. Doll Sasori will constantly retreat to attack from a distance. Use Chakra Dashes to close the distance but don’t just spam your attack button. Begin a combo but expect him to substitute. I found he did this almost every single time. This can work to your advantage however, as his follow up attack requires a charge, so just hold your guard. As soon as the attack passes, let into him with a full string. Naruto’s Jutsu is good for this battle as it can be started right as Doll Sasori is backing away from you, catching him as he lands. Sakura’s Support works well for setting up air combos or breaking you out of the Chiyo Support. Just remember that she can only hit from short or medium range, so call her as you’re dashing in. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win right away. I got demolished my first match, then came back with an S victory.
  24. One more battle. Make your way back to the Y intersection and this time take the path right. Do the same on the next screen.
  25. Continue on to the Tenchi Bridge. Grab the Memory Crystal and series of Story Records.
  26. Keep trekking until you reach the screen where the Peddler was. In his place are the Dolls of Sai and Yamato.
  27. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  28. I chose Sakura this time because she was feeling left out. Her Jutsu finishes combos well and tosses the opponent in the air, where you can jump to get a few more hits in. Doll Sai is pretty guard-heavy this match but you can get an Ultimate to hit after a Substitution. Both Naruto and Sai’s Supports can set up Sakura’s combos well. Especially if you call them, hop to the side to get Doll Sai’s attention, then Chakra Dash in just as the Support connects. He won’t know what hit him. Note that Doll Sai will use his Ultimate given the chance, so as soon as you see that giant bird appear, stop whatever you’re doing and Chakra Escape out of there.
    While you’re here, make a run through the Hideout to grab the Story Records and a Memory Crystal in the final chamber. You can avoid the branching paths if you want, only material waits at the dead-ends.
    With everything taken care of, book it back to the village.
  29. Now it’s Asuma’s turn to put the beat-down on Hidan. He won’t put up much of a fight, but his combos can be hard to escape from. Make use of Shikamaru’s Support to either connect when you’re away or lead into a Chakra Dash combo. Asuma’s Ultimate is quite slow to charge but Hidan’s lack of activity in this battle makes it entirely possible to connect with. If you get separated, Hidan will use lots of shuriken. Chakra Dash through them.
  30. With Asuma down it’s Shikamaru’s turn. Once again, Hidan doesn’t put up much of a challenge. Even his Support use is lackluster. Don’t be like him, and use Choji often. His giant roll is a great lead in to a Chakra Dash whether it connects or puts Hidan on an unguarded evade.
  31. Asuma’s Death
    Talk to Kakashi

  32. Speak with Kakashi to begin the sparring.
  33. Kakashi is no match for you anymore. Pummel him with combos and Jutsu. He’s often slow to attack after rising so begin an Ultimate just as he starts to get up. If he does get free from you he’ll jump to the sides a lot, throwing shuriken. Chakra Dash through and keep pushing the fight.
  34. Head back to the village and up to the Hokage’s Room.
  35. Mourning Battles
    Go to the Forest of Dead Trees

  36. As Shikamaru, head north on the path until you reach the Training Field. Take the path right.
  37. Continue on the linear roads until you reach a small clearing with some toads. Grab the Memory Crystal and turn left.
  38. Stock up at the Peddler and continue forward.
  39. Shikamaru versus Hidan. Since your opponent isn’t really trying this is another easy fight. Shikamaru’s Jutsu, when it connects, drops Hidan to his knees and then the ground. This gives you ample time to recharge. Combo, finishing with Jutsu, recharge, and repeat.
  40. Kakashi’s up next against Kakuzu. Kakashi’s combos enable you to teleport around your enemy halfway through them by pressing the Left Analog Stick. Use it sooner rather than later in your strings, as Kakuzu will often Substitute around the middle point. Ino’s Support is best used when Kakuzu is just rising from a distance, or you want him to dodge and get set up for a combo. Choji’s Support works well to finish a successful combo or cause some extra damage when you can’t get in yet. Keep in mind that Kakashi’s Jutsu takes a considerable amount of time to charge so plan accordingly. There isn’t too much to worry about Kakuzu, just watch his Substitution and try to perform your own.
  41. Naruto’s New Jutsu
    Hurry to the Forest of Dead Trees

  42. As Naruto, hurry through the fence — the same way you went as Shikamaru.
  43. [17/30] Just beside the save point, by the small wooden structure, is another Tonton Pearl.
  44. [18/30] In the upper-right of the small clearing is the eighteenth Pearl.
  45. [19/30] Continuing on, the nineteenth Pearl is just in front of the Peddler. Restock as necessary.
  46. Round two in Shikamaru’s battle against Hidan.
  47. This battle is identical to the last. Hidan should give you no trouble, except maybe the occasional Substitution, from which you can counter out yourself. For fun, use Shikamaru’s Ultimate to see how easy it is to land against Hidan. It also looks pretty brutal too.
  48. Naruto gets his shot against Kakuzu now.
    • The first section of this fight is super simple, just land a few combos and a Jutsu or two.
    • In the first quick-time segment be ready for an even spread of D-Pad and button presses. The D-Pad inputs have slow counters so they should be a good source of stars, whereas some of the button inputs require super fast response. Remember, it’s okay to hit the wrong button so long as you correct it in time.
    • In the next bout, Kakuzu doesn’t require much damage to progress. The hard part is hitting him. In his transformed state he’ll try to stay away, spamming you with homing projectiles. Chakra Dash in as soon as you can to begin your combo string. Try to finish with Naruto’s Jutsu in order to give yourself a bit of time to recharge and Dash in again, just as he’s rising.
    • In this section, dodge Kazuku’s attacks, particularly the giant stream of fire, until you see an indicator appear. It is possible to dash upward to land a combo, but use this carefully, as a failed attempt will often result in some big damage. Chakra Dash in and pound the B button to pry your opponent out. He’ll be stunned so get in quickly for as much damage as you can. Once he’s recovered he’ll light himself on fire, becoming invulnerable to melee attacks. Dodge his attacks until he retreats again. This is a battle of patience. Pepper him with Chakra shuriken whenever he’s joined with the creature, but prioritize dodging when he’s aflame.
    • The final quick-time sequence is relatively painless. Some of the inputs, as Naruto prepares his attacks, can’t actually be failed, but they do have a hidden timer determining stars. Flash and mash your way through to emerge victorious.

Chapter 4

    In the Darkness

  1. Chapter 4 starts off with a bang. Sasuke versus Orochimaru right off the bat. All of Sasuke’s Chakra attacks and Ultimate Jutsu are able to connect from a variety of ranges, so make regular use of them. The only slight trade-off is that Sasuke is somewhat slow to recharge. Orochimaru won’t put up much of a fight and his combos, particularly the one where he repeatedly dives from the ground, are easy to Substitute out of. Combo and Jutsu for a quick victory.
  2. They Make Their Move
    Go to the Southern Hideout

  3. Head south. Visit the Peddler if you need, then grab the long strands of Story Records that follow on the next two screens.
  4. In the battle against Suigetsu, watch for him to start immediately with his Ultimate. He can deal some nasty damage if he catches you at all in this fight, but stay calm and you’ll control the fight. He isn’t much for blocking so you can often get away with a riskier use of Jutsu and Ultimates.
  5. Follow the path ahead and through the forest.
  6. When you get near the Southern Hideout you need to remove three tags. The first is just ahead to your left.
  7. The second tag is on the next screen, stuck into the tree on the right.
  8. On the beach, remove the last tag on the tree to the left.
  9. With the barrier removed Sasuke must battle his Mirror self. Suigetsu’s Support is great for giving you some space when you need to recharge, or when you want a big hit to finish a combo. Mirror Sasuke is fairly consistent with Substitution which can be troublesome given the somewhat sporadic nature of his combos. Stay calm and look for your opening to counter Substitute. Sasuke’s throws are also very powerful making them a great counter.
  10. Walk northwest into the water to proceed, then enter the Southern Hideout.
  11. To the Northern Hideout
    Go to Northern Hideout

