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NeverDead Walkthrough

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  1. Enter the next room to activate a cut scene in which you encounter a Spoon, then kill this enemy using the only weapon that’s effective against it, the Butterfly Blades. Use timed stroked to evade damage and deliver killing blows with as little effort as possible.
  2. Clear the room of Spoons and collect whatever items you find around the area to learn about the Special Abilities Menu. Before you return to gameplay, use this newly earned venue to visit the shop and upgrade your attack options or strengthen your battle endurance.
  3. Continue fighting off the Spoons that appear until one of the room’s surrounding cement walls is knocked down, then exit the building and make a left up the steps. As you move into the next area above, keep your guns trained in front of you so as not to be surprised by ambushing enemies.
  4. Take out the demons when you reach the top of the steps by staying at a distance from their charging attack, then take the next right corner ahead and. If your are badly injured in the midst of fighting this larger wave of demons, the game will teach you about Regeneration options.
  5. Clear out all remaining demons in this area, then follow your partner through the brick building’s open doorway to activate a cut scene in which another wave of of enemies arrives to attack the pool hall you’re occupying.
  6. Search the area for ammo as quickly as possible, then immediately open fire on the first demon that manages to breach the pool hall’s exterior. Stand in relatively close distance to your partner and use the confined quarters as an opportunity to better coordinate double team kills.
  7. Use the rolling maneuver to keep your distance from the swarm of demons and kill them with as little strife as possible, but remember to stick close to your partner as she does not share the benefits of immortality that you do.
  8. When you’ve cleared the pool hall of invading enemies, exit the building through the leftmost front door to make your way into the basketball court area and collect the XP.
  9. Return to your partner in the pool hall and interact with the green-lit switch by the door to activate a cut scene in which she is attacked by a demon, then press the indicated button to resuscitate her before eliminating the enemy responsible.
  10. Follow your partner down the nearby hall to learn more about the Butterfly Blades combat defenses, then continue into the next corridor and eliminate the wave of Spoons ahead.
  11. Pick up the XP located near the back left corner of the first hall before moving over into the adjacent outside area, then continue eliminating the Spoons until you learn about Navigation Hints.
  12. Search the cafeteria for additional items, then approach the exposed power box in the corner and interact with it to electrocute your character’s head off his body.
  13. Steer the decapitated head into the open wall vent near your feet, then use the ducts to guide the disembodied skull into the next room on the left and roll yourself into a Regeneration Vessel to regrow the rest of the character’s body.
  14. Afterwards, move to the side of the room opposite the pair of red gas tanks and put a bullet in one of them to cause an explosion that reunites you with your partner.
  15. Wait for her to open the other door and collect whatever XP you can find to activate a cut scene in which you are charged with locating a keycard, then clear the area of enemies and finish sweeping it for additional items.
  16. Make the last right turn ahead and follow the hall around to shoot the red gas tanks in the white-tiled room you come to next, then enter the kitchen area and collect the upgrades scattered about.
  17. Cross to the opposite side of the room and approach the message board in the back right corner to collect the keycard, then eliminate the demons that approach and exit the kitchen through the same way you came.
  18. return to the room that required the keycard and use it to unlock the first blue door you come to beneath a bright rectangle of fluorescent yellow lights, then enter the next area ahead to activate a cut scene and complete this part of the level.

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NeverDead should of been NeverMade. Game looks like .


On January 30, 2012 at 12:16 pm

“…Bryce Boltzmann, the very faux-english-named protagonist…”

Who writes this stuff?!? The only famous person of that name of whom I am aware is the 19th-century AUSTRIAN physicist, Ludwig Boltzmann.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On January 30, 2012 at 12:19 pm

You might want to look up “faux” David.


On January 30, 2012 at 7:09 pm

“Faux” is the French word for false. What, exactly, is your point?