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NeverDead Walkthrough

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  1. After you learn about Demon Seals, charge towards the group of demons hiding in the bushes ahead and eliminate them with the help of a nearby tree’s destruction.
  2. Exit this area through the tunnel cut into the stone wall waiting for you ahead , then make your next left up a small set of steps and collect the ammo at the top.
  3. Head back down the steps and eliminate the Spoons waiting for you at the bottom, then move through the open archway partially concealed by vines on the wall to your right and continue forward into the next area ahead.
  4. Climb the steps and collect the ammo at the top to activate a cut scene in which you encounter a Womb phenomenon, then exit this area using the same way you came in and make a right towards the statue.
  5. Make a left past the statue and head up the steps, then make a right in front of the building and move down into the next garden area below to locate the large purple monster by the hedge wall.
  6. Eliminate the large purple monster using repeated Butterfly Blade slashes or an exploding propane tank, then clear the current garden area and make your way back the way you came to the left in front of the building.
  7. Moving past the garden area decorated by the bronze statue, approach the opposite end of the building you’re running in front of and eliminate another enormous monster waiting by the nearby hedge wall.
  8. Afterwards, return to the garden where you eliminated the first monster and continue past it along the perimeter of the area, then locate the final two enormous creature emerging near the hedge wall and finish them off to activate a cut scene.
  9. Afterwards, move through the doorway you just uncovered to enter the next building and exterminate the attacking demons within. If you run into trouble, there is a Regeneration Vessel in the corner that can be used in case of emergencies.
  10. When the room is clear, move through the adjacent hallway with massive hunks of wood ripped from the wall and use your Butterfly Blade to break open the next door in the left corner ahead.
  11. Collect whatever items you can find before dropping into the elevator shaft you just uncovered, then fall to your dismemberment to learn about the Head Spin Attack and use it to quickly reattach your limbs to your body.
  12. Exit the shaft and move into the next room ahead, then sweep the area for XP and shoot the various propane tanks lying on the ground to effect a change in surrounding environment.
  13. Continue picking up hidden items from the various room while eliminating another wave of demons and giant creatures, then head to the morgue and approach the corner with junk piled in front of it to rejoin your partner.
  14. Search the morgue and the rooms adjacent to it for any additional items or remaining threats to your health, then approach the exposed power box by the radiator in the morgue and interact with it to become a rolling limb monstrosity.
  15. Guide what’s left of the character towards the opposite side of the room and roll him up the slanted metal table to reach the ones extending from the wall above, then steer the mobile hunk of human remains onto the last available table and jump them across the gap ahead.
  16. Land on the last available row of beds jutting from the wall beside you, then jump the next gap ahead to reach the two tables in the left corner.
  17. Roll yourself onto the surface furthest from the corner and jump the gap between the beds in the wall beside you, then pick up the XP in the next container and continue forward to clear another gap ahead.
  18. Maneuver your remains on top of the concrete slab that occupies the nearest corner ahead, then enter the ventilation shaft above and navigate the ducts to collect strings of XP until you drop into the next room below.
  19. Enter the boiler room adjacent to your current location and fire upon the propane tanks littering the ground, then sweep the room for XP and climb the staircase to activate a cut scene in which the building is swarmed by numerous enemies.
  20. Drop back to the level below and use your sword to slice through multiple enemies at once while staying on the run to avoid danger, then climb back up the stairs when the room has been cleared again and move through the doorway previously unavailable to you.
  21. Search the next two corridors on your left to collect the deposits of XP and angle the seesaw in the second hallway so that it’s tilted upward towards the door.
  22. Approach the exposed power box to interact with it and lose more limbs via electrocution, then roll your disembodied head up the seesaw you tilted into position earlier to reach the next floor above.
  23. Use the Regeneration Vessel at the top to restore your body to its full capacity, then head down the next hall to pick up the Machine Gun and collect additional items in the room ahead.
  24. Make your way down the staircase in the back corner of the room and continue collecting the items left around for you, then eliminate the Spoons that attack you in the next underground area at the bottom of the steps and equip the SMG in the process.
  25. Use these new weapons and tactics that allow for quick body regeneration to fight off the invading hoards of enemies until you can locate and destroy another of those enormous monsters waiting in the far corner of the area.
  26. After the area is clear of enemies, continuing sweeping it for items until you stumble upon a small alcove with an exposed power box and a monster that suddenly smashes through a nearby wall.
  27. Join your partner over by the elevate to activate a cut scene in which you learn Electricity Propigation, then approach the previously ignored power box to absorb the energy from and enter the elevator that now opens for you.
  28. Exit at the elevator’s next stop and take a right down the hall, then continue ahead towards the next area to activate a cut scene and complete the level.

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NeverDead should of been NeverMade. Game looks like .


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“…Bryce Boltzmann, the very faux-english-named protagonist…”

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“Faux” is the French word for false. What, exactly, is your point?