  12. With Karin in tow, exit out to the forest.
  13. Turn right and make your way back toward the Eastern Hideout.
  14. In the large clearing of the Forest of Dead Trees, grab the Memory Crystal and long line of Records.
  15. Continue on the path, past the Peddler, and enter the Northern Hideout.
  16. You need to find two hidden scrolls in the Cave to proceed.
  17. If you’re hunting for materials, it’s worthwhile to explore the entire area, but be warned that Sasuke has a very slow animation for investigating containers. Patience will be required for this repetitive task.
  18. The first scroll, Cave Scroll: A is in the single room to the left of the entrance.
  19. Cave Scroll: B is in the lone room at the end of the hall second from the right.
  20. With the scrolls collected, exit the cave at the north end of the hall second from the left.
  21. Enter the Northern Hideout to begin the next battle.
  22. It’s time to take control of Suigetsu against Jugo. Your opponent won’t block much, so feel free to use your Ultimate. It’s slow moving so try to begin fairly close. Karin’s Support is good for stunning Jugo before a combo or when you’re recharging. Just be sure to initiate it at medium to close range because it doesn’t travel. Suigetsu’s Jutsu can hit from a variety of ranges, so fight where you feel comfortable. When Jugo uses his Awakening, play more cautiously, but don’t back off completely. Watch for his air dashes and try to stun him with Karin before you begin your combos.
  23. Still out of control, you must fight Jugo again, this time as Sasuke. The same strategy applies here, the only difference is you’re using a more powerful character. Jugo will try to combo more but if you Substitute properly you’ll always control this fight. Suigetsu’s Support is a nice way to mask Sasuke’s Jutsu, or a Chakra Dash.
  24. Restart Search
    Gather information on Itachi

  25. Make your way north, then turn left at the Y intersection.
  26. Deidara and Tobi engage you in the field. Deidara won’t prove a huge challenge but he will quickly take advantage of any recklessness. Expect to be hit with Substitutions and to have to perform your own. Tobi’s Support litters the area with bombs so stay away from where they land. Deidara will try to keep his distance so be careful when Dashing in. He has a nice trick he likes to use of littering the air with shuriken, then throwing his Jutsu just as you Chakra Dash through. Don’t be afraid to use your Ultimate though, Sasuke can travel a long distance to make it connect, you just need a straight shot.
  27. Unfortunately, Deidara just won’t give up. Remember that when prompted about being ready, you can select “No” to adjust your items, as well as use Ointments. Your opponent rides his large creation for the entire fight, trying to keep the battle a long-distance game. He therefore sacrifices speed and attack variety. Just keep in close and combo away. When he starts to attack, Dash away — blocking through will result in a Guard Break. Keep chipping away and the victory will be yours!

Chapter 5

    Search for Itachi

  1. Grab the records and head west.
  2. At the intersection, head right.
  3. Hang right at the second intersection as well.
  4. Itachi is surprisingly easy to defeat. When he transforms into birds, either block, if he’s near, or use the Fireball Jutsu, when far, to knock him down. If he Substitutes one of your combos, opt for a guard, because his slow moving counter is powerful. Sasuke can’t use his Ultimate, but his powerful combos will be more than enough to win.
  5. Head straight and cross the bridge. Once Sasuka reveals the branching path, follow it.
  6. Kisame takes it easy this match so Suigetsu’s slow but powerful attacks should chop him down without fail. Ultimates work very well in this fight, especially when Kisame charges/loads. Use Jugo’s Support to break free from a combo or to lead into a Chakra Dash. There really isn’t much to this fight, just keep smacking.
  7. The Time Draws Near
    Achieve Sasuke’s revenge

  8. Follow the path to the Uchiha Hideout.
    • This is it. The final fight between Sasuke and brother Itachi. The first part of the fight follows the same logic as the last time you fought him. Keep up your combos, fireball him in bird form, and guard on his Substitution.
    • The first quick-time event is appropriately spectacular. It begins with a B masher, followed by a few D-Pad movements, then finished by some light button combos. The timers are average at best, providing a good opportunity for star accumulation.
    • The Susano’o isn’t nearly as scary as he looks, if you watch his movements. When he brings his left hand up, back off so he can slam it down to guard Itachi. Dash in and run behind to start beating on your brother. Do not Chakra Dash in this fight unless you are very far away and it is going to finish before you reach Susano’o. If you Chakra Dash into him, you’ll go bouncing off. When Susano’o raises up his sword, he most often will strike right down the center. Jump to the side, then rush in to hit Itachi behind the hilt. When the right hand reaches way back, often after a strike, he’s grabbing rubble to throw down on you. Use your Ninja Move to keep moving. The final, and most dangerous, move of Susano’o's is when he brings his sword up at an angle. He’ll proceed to slam it down on the side, then sweep it across the area. Either Chakra Evade way into the back, or try to block and limit the damage. Note that he will always use this attack twice in a row, once on each side. After breaking through Itachi’s guard enough times, you’ll progress to the final part of the battle.
    • The quick-time events in this segment have slow timers, but there are very few actions, so make sure you nail them in order to get the Secret Factor. The only thing to prepare for is the final Y masher, as it’s very resistant.
  9. What comes next is very cinematic but potentially confusing. You’re actually in control of Sasuke. You need to expend all your options.
  10. Attack with your sword.
  11. Press Y to reveal the items menu and your sole possession. Use it.
  12. Keep backing up until you reach the wall.

Chapter 6

    To the Hidden Rain Village

    Go to Tenchi Bridge

  1. As Jiraiya, head south.
  2. Grab the Story Record in front of the Ramen Shop.
  3. Continue on and exit the village. There are two more Story Records beside the Jiraz statue.
  4. Head east at the forest intersection.
  5. Follow the path to the clearing, grab the Story Records, and continue on.
  6. In this flashback battle, you must battle Naruto as Jiraiya. Naruto can be a formidable opponent if you lose control of the battle. Jiraiya’s combos are slow but powerful; keep up with them. You can also draw out his Ultimate mid-way through. Naruto will also provide you with many other opportunities to use this move, as he constantly tries to use a slow distance move. Get in close and activate the Ultimate just as he’s rising from the ground. If he does catch you in a combo, it can be difficult to escape, due to the variation in the speed of his attacks. Stay vigilant and watch for his Jutsu, which should simply be blocked, not Substituted.
  7. With the battle won, follow the path right.
  8. Past the waterfall, stay left.
  9. In the village, head up the stairs.
  10. Follow the path until you enter a building.
  11. Proceed through and up to the roof.
  12. Konan steps up for a fight. She can outmatch Jiraiya’s speed and will attempt to Substitute often, so be prepared. Her counterattack is easily blockable, however. Likewise, the second-to-last move of her combo has a sufficient enough pause to allow for a full block. If you aren’t able to Substitute earlier in the string, guard here to avoid the biggest chunk of damage. Several of Konan’s moves also have a visual indication that they’re preparing. Get in close and load your Ultimate, then decide whether to attack based on what you see. If she is beginning an attack, use your Ultimate to break through. If not, chances are she will block it. Jiraiya is much slower than Naruto so stay calm to control the fight.
  13. Jiraiya and Pain
    Face Pain

  14. Confirm your readiness to begin the next fight.
    • For this first section, Pain will ride atop a giant crab. Run to either side of the creature and, after getting past at least its first leg, let lose with a combo. Use one of Jiraiya’s directional combos, as his standard attacks will be less effective do to the nature of your opponent.
    • When he sends a bird after you, follow the quick-time prompts to subdue it. You’re given ample time and no stars are at stake, so don’t stress about it. After you’ve knocked it down get in and score as many hits as you can, finishing with a Jutsu. Remember, Ultimates are not available during this fight.
    • Next, Pain launches two birds that litter the field with bombs. Try to draw them to one area, then run away as they fall. The crab will fire three waves of water as well, but as long as you keep moving you won’t get hit. Knock it around a few more times to progress.
    • This is the first real quick-time segment. These are definitely some of the faster and more difficult inputs in the game. Keep your fingers nimble. This is also the first time the RB is used so watch for it when Jiraiya uses his Summon.
    • This section can be very frustrating. Each Pain can be beat down and stunned. Y is then used to knock them down. However, while on the ground, they will recover and hop back into the fight. The trick is to get them all weak, then stun them all in a row, then use Y in order. To do this, pick one and mash on X until its life bar is only about 1/10 full. Then move on to another until all three are similarly weak. Position yourself so that all three are visible and use your RB Support to control a spray of water, knocking all three Pains to zero health. Rush over to each one (in order if you can remember) and press Y. With all three defeated, press B to finish them for good. If you fail the first time, it’s better to let them recover to equal points so that you can control the order.
    • The last quick-time segment is as difficult as the first, including LB and RB presses. Don’t get distracted by the background visuals. The segment finishes with a pretty resistant B masher. You can still get the Secret Factor even if you have multiple low star moments. It’s better to score low than miss altogether.
    • There is one final section of this fight. Jiraiya is destined to be defeated, but you can fight back a little if you want. After he remembers the determination of Naruto, mash the B button to give Pain one final attack.

