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NeverDead Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Boss Battle: Panda

  1. When the battle begins, either maintain or increase your current distance from the Panda to watch his frequent tantrums of violence, fire and chaos destroy the city from afar.
  2. If the Panda charges at you while vomiting lava, give yourself enough time and distance beforehand to either find effective cover or dodge the outburst completely with some fancy combat rolls.
  3. To drain this particular boss’ health during combat, equip and use either your most powerful weapon (SHOTGUN) or the one with the highest rate of fire (SMG).
  4. Aim and fire upon the bear’s pulsating patches of glowing orange fur to exploit his vulnerabilities for additional damage. These weakness can be exposed and capitalized on whether the boss is in a standing or prone position.
  5. Continue scoring hits with your more powerful weaponry, focusing on the vulnerable spots that appear on the beast’s head in particular, but always retreat whenever its apparent that you may not escape from this one.
  6. When you’ve unloaded so many rounds into the Panda that he eventually collapses to the ground, approach his fallen body and strike the vulnerable area covering his ass with sword combos to make sure this bear never gets up.
  7. Stay on the attack at all times, depriving yourself of food and sleep in order to constantly keep the bear from regaining any of the strength it would need to continue fighting.
  8. One notable methods of combat when doing battle with a living monster in an enclosed space is using the environment to your advantage. Any explosive object such as barrels, propane tanks or cars should be used as a last resort to conquering the Panda.
  9. A plan of attack that involves explosives is for when we want to cause a massive amount of damage to tip the scales in our favor. Other than that things like this are best detonated when the target is either standing right on top of the device or standing on his last leg of health.
  10. This particular boss recharges his health too frequently so I gotta make sure he’s the only one who goes out in a blaze of glory to win this battle.
  11. Repeat the previously mentioned assault/survival tactics to wear the Panda’s health down to almost 25% capacity and activate a cut scene in which the bear falls through the floor and into the subway tunnels below to complete this part of the level.

Boss Battle: Panda – Part 2

  1. After the cut scene, charge towards the bear’s raised rear and open fire to draw his attention away from hunting Nikki amongst the subway trains.
  2. The first chance you get, approach the subway platform’s back wall and break down the door you find there to free the prisoner.
  3. Chase after Panda if he gallops away in the fear that he’s going to accidentally murder the world, but also stay close to make sure you’re there to foil every miraculous recovery, second-wind scenario, and comeback story that could result in going back to the drawing board when fighting a monster like that.
  4. Try to remain on the subway platforms for as long as possible to avoid the distraction and danger of moving trains that rush by like thunder. Shooting Panda from the safety of one of the other platform keeps the team safe and confuses the animal into dropping its guard.
  5. Once you’ve managed to steadily maintain keep bear’s health drained tp around 25% capacity, it’s time for a killing blow. Position yourself on the edge of a platform across from the one that the bear currently occupies and unholster the most power weapon you can carry.
  6. Drop down over the edge of the platform and land on a section of neutrally charged train tracks below, then wait for the sights and sounds that indicate an oncoming train’s arrival from either of the tunnels pointed towards in my direction.
  7. Make a rough estimation of how close the oncoming train is based on the intensity of the lights, smoke and sound covering the tracks around you, then open fire on the bear when there’s hardly any time left.
  8. Back away towards another platform waiting behind you to lure Panda onto the tracks, then quickly retreat to the high ground just as the train passes to collide head-on with the monstrous bear creature.
  9. Repeat the previous tactic if necessary until a cut scene activates in which Panda is struck by a moving train, then carried off in defeat to complete this part of the level.
  10. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Mind the gap (20 points): Lure Panda Bear in front of a train.

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