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NeverDead Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Boss Battle: Quad

  1. Fight your way towards the statue at the center of the room and remove the larger enemies from the mix, then finish off the rest to activate a cut scene in which you encounter a demonic-looking bulldog creature from Hell.
  2. Use the dodging maneuver to sidestep the dog creature whenever he leaps towards you, then quickly go on the attack by slicing into his body with your sword.
  3. The Hellhound can also be goaded into following you beneath crumbling columns, which you can then destroy to cause a damaging cave-in of falling rocks and concrete.
  4. Once the demonic canine has been put down, continue exterminating the lesser enemies that remain as you search the area for the monsters sticking their heads into pools of lava. The easiest way to get this done is by destroying as many support columns as you can in effort to cause a massive cave-in that instantly kills the largest of creatures.
  5. Approach the rounded room that displays a single broken column tilting precariously on the raised circular platform at its center, then stand your ground to encounter the second member of Quad, a Spoon creature built for a Boss Battle.
  6. Keep a fair distance from the Spoon boss until there’s an opportunity to swiftly position yourself tight beside him at close range with a well-timed combat roll. Unleash a conservative barrage of combination sword strikes on this new creature, then quickly retreat from the fight before it has a chance to respond in kind.
  7. Use the previous assault method to eliminate the mega-Spoon enemy, then approach the fallen column at the center of the nearby circular room and run up it to reach the next floor above.
  8. Make your way to the right around upper level and take the next left towards a blue sign that reads: BLOCK 4. Enter the hallway to the right of this ad and follow it around to encounter the third creature belonging to Quad, a three-headed mutant animal monstrosity.
  9. After the cut scene, move continuously around the area at a distance that’s far enough to ensure your safety from every attack the three-headed monstrosity tries to dish out.
  10. Pick a spot a few feet behind one of archways that make up the current area’s architecture, then stand within the visible space of the structure’s rounded window so that the creature has a clear line of sight on you’re current hiding spot.
  11. Stay where you are behind the stone-carved portal until the boss preparess to violently thrust one of it’s three heads through the openings and into your body at full force, then side-step this devastating attack and retreat to a safe distance without taking damage,
  12. If all goes well, the monster will ram a single massive head through the much smaller archways at an awkward angle, causing a cave-in that keeps the boss partially pinned to the ground.
  13. Move quickly towards the towards the long neck currently laying across the floor and use your sword to slash the section of its throat that glows yellow until the beast has been reduced to just two skulls to operate with.
  14. Locate other archways in the surrounding area, then use them to trap the mythical beast as you did before and execute another two successful decapitations to disable the third member of Quad permanently.
  15. After a cut scene in which the headless body of the beast from earlier mutates into a whole new insect-like monster that now has the ability to fly, retreat to the concrete walls that make up this area’s perimeter and run along them in a continuous circle to evade and observe the boss’s routine and arsenal of attacks.
  16. Wait for a scenario in which this remaining boss suddenly chooses to hover in place at the center of town and slowly raise both its hands to the sky, then detach one of your character’s arms in anticipation of the creature eventually opening it’s mouth to inhale whatever or whoever it can.
  17. Before his vacuum attack is able to reach critical suction power, charge towards Quad #4 during his aforementioned ritual and stop at a distance close enough to successfully lob your own severed limb into the gaping mouth filled with fire.
  18. Return to moving along the outer boundary and equip double pistols with your missing arm still residing in the boss’s stomach, then open fire to irritate the vulnerable yellow stripe that cuts across the monster’s chest and depletes even more of his life in the process.
  19. Repeat the attack strategies listed above to drain Quad’s remaining of health and defeat him to complete this level.
  20. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Four-to-one Odds (20 points): Defeat Quad Jaw.

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