Chapter 7

    Fallen in Battle

    Go to Leaf Forest

  1. Finally in control of Naruto again, head south and turn in the Cursed Dolls you’ve been holding this whole time.
  2. Request: Collect Ninja Tools 2

  3. Head south and speak with the Ninja Tool Freak to get his sequel Request. Speak with him again when you have 30 ninja tools. If you’ve been collecting them so far you’re probably close. Visit the Ninja Tool shop nearby to purchase any you don’t have.
  4. Head south and turn down the street across from the Flower Shop.
  5. Request: Repay Debt 2

  6. Speak with the Poor Youth to repay his debt again.
  7. Exit the village.
  8. Before we complete the mission we have some more Pearls to find.
  9. Go to the Training Field, exit out through the side fence, then follow the path through the Forest of Death until you reach a large clearing in the Forest of Dead Trees.
  10. [20/30] In the northeast corner of the clearing is the twentieth Tonton Pearl. Only ten left!
  11. Now make the trek back and turn to the Hidden Leaf Forest.
  12. In the clearing, do not speak with any of the ninja. Similarly ignore those on the next two screens.
  13. Turn left at the intersection to find the Ninja you’re finally supposed to speak with.
  14. The codeword is: “Grains of the desert, gathered in the wind, a desert rose.”
  15. It’s time to fight Gaara again. This battle is incredibly easy. The bonus conditions are to use Jutsu twice and hit with your Ultimate at least once. The Jutsu can be worked into your combos or simply used on the apathetic Gaara. Wait until just as he’s rising from the ground to initiate your Ultimate and have a high chance of connecting. Just keep up the pressure and the battle will be over in no time.
  16. Now that we’re out here let’s get some more Pearls.
  17. Exit the area and turn right at the first intersection.
  18. Follow the path left at the second.
  19. [21/30] Move through the clearing and down the paths until you reach a Jiraz statue. The twenty-first Pearl is across from it.
  20. [22/30] On the second screen inside the village, grab the Pearl on the left, beside the Save.
  21. Speak with the Show Promoter to initiate his second Request.
  22. Request: Spectacle Match 2

  23. In this fight, you need to use Jutsu 6 times to achieve the bonus condition. They don’t actually need to connect, but doing so will obviously help the battle along. Don’t get carried away, though, as Temari will quickly punish you for repeating the same maneuver. Keep in close and stay aggressive. She will try to put distance between you, making her attacks and Kankuro’s Support more effective.
  24. Back in the village, make your way all the way to the stairs.
  25. [22/30] On the roof are several Story Records and a Tonton Pearl to the left.
  26. Exit the Hidden Sand Village and travel back to Leaf Village.
  27. Enter the village then go to the Hokage’s Room.
  28. Shock
    Go where your feet take you…

  29. Head south and exit the village.
  30. Those who Rise Again
    Go to Leaf Gate

  31. Grab the Memory Crystal next to the Leaf Ninja.
  32. Request: Repay Debt 3

  33. Head south and down the alley across from the Flower Shop to once again find the Poor Youth asking for money.
  34. Now proceed to the entrance of the village.
  35. For this first fight, you’re taking on Kakashi with Sakura and Sai supporting. Kakashi will rely heavily on doing a combination of Substitutes and Sakura Support. The good thing is that he often Substitutes late enough that you are too far away for him to connect with a counter. If this is the case, immediately execute an Ultimate. If done soon enough you should connect with no problem while he is recovering from his missed strikes. If he does counter, he’ll launch you in the air with Sakura. There’s little you can do about this unless you Substitute very fast. But don’t worry too much, because he once again fails at his ultimate goal, which is to connect with his Jutsu as you fall. Like usual with Naruto, just keep on the pressure and control the space to win.
  36. [24/30] Head south to the Jiraz statue. Grab the Pearl across from it.
  37. If you’re hunting for materials, be sure to investigate a lot in Mount Myoboka as there are some rare finds.
  38. Time to battle your former teacher, Jiraiya. If you stay aggressive, this battle is a breeze. Chakra Dash, combo, Ultimate, recharge, and repeat. Don’t get reckless, because you’re still likely to get Substituted and take a few hits, but be relentless, and you can expect a Super-Fast K.O.
  39. Kakashi’s Return
    Return to Leaf Village

  40. As Kakashi, exit the Hidden Sand Village and follow the path straight back to Hidden Leaf.
  41. Time for Kakashi to take a turn with Pain. Don’t get carried away when fighting Pain. Unlike Naruto, Kakashi’s strength does not rely in being relentless. Time your attacks more precisely. Substitutions also play a much larger role in this fight, both for Kakashi and Pain. Kakashi’s Jutsu is easy to connect with if you begin once you’ve safely blocked or moved away from one of Pain’s slow-recovering attacks. The Ultimate can be trickier to land, simply because it’s harder to see. You need to be around the middle-close range to hit with the invisible push. For best results, begin just as Pain is beginning to move from being downed. He often rolls backwards, so watch the distance.
  42. Just as the battle is won, it’s time for round two. This time Choji and Ino back you up. If you use your Supports, you can afford to be more aggressive this time through, netting you a few more Storm Points for a quick victory. Use Choji to finish a combo or get some damage while you’re away/ in danger. Ino is best used to break you from combos or lead into a Chakra Dash combo.
  43. Pain Attacks
    Meet Tsunade

  44. As Sakura, run forward a few screens to begin the next battle.
  45. You control Kiba with Shino and Hinata as support. Konan will try to keep the battle a long-range one, which does not bode well for Kiba, so make sure to stay close. She’s also quite defensive, so be prepared to have Jutsu blacked and combos Substituted. Both of your supports work well to break you out of combos. Shino’s specifically is good for catching Konan as she closes in, or just giving you some room to recharge. Hinata’s Support is perfect for setting up a big multi-hit combo finishing with Konan getting rocketed away. It is completely possible to land a few Ultimates this battle, just keep in mind that Kiba leaps backwards before charging in, cutting his connecting distance slightly.
  46. Continue forward.
  47. For the first time, Tsunade steps into the ring. She’s a slower fighter, but when she hits, Pain feels it. Considering the time between her moves, however, Pain will Substitute relatively infrequently. Tsunade’s Ultimate has a limited range, but can connect even if Pain gets behind you. Like usual, the best time to connect is as he’s rising from a finished combo, or a Support strike. Just be sure to get in close so he doesn’t roll back out of range.
  48. The Pain of God
    Chase Pain

  49. Head back the way you came.
  50. The Road to Peace

    • Sage Naruto is back to put his new powers to the test. Naruto still handles the same, he just has some more power behind his punches. Pain, however, is a lot more on the ball this time around, so don’t get careless. Combos are your best bet, as the Naruto’s new movement makes it harder for Pain to Substitute out. Naruto’s grabs are slow to start but very powerful if you can catch Pain as he recovers. He’ll often cancel out your Chakra Dashes, so keep repeating them until you get through. This is better than trying to change tactics unexpectedly. Naruto’s new Jutsu begins and connects the same as before, you just need to get a better opening. Pain is most vulnerable when rising from a combo or just as his Push Jutsu (where he floats in an orb) is disappearing and he is returning to the ground. The timing must be precise to sneak in after this move, because charging into it will cause damage and leave you open to attack.
    • This first quick-time segment uses a lot of left and right D-Pad movements, often in conjunction with button presses. There are no shoulder presses or mashers so keep those thumbs nimble and ready. The timers are fast, but not surprisingly so.
    • The Nine-Tails has awoken! Naruto is incredibly fast during this section, at the expense of turning very slowly. Run around the perimeter launching projectiles and dodging boulders. Once the rocks clear, run in and hit X. Get in close and melee Pain just as he’s rising. Eventually he’ll climb atop a giant rock. Keep pelting him and dodging the boulders he throws. He’ll exit the ring but still be vulnerable. Hit him as long as you can. When the orange circles appear, keep running until you get a break and launch a few more volleys. Once Pain is weakened enough, he’ll float to the middle of the arena. Jump up and knock him down. Lay into him on the ground to initiate another quick-time section.
    • The section begins slowly, so get ready for the surprise B. The next few have slow timers, but there are few of them.
    • Time for the final fight. Naruto’s defense is incredibly high during this section, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play smart. Fight the same way you did the first time. When Pain gets weak and kneels, rush in and press X to initiate a short quick-time moment.
    • When Pain starts fighting again he is much more defensive and will Substitute like crazy. Your best bet is to be on top of your own Substitutions and be persistent, even when he cancels your Chakra Dashes, throws and Jutsu. Just keep digging.
    • There’s one final quick-time moment. These cannot be failed, but do count for stars, so this is your last chance to get the final Secret Factor. The very last input appears daunting but is just a circle of the buttons (A, X, Y, B).

Scenario Completed

    A Fresh New Road

    Clear all events

  1. Even though the main scenario is completed there are still Requests to complete, Pearls to find, and Cursed Dolls to defeat.
  2. Head north to the bridge and speak with the Show Promoter.
  3. Spectacle Match 3

  4. You’re up against Tsunade with Guy and Yamato in support. Tsunade is strong but relatively slow. The gap between her combo moves is easily Substituted if you remain patient. The Bonus Condition for this round is to connect three times with Ultimate Jutsu. Like usual, catching your opponent just as they rise is a good strategy. If you see Tsunade load her Chakra, stand and guard. You can catch her with an Ultimate just as you’re clear to move in and she’s still recovering. With three Ultimate hits ,you shouldn’t need to do much more damage to win the match. Just don’t get reckless and forget about being defensive and comboing.
  5. Speak with Ebisu to get a new Request. He’s just to your right of your where begin after the fight.
  6. Head toward the Hokage’s Room but go up the stairs. Grab the Story Records on the way up as well as on the roof.
  7. Request: Make-Out Code

  8. The second piece of code is below the pillar on the far right of the roof.
  9. Request: Collect Ninja Tools 3

  10. Return back to the streets and speak with the Ninja Tool Freak one more time. He wants you to show him every Ninja Tool available. When you have the materials and funds, purchase any remaining tools at the shop nearby and speak with him to complete his task.
  11. Go south and down the alley across from the Flower Shop. Speak with the Moneylender Man to get the final Request concerning the Poor Youth.
  12. Now continue forward and head up the stairs. Speak with the Messenger Ninja to initiate his Request.
  13. Make-Out Code

  14. Make your way back to the front of the village. The next piece of code is just across from the Bento Shop.
  15. Make-Out Code

  16. Run back to the base of the Bird Messenger Tower to find the final code paper.
  17. Return to Ebisu, north east of the Flower Shop.
  18. We’re going to take care of a lot outside the village, including fighting Dolls, so stock up. And if you haven’t already, return to the Hokage’s Room, speak with the Leaf Ninja, and organize your team.
  19. Exit the village and head to the Training Field.
  20. Request: Make-Out Code

  21. Enter the field to complete Ebisu’s Request.
  22. Request: Messenger Bird Hunt

  23. {1/10} Walk very slowly to the pigeon. When Naruto enters Capture Position, press the input as the arrow swings over the green bar.
  24. Unfortunately after capturing the bird you’re sent back to the village so charge back to the Training Field.
  25. Speak with Sakura for another Request.
  26. Request: The Adored One

  27. Sakura is no slouch this time around. She’s heavily defensive and has a strong shoulder charge attack she’ll use often. Remain patient and really watch your Substitutions. A strong understanding of your Supports is vital as well. Stay aggressive but don’t lose control to come out victorious.
  28. Thought you were done? Time for round two. This battle plays out exactly like the last except Sakura is even more aggressive. Expect her to Substitute a lot — work in your own in order to meet the Bonus Condition.
  29. Exit the training field and re-enter. Speak with Choji.
  30. Request: Team Training

  31. Time to spar against Choji with Ino in assistance. Choji’s Jutsu is very obvious when prepping so it should be no problem to guard against. The challenge in this match is that your opponent will use Ino’s Support a ton. This means that they’ll max their team meter very quickly and when they do the pain comes down. Your only way to come out victorious is to be super aggressive and use your support just as much. By the end of the match you should have had a full Support Drive for a while and perhaps even executed a Team Ultimate.
  32. Exit and re-enter once again, then speak with Guy.
  33. Request: Hot-blooded Training

    • You have to complete three matches in a row. Even though you technically don’t get a break between fights, you can still heal up and change Ninja Tools. You just can’t change members. The first fight is against Tenten. She’ll try to stay away from you, so rush in a lot. The biggest problem occurs when she lays her bombs. Either wait for them to explode or leap over them. Chakra Dashing in will damage you. Tenten is also good at Substituting, so try to deal as much damage from Jutsu and Ultimates as you can.
    • Next up is Neiji with Lee. Surprisingly, Neiji is actually less difficult than Tenten. He is not heavily defensive and only successfully substitutes some of the time. Being aggressive is the key to winning this battle and keeping your health high. Combo then Ultimate as he rises. Depending on your character and play style, Support may be less important this match, but don’t neglect their presence.
    • The final round is against Guy, with no support. I found Guy to be rather clumsy. When his attacks land they do substantial damage, but by staying in control of the battle and using Support wisely, you can connect with several Ultimates and finish Master Uber-Brows off with ease.
  34. Exit through the south-east gate.
  35. Turn right through the hole to reach the beach.
  36. [25/30] There’s another Tonton Pearl just to the right, before the log.
  37. Exit the beach and turn right out of the rock.
  38. {2/10}When you get to the clearing there is another Messenger Bird to capture. You’ll know you’re in the right area when the music changes and bird chirps match the rhythm.
  39. Engage the fake Asuma.
  40. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  41. Doll Asuma will put up a strong fight in this battle. He uses his Support a lot which can be debilitating if he breaks your combo. Using your own Support is critical to winning, particularly if you have a Guard Type member on your team. Doll Asuma is very aggressive so you want a Guard Support Drive as soon as possible. Play relatively defensive to survive.
  42. Exit northeast and follow the path all the way toward the Eastern Hideout.
  43. [26/30] Just before you reach the hideout, on the screen immediately following the Save, grab the next Pearl on the left.
  44. Enter the cave before the Northern Hideout and head straight through (the path second from the left).
  45. [27/30] There’s another Tonton Pearl just outside the cave.
  46. Continue forward.
  47. [28/30] On the screen just past the line of statues is the twenty-eighth Pearl, on your right.
  48. Investigate the fakes to your left.
  49. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  50. Considering she’s ranked “B”, Doll Karin is a simple takedown. Even with her Chakra recovery boost she spends a lot of time charging and loading. Use these opportunities to connect with an Ultimate. Then use Support to defend you while you recharge so you can go it again. Combo if she gets in close and watch for Substitutions. As long as you don’t give her a chance to take control, Doll Karin will go down easily.
  51. Exit the Northern Hideout then make the haul all the way back to the Training Field.
  52. Go through, and at the Leaf Highway, speak with Sakura.
  53. Request: Promised Flower

  54. You need to find Midori so Kiba becomes locked in as a team member.
  55. Head right to enter the Hidden Leaf Forest.
  56. {3/10}In the clearing is another Messenger Bird. Grab it.
  57. Continue to the first intersection. Hang a right. At the second, turn right again.
  58. After crossing the small bridge, hold right toward the Uchiha Hideout.
  59. Back in the village, head north and speak with Konohamaru.
  60. Request: Hide-and-seek Revenge

  61. Go north to find Konohamaru on the right, behind Tenten.
  62. Continue north to turn in your Dolls and reorganize your team.
  63. Head south, then east to find Sai right in front of the alley leading to the Card Shop.
  64. Go to the gates of the village to find Shino on the left of the screen.
  65. Now exit the village and speak with Tsunade on the Leaf Highway.
  66. Request: Hunt for Favorite Pen

  67. Go north. Investigate the last item on the right. Select any option at first, then select to take the pen to the Item Shop.
  68. Return to the village and speak with the owner of the Ninja Tools Shop.
  69. Go up to the top of the Bird Messenger tower to find the Well-made Pen Shaft.
  70. Head south to get the Well-Made Pen Nub just to the right of Kakashi.
  71. Return to the Item Shop.
  72. Exit the village and head straight into the forest.
  73. {4/10} In the first clearing is another Messenger Bird. If at any point a bird gets away, exit and reenter the screen to try again.
  74. Continue ahead and engage the false Ino.
  75. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  76. Doll Ino will control the fight with her Jutsu if you let her. She likes to keep her distance, so get in close and don’t give her a chance to counter. She’ll Substitute on occasion but her biggest threat is Doll Choji’s Support which can cause some pain if used in conjunction with her combos. Outside of this, it has a large charge time so just keep an eye out for his appearance and determine whether you should stop and guard.
    Head left at the intersection.
  77. {5/10} In the next clearing is the fifth Messenger Bird. Make your way around behind it for the best results.
  78. Engage the fake Deidara in the northwest area.
  79. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  80. Doll Deidara is similar to Doll Ino in that as soon as you lose control of the fight, you can expect to suffer serious damage. Doll Deidara moves around a lot, including flying in the air. The biggest trick to watch out for is when he floats up and fires rows of projectiles in front of him. Because the first wave is slow, the natural instinct is to Chakra Dash in. Avoid this however as his last wave will hit right below him. If you do get stuck down there, hold your guard until you have a proper opportunity to strike. Supports are your biggest asset this battle. Use them frequently but effectively. Having Support Drive will make the battle a breeze and landing a Support Ultimate will practically guarantee victory.
  81. {6/10} When the battle is over don’t go running off. Notice the music? Turn around and sneak up on another Messenger Bird.
  82. Now continue west.
  83. {7/10} At the Akatsuki Hideout clearing is another Messenger Bird.
  84. {8/10} Exit and reenter the area for yet another Messenger Bird.
  85. Return to the first intersection and head right.
  86. Hang right at the second as well, toward Tenchi Bridge.
  87. After the small bridge, head right once again. Engage the fakes.
  88. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  89. Doll Suigetsu is relentless. What makes him most dangerous is that he is great with Substitutions and loves to use his Ultimate. Add in the ability to load and execute almost instantaneously and it’s practically guaranteed you’re going to get hit with at least one. This means you need to make all your attacks count. Use your Supports wisely to raise that gauge and don’t be shy about using your own Ultimates. Being overly aggressive this round will not prove affective. Stay calm and think about your defenses.
  90. [29/30] Move forward two screens and grab the Tonton Pearl to the left. Only one more to go!
  91. Head back out and continue straight toward Tenchi Bridge.
  92. {9/10} On the other side of the bridge is the ninth Messenger Bird.
  93. Two screens ahead is the Poor Youth. Ignore him for now!
  94. Fulfilling his request takes you back to Hidden Leaf so we’ll finish up at Orochimaru’s Hideout first.
  95. Enter and work your way directly to the northern-most room. Engage the fakes.
  96. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  97. Doll Sasuke can be incredibly intimidating at first. His attacks are fast and powerful, and he Substitutes every single combo. Not too mention the constant use of strong Supports. The key to this battle is learning Doll Sasuke’s timing. As often as he’ll Substitute, he’ll counter with a move that requires a small prep. Use this time to hold your block and counter just as the attack is letting up. Reaching Support Drive will help immensely as well so use your Support often but don’t find yourself waiting for them to recharge when you need them the most. Doll Orochimaru’s Support is often used in conjunction with a Substitution counter so guarding is most effective. Doll Kabuto’s Support on the other hand will be used at a variety of ranges, and if it connects, will knock you back. Just watch for his appearance and make sure you’re either out of the way, or protected. This is one of the more difficult Doll battles so if you can win with confidence, the rest won’t prove too difficult a challenge.
  98. Now exit the hideout and speak with the Poor Youth.
  99. Request: Repay Debt 4

  100. You need to defeat Kiba to protect the Poor Youth. The Bonus Condition is to keep your health above 60%. This shouldn’t be difficult as Kiba isn’t a very effective fighter. The greatest threat is if he combos you after a Substitution. It can be very difficult to break out of his strings so use a Support, particularly defensive, to get out and return to the offense. Shino’s Support is very slow but will track you a bit so stay back when it’s used.
    Back in the village, speak with the frog at the bottom of the Hokage’s Room to enter Mount Myoboku.
  101. Grab the nearby Memory Crystal then speak with the impostors.
  102. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  103. The key to beating Doll Jiraiya is to guard regularly. Being overly aggressive in this fight will get you knocked around. Most of Doll Jiraiya’s moves, including his Substitution counters, have a long enough charge time to be easily blocked. Likewise, his recovery from these attacks is prolonged so landing a strong combo or Ultimate should not be a problem. If you do get caught up in a combo or string of Jutsu and Doll Tsunade, use your Support to break out. Be patient, waiting for the right openings, and you’ll be victorious with ease.
  104. Return to the village, restock as necessary, then head out.
  105. Go north on the highway, through the Training Field, past the cave, and finally into the Forest of Dead Trees clearing. Engage the fakes.
  106. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  107. Doll Hidan is fairly similar to Doll Sasuke in that he’s both quick and powerful. Unlike Sasuke, his Substitution counters are often much quicker and thus harder to guard against. Doll Hidan will also use a ton of Support, quickly building up his Support Drive and making combos even more dangerous. You can’t really prevent him from doing this, but you can do the same for yourself. Having the extra hands automatically assisting will help tremendously. Doll Kakuzu’s Support is slow, but hard to avoid. Don’t try to get around it, just guard. Doll Hidan will also often spring in to follow the Support, so make sure you don’t exit out of a block too soon.
  108. Now make the long trek (or warp if you have Warp Scrolls) to the Desert of Wind.
  109. {10/10} In the first clearing, just past the Y intersection, is the final Messenger Bird.
  110. Continue forward and enter the Hidden Desert village.
  111. In the back, speak with Temari to begin her Request.
  112. Head south and speak with the Merchant to get a clue about the Karenbana’s location.
  113. Request: Karenbana

  114. The flower is located one screen south of the Northern Hideout. It’s a very long run, so I highly recommend using a Warp Scroll.
  115. Either way, you have to battle Choji once you’re on the proper screen. Choji isn’t much of a challenge. The biggest problem is that his Substitutions will break your combo string, making it hard to get the 20 hits necessary for the Bonus Condition. Nearly all of Choji’s moves are either easily blocked or Substituted. Especially his Jutsu. When he uses this, just guard all the way through then launch a combo. Try to finish with Temari Support to get the 20-hit combo.
  116. Time for the last Pearl! Head to Tenchi Bridge and speak with the Spy to enter the Hidden Rain Village.
  117. Go up the stairs and follow the path.
  118. Head through the warehouse, grabbing the Story Records on the way.
  119. Up on the roof are more Records and a Memory Crystal.
  120. [30/30] Grab the final Tonton Pearl to your right.
  121. Head back to the boat to return to Tenchi Bridge.
  122. Request: Find Tonton’s Pearls

  123. Return to Hidden Leaf Village and speak with Izumo to complete the Request.
  124. Exit the village and head to Uchiha Hideout.
  125. Inside, grab the Memory Crystal and Records then engage the fake.
  126. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  127. Doll Itachi is surprisingly easy to defeat. His greatest strength is in his Substitution, which he has mastered. While his counter moves are often quick-striking, on occasion he will provide you with the opportunity to guard, so start blocking as soon as you see that log. Doll Itachi is also very mobile, and uses a dash move that turns him into birds. While in this form you cannot engage him. Your only real challenge is managing Chakra, as Doll Itachi’s attacks will shave some away. Have a Guard Support to protect you while recharging. If you use your Supports regularly, reaching Support Drive and Team Ultimate, this fight will be no problem.
  128. Return to Hidden Leaf Village.
  129. Head north and turn in the Doll.
  130. Time to take down the final Cursed Dolls!
  131. Make your way to the roof in Hidden Rain Village to engage the final trio.
  132. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  133. Support is the name of the game this fight. The most difficult part of this fight is just keeping track of everything that’s happening. Doll Pain will use Support like a madman and so should you! The key, though, is not to get carried away. Remember to use your Support strategically. Save Guard types for recharging and Attack to either break out of a combo or lead into your own. Doll Pain is a heavy defender so when you go for a Team Ultimate, make sure you time it properly. Your best bet is to dodge to the side just out of the way of one of his large attacks or Jutsu, and catch him while he’s recovering. The timing can be tricky but all of your previous battles have led you to this. When in doubt, guard!
  134. Return to Hidden Leaf Village and turn in the dolls. Surprise!
  135. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  136. This can be one of the top battles you face, in terms of difficulty. Your opponent will use a ton of support and Substitutes almost immediately from your combos. The most important thing is to keep the pressure up without letting down your guard too much. Make heavy use of your Support. Your best opening for an Ultimate or Team Ultimate is as Doll Kakuzu is recharging, there will be a quick moment when he loads that will leave him vulnerable. It’s only a slight shift in body, but it’s your best opportunity. Stay vigilant and don’t get reckless.
  137. Thought you were done? Time for another round. Doll Sakura doesn’t put up much of a challenge. Once again, work up that Support Drive. Because of Doll Sakura’s charge move and Jutsu, it’s better to play overly defensive, rather than aggressive. Concentrate more on landing Jutsu and Ultimates than combos.
  138. Exit the village to receive a letter for Tsunade.
  139. Return to the Hokage’s Room to deliver it.
  140. Fragment

  141. Time to take control of Sasuke again. Killer Bee is a very easy opponent. His primary attacks all charge toward you and are easy to Substitute. As before, Sasuke is both fast and strong, and his Chakra depletes slower than the other ninja. Don’t get careless, but stay aggressive and you’ll win the fight in no time.
  142. Monster Ox Killer Bee is an unusual battle. He won’t attack much but when he does, it hurts. The only real strategy here is to constantly combo every chance you get. Expect to take some heavy damage, but if you keep pressing on, you’ll win. It is possible to block and Substitute Killer Bee’s moves but the difficulty lies in how few attacks there actually are in a string. Just keep Chakra Dashing in and spamming the melee.
  143. Final Completions

  144. Make your way to Orochimaru’s Hideout.
  145. Enter the hideout and begin toward the north. You’ll be confronted by Doll Sai.
  146. This is a relatively easy fight if you stay aggressive. Doll Sai will try to keep distance between you so stay in close. His Ultimate has a very long charge time so it shouldn’t be a problem to guard against.
  147. Continue on until you meet Doll Gaara.
  148. Once again, this battle isn’t too difficult if you can stay in close. Doll Gaara blocks a lot so Ninja Tools that reduce this will help. Where you’ll take the most damage in this fight is in Doll Gaara’s medium-range throw. A sand hand appears underneath you to throw you around. This move charges and strikes so quickly it is very difficult to react to. Your best bet is to keep moving.
  149. Proceed to the next area of the hideout.
  150. Doll Killer Bee is the easiest fight yet. The only thing he even attempts to block (but will probably block effectively) are your Jutsu and Ultimates. Therefore, focus on combos. In my fight he didn’t Substitute out a single time. Use your Support as additions to your combos or for dealing damage when you’re recovering. Don’t get careless though or he’ll be on the receiving end of the punishment.
  151. Continue on until you reach Doll Kankuro.
  152. This fight’s almost a joke. Doll Kankuro’s advantage is that he can attack with combos from afar. The problem (for him) is that he just stands there. Riddle him with your attacks to win in no time. This fight is especially easy if using a character like Kiba who’s Ultimate can connect from a long distance, even tracking a bit.
  153. Next up is Doll Deidara.
  154. Keep him in close! Doll Deidara’s strength lies in his ability to execute massive amounts of hits from long range. You absolutely have to keep him close and caught up in attacks if you want to stand a chance. Your Supports will be crucial to you as well so use them wisely. As soon as you get Substituted, don’t try to counter with your own, just guard. Doll Deidara loves to use his Supports and Jutsu just after Substituting out.
  155. Further ahead is Doll Jiraiya.
  156. Doll Jiraiya can hit pretty hard but he doesn’t hit a lot. Use your Ultimate as much as you can because Jiraiya likes to charge and leave himself vulnerable. If he enters Sage mode, don’t give up. Block his initial onslaught then return with your own attacks.
  157. Make your way into the final room.
  158. Request: Cursed Doll Retrieval

  159. Ultimate Doll Naruto is one of the strongest opponents in the game. He uses Jutsu as if it were just a normal attack and Substitutes crazy. You need to pull out all the stops in this fight. Bento and Ninja Tools are a must. Use your Supports to the best of their strengths — don’t get frustrated and waste them. This is an uphill battle and you’re likely to take a lot of damage, but if you can whittle him down enough early on, your Team Ultimate and Awakening can seal the deal. If there’s one thing that can be taken advantage of here, it’s that Ultimate Doll Naruto likes to jump backwards as he rises if you’re in the medium range from him. Time a Jutsu or Ultimate to connect with him just as he’s landing from his backflip.
  160. Back in the village, speak with the Old Man, in place of the Cursed Jutsu Master.
  161. Orochimaru’s attacks will poison you so you need to fight quickly. His favorite tactic is to use a “throw” that calls for him to slither underground and jump up at you several times. This isn’t a particularly dangerous move to get hit with, but it’s definitely annoying. Prevent him from doing this by using lots of Support and keeping him chained in combos. Ultimate when you can but watch for counter Support.
  162. Go on to the roof of the Hokage’s Room and speak with Grandpa Gen for the final Request. In between each battle of the Ten Trials you must exit the screen and reenter so that Grandpa Gen can load the next opponents.
  163. Request: Ten Trials 01

  164. The first battle is against Hinata. While she’s relatively nimble, she lacks variety in her moves and doesn’t use her Support very wisely. The best thing you can exploit is Hinata’s Substitution counter. Nearly every time, as soon as she’s popped out of a combo she will use her Jutsu that attacks in a small area (a lot like Chun-Li). This move has a slow charge time so it’s easily blocked. What is really to your benefit is that guarding against it will push you back slightly. Use this opportunity to load your Ultimate and begin it just as Hinata’s Jutsu is fading away. You’ll connect every time.
  165. Request: Ten Trials 02

  166. It’s only the second round, but Neiji is significantly more difficult than Hinata. The main difference is that he uses his moves more effectively. He has a Jutsu very similar to Hinata’s, creating a blue dome, but will use it to catch you jumping in. On occasion he will use it as a Substitution Jutsu so be prepared to exploit it again. Neiji is very defensive so you will need to be able to load and execute your Jutsu or Ultimate in one fluid motion. Use lots of Support as well. Having the automatic defense while recharging can be a life saver against the persistent enemy.
  167. Request: Ten Trials 03

  168. Temari thrives at a distance, able to throw of what essentially amounts to combos of ranged moves. Keep in close to limit her move set. Many of her attacks have a very obvious visual charge so use this as warning to either guard, while recharging, or Chakra Dash in when getting offensive. If you act quickly and are in range, catching her just as she begins one of these moves will also be your best opportunity for connecting with an Ultimate. Stay aggressive and stay close to win this match.
  169. Request: Ten Trials 04

  170. Asuma likes to jump around a lot, so plan on a lot of dashing and dodging of your own. He’ll Substitute regularly, and the speed of his combos makes it difficult to break out on your own. This is where good Support planning works out. I found that he was rather ineffectual with his Jutsu, but he spent a lot of time charging and loading. Use this opportunity to connect with your own Ultimate. Be sure to put some distance between yourself and Asuma if you need to recharge. He’s very quick in close range and will quickly punish you for trying to charge nearby. Also, watch for Choji’s Support. The round red man is very obvious when he jumps in, and his actual move is even more obvious, but it can cause some pain and connects even from long range, so be sure to guard!
  171. Request: Ten Trials 05

  172. Tsunade herself doesn’t pose much of a threat. She will guard against a lot of your attacks and moves constantly between ranges, but she doesn’t deliver offensively. Her combos can be dangerous, however, so have Support ready to break you out — or prevent it all together. The biggest challenge this fight is the Support. Tsunade will use them constantly and both are styled to stop you dead in your tracks. While they have the standard charge time, they aren’t very visual so spotting them in the chaos of battle can be difficult. Just try to keep your eyes peeled for either Kakashi or Yamato and decide when you see them whether your current movement will take you out of their range/line of contact, or whether you need to stop and guard.
  173. Request: Ten Trials 06

  174. If you don’t know how to approach this fight, Chiyo will destroy you. I recommend using a Bento beforehand that will either alienate poison, or boost Chakra. Normally, if you can get past a puppet fighter’s puppets, they will be at a strong disadvantage because their weapons are far away. Chiyo, however, will Substitute immediately from you, causing her puppets to reappear directly beside her, where she will wrap you up in a mean multi-hit grab. Couple this ability with her frequent use of heavy-hitting Supports and you’ll be taken out in no time. The secret to victory here is Jutsu and Ultimates, almost exclusively. Charge into medium range then dodge to the side of her puppets, then initiate a single strong attack. If timed properly, her puppets will always be to the side, unable to block, and too far back to return in time. Then use your Support to protect you while you recharge and repeat. This isn’t to say completely avoid melee attacks, just make them the secondary priority to Jutsu and Ultimate.
  175. Request: Ten Trials 07

  176. Kakuzu provides a nice break after the Chiyo fight, as he’s surprisingly docile. He spends most of his time hopping around and charging. His Ultimate Chakra Load is very obvious and the beginning of the maneuver is slow so either guard if he’s begun, or Jutsu while he’s still loading. He doesn’t Substitute too often so many of your combos can be completed. Try finishing them with a Support for extra damage. In terms of his Support, Kakuzu’s only real strategy is to throw both of them at you at the same time, while charging in himself. Just block through everything and then punish him for being so reckless.
  177. Request: Ten Trials 08

  178. The Battle Conditions screen tells you what you really need to know: Enemy uses lots of Substitutions. Konan will pop out of almost everything you do, including Support attacks if they have multiple hits to them. Use combos to set her up for Support hits, but focus on Jutsu and Ultimates. She is very good at blocking as well though, so make sure you time your moves to coincide either with the prep of a new move, or the recovering of an old. Most of her moves have very visual animations to thems so the beginnings of attacks is often very obvious. Watch out for Hidan’s Support, as it is a long combo on its own. Your best bet is to simply avoid it. Blocking will whittle down your guard gauge, something Konan will exploit if possible.
  179. Request: Ten Trials 09

  180. Tobi, as goofy as he may be, is a very strong opponent. The problem — for him — is that he leaves himself open a lot. He spends a lot of time charging or even just standing around idly, allowing you many opportunities for an Ultimate. The challenge arises in his fantastic ability to Substitute and precisely use Support. You’re going to need to be quick on your own Substitutions to avoid getting caught in a heavy trap. Use your own Support strategically, but quickly. You need your Support Drive this round. I would also save your Team Ultimate until you know it will finish him. You don’t want to get Tobi low only to find yourself without auto-support when he gets his toughest. This can quickly turn into a hectic battle of Substitutions and Supports so stay focused to remain in control.
  181. Request: Ten Trials 10

  182. I highly recommend using a maximum-strength attack Bento for this match, as Jiraiya’s health constantly replenishes. This means you have to make every hit count, and not allow him time to recover. The easiest mistake for this fight is to get reckless. Don’t even think about his health, just fight him like you would under any conditions. He’s incredibly strong and will Substitute constantly, but he’s relatively slow and his moves have ample time in between to allow for your own Substitution or a Support break. Use Jutsu and Ultimates whenever you have the opportunity. Again, it’s best to catch him just before or just after an attack. Or as he’s charging if you can be quick enough to get him before he guards. Your Support are vital this fight. Landing a Team Ultimate is almost essential for victory. But again, save it for when you know it will finish the fight – you don’t want to be out there alone at the end. This is your final battle so give it your all!
  183. Congratulations!

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71 Comments on Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Walkthrough


On October 21, 2010 at 4:43 pm

This game is the best ever


On October 21, 2010 at 7:43 pm

weres the rest? Im already on chapter 4 and i wanna see how to get all the characters……Game is awesome though.


On October 22, 2010 at 8:26 am

All the characters can be unlocked by simply amassing storm points which can be gained by simply fighting free battles or online battles the only character that cannot be unlocked this way is (Hokage outfit Naruto) you must beat the ultimate adventure mode then go to mount Myoboku and pry to the statue in Fukusaka;s house


On October 22, 2010 at 8:27 am



On October 23, 2010 at 7:10 pm

Noooo, characters are unlocked through storm points (SP).


On October 26, 2010 at 7:23 am

plz plz plz finish this guide!! it’s great but imcomplete


On October 29, 2010 at 12:21 am

I wanna kno how to finish all of the side missions like the ten trials and finding all of the carrier birds

Black Cancer

On November 2, 2010 at 7:42 pm

Honestly, everything in the game is pretty obvious. The pearls are where you’ve never been before, which would be the Uchiha Hideout and the Village HIdden in the Rain. The fakes are listed in the wanted list. Deidara is in the quiet forest; Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto are in the first hideout; Kisame and Suigestu are at the path to the Uchiha Hideout; Itachi will be inside the hideout (hard fight); Jiraiya and Tsunade are at Mount Myoboku; Pain, Tobi and Konan are at the Village Hidden in the Rain. After collecting all of them, though, the guy turns on you and attacks you with two sets of three puppets before making his escape: heal up before this. After you do that, and maybe you’d have to get the pearls and the birds (check all the clearings around), you get to fight Killer Bee as Sasuke. First fight is normal and easy. Second is against cow-Killer Bee. I haven’t beat it yet.

Black Cancer

On November 2, 2010 at 7:56 pm

I’ll be honest, this fight is impossible. He’s a giant monster and you are stuck in a arena that is small compared to Killer Bee. You have no serious projectile attacks until your awaken, and after that you’re a sitting duck until the next time you get it. Best chance for victory? Widdle his life away with chidori until he knocks you into the yellow, use awaken and blast him with Amaterasu. After you leave it, try to stay alive and get back in it. Hopefully, he’s close enough to being defeated. That’s the game plan.

Black Cancer

On November 2, 2010 at 7:59 pm

I got lucky. Was able to land enough chidori’s on him before I went to awakened mode.

Black Cancer

On November 2, 2010 at 8:00 pm

The boss fight gives you Saskue [Taka] amd Killer Bee, for anyone curious.

ninja tool freak

On November 6, 2010 at 5:03 pm

does anyone know where to find the ninja tool material “viper fang?” its the last material I need to make the last ninja tool in the game. I am having trouble finding it in the story. can anyone please help, to tell me the whereabouts of it?


On November 6, 2010 at 5:09 pm

After you’ve completed the Killer Bee battles in Fragment, head to the Forest of Quiet Movement. Grab the Records of Battle then return to the Hidden Leaf Village. Speak with the ninja beside Tsunade in the Hokage’s Room. Choose to replay a battle and select the second Killer Bee fight. The Bonus Condition requires you to finish him in Awakened status. Doing so will reward you with the Viper Fang.


On November 19, 2010 at 1:18 am

where do i find the snake venom to complete all the items for ninja tools?


On November 19, 2010 at 8:02 pm

The top item in the material lists for advanced Ninja Tools is acquired through completing requests. The only exception is the Viper Fang.


On November 20, 2010 at 11:21 pm

cant find sunagimo estate invitation finish up the suna feast bento plz help


On November 21, 2010 at 6:11 pm

you can find viper fang by beating killer bee (Awakened) and you must fufill battle condition of ko while awakened


On November 22, 2010 at 4:38 pm

I trigger the “favorite pen” request and I went before trainning and get the trash but I think I leave the screen before taking the pen, no I return to the screen but nothing is there. What can I do to restart the request ? Any ideas ??? please help !!


On December 6, 2010 at 1:06 am

I have “attempted to use this guide” for the game. To anyone who reads this your are better off trying it on your own the person who made this guide is retarded. To say monster ox hardly attacks is stupid. Did you even try the battle more than once. I’m not saying it is impossible but every other battle the person giving strats is completely wrong the fights he says are hard are easy and the fights that are easy are hard as hell.


On December 6, 2010 at 8:12 am

It is unfortunate that you feel this way, but keep in mind that the strategies given are based on my own experiences with the game. Everyone will have a slightly different fighting style and approach to their battles. There are no sure-fire paths to victory, but I have attempted to relate, with as appropriate an amount of detail as possible, the strategies that I found to be successful, so that the reader may adapt them to their own playing style.


On December 19, 2010 at 8:47 pm

I need to find the Karenbana flower for Temari. I am at step 92 but I can’t find anything south of the Northern Hideout. Can anyone tell me where the flower is and how it looks like?


On December 28, 2010 at 6:55 pm

Is there a way to choose a character in awakened mode like ninja storm 1


On January 11, 2011 at 6:14 am

consigui todos os personagens antes de zerar o jogo


On January 14, 2011 at 8:01 pm

Hi…i personally found this amazing…im still trying to beat the ox (hate him)but it was a great help thnx a lot


On January 22, 2011 at 12:25 am

Thanks Ivan, I’m glad it helped!


On January 29, 2011 at 2:33 am

there is last summary,the fresh new road(clear all events)….i already finished it… description writes something like “everything ends,then begins anew.verious meetings,multiple battles…a curtain rises naruto’s new story”….does anyone knows what should i do now???


On February 19, 2011 at 9:35 pm

how do u finish ninja tool freak 2 and 3 and can u give a description of where to vend everything in those ntf 2 and 3


On February 19, 2011 at 9:37 pm

where do u find everything in ninja tool freak 2 AND 3 can u tell me where to find the materials


On February 23, 2011 at 7:06 pm

Just a quick question, can you use Sage Mode Naruto after beating pain?


On February 27, 2011 at 7:50 pm

Hmm. So, in the acheivmenys list (yes I read the guide but I’m confused as all get out) it shows a fragment level or something, can’t remember it right off, how do I do that?


On March 1, 2011 at 10:48 am

Yea i really found this interesting , but I was wondering where can i get eletric catfish whisker?


On March 10, 2011 at 12:17 pm

i’ve cleared every single request except spectacle match 3. i found it once, but i said no to it to finish the cursed doll capture quest and now i can’t find it. does anyone know where it is?


On March 14, 2011 at 8:11 pm

i got the question from yamato about how many doors are in orochimaru’s hideout, is there any other way to get more friendship points for yamato?


On March 28, 2011 at 12:49 pm

Ya, you just have to get 5 ninjutsu info books from the item shop and give them to him by finding him in the hidden Leaf and talking to him (note he can’t be in your group.)


On March 29, 2011 at 1:20 pm

were do you find rough ink?


On March 30, 2011 at 8:24 pm

i’ve completed every quest, i’ve unlocked every character, and i have just about every trophy. it’s official, i have absolutely nothing left to accomplish. what should i do now?


On April 6, 2011 at 6:51 am

i have 2 questions how do u use rasen shuriken and ive tried 4 ever to beat kazuku and i cant any help


On April 10, 2011 at 12:00 pm

I beat all the mission for fresh new road but there is not a check on fresh new road even though I beat all the mission.


On April 11, 2011 at 9:14 am

i cant find that pen. the guide says that its the last item you pick up on the right but i went into the next area on accident… do i restart the story…?


On April 23, 2011 at 11:00 pm

the pen quest is easy just look for items like when an animal leaves an item exept you dont need to run into anything its already flashing

killer bee is hard but get him down a bit and awakin jutsu owns him

i fully beat the game and all side quests in under 20 hrs with no guide and no bento :P

one question though how do i get the fourth unlocked?


On May 8, 2011 at 6:24 am

I have only one more ninja tool to make but i can’t seem to find any more mega power rice i need four of them then i can make the last item. Any body know where i can get them


On May 10, 2011 at 9:23 am

Can anyone tell me where requests 21, 24, and 25 are?


On June 23, 2011 at 7:58 am

Dude…. Wtf are you talkin about? This guy doesn’t suck at guides. He just gave everyone a whole damn guide to beat the story. So why don’t you shut your ignorant mouth.

And btw, there is hardly a difficult mission in NUNS1&2 thats the problem. They need to make it more challenging so we can overcome it and then it would feel better. Instead of
dude #1: “yeah dude I already beat Pain”
dude #2: “Oh nice, Ima beat him tomorrow”

it should be this
dude #1: “OMG dude! I beat him!!! I BEAT HIM! Finally!”
dude #2: “Damn dude, I cant believe you beat Pain. I’ll never be able to beat him. Can I copy your file?”


On July 1, 2011 at 4:34 pm

The pen is in that little area right before you enter the training grounds


On July 26, 2011 at 4:15 am

What do you do after you’ve found all of the Ninja tools and showed the dude?


On August 3, 2011 at 3:00 pm

How do I get 30 ninja tools!


On August 8, 2011 at 12:49 pm

how do i find a difirent request then ninja tool freak 3 i just need that 1 request 25,24 and 21


On August 8, 2011 at 12:56 pm

and uzibucky if u finished the game just go to the hokage mansion and talk to the guy next to tsunade and choose replay main battle every one gives u a diffirent material if u finish it but first u have to find the scroll for watever battle u want just find all of them there were u least expect them to be like behind the chair in the uchiha hideout


On August 13, 2011 at 8:12 am

How do I get all 48 ninja tools I have 46 and I just need 2 more but I can’t the material to make the last 2? Which r the sealing and the one right above it.


On August 24, 2011 at 7:23 am

where is Choji? i have just finished the 5th trial and can’t find him ANYWHERE i need to give him a ninjutsu book!!!!


On August 25, 2011 at 12:34 pm

How do i get larr or the hokage?


On August 30, 2011 at 6:45 pm

@Unfindable4 I got both the 4th Hokage and Lars after getting over 500,000 to 600,000 Storm Points.
@Lukehope1999 Last time I saw him I was in front of the BBQ.


On September 28, 2011 at 2:04 am

I’m up to the final doll part.. went to orochimarus hideout but wasn’t confronted by sai. What do i do?


On September 28, 2011 at 1:18 pm

I need help how do i perform a Chakra dash when it hurts while I am moving like for example when you are fighting Itachi he turns into this like ball of crows or ravens and dashes towards you damaging you in the process,please help me!


On September 28, 2011 at 4:05 pm

Triangle then X. Or block it.


On December 30, 2011 at 5:53 am

hey smurf, to get all the characters go on free play, fight lots of times and win so when you get 999999 sp you unlock every one

Balistic Naruto

On January 15, 2012 at 6:28 pm

You can beat cow-Killer Bee By turning into awakening. The best way , when you are in awakening is to keep distance and use Ameratsu using Y+B:D

Balistic Naruto

On January 16, 2012 at 5:32 pm

If you aren’t in awakening then just use chidori up close then back dash.


On February 10, 2012 at 11:21 pm

Are there Chapter 9 in NUNS 2?


On February 17, 2012 at 6:53 pm

I don’t understand. I finished everything but when I go to the START menu, View Summary, and scroll down to In the Darkness, it says it’s incomplete/it doesn’t have any checkmark under it. The same thing happened with The Road to Peace. Can anyone help me, please?


On September 29, 2012 at 11:39 pm

i unlock the hokage outfit naruto without praying into statue in front of fukusaka house and im arleady finish the game with fragment are also completed

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