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NeverDead Walkthrough

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  1. At the start of this level, sweep the surrounding area for XP and other additional items before climbing the steps that lead to the next building’s entrance.
  2. Use your sword to fend off the large monster that emerges from the ground at the top of the steps and wait until lesser enemies have time to move in beside you, then strike the nearby cement columns until they collapse in damaging mass destruction.
  3. Finish off any surviving threats and move back down the steps to approach a new wave of enemies emerging below, then jump up on the grass median and strike the statues so that they crumble and fall onto the opposing creates.
  4. Clear another wave of enemies, including a giant monster, then run back and forth across the width of the area to stay on the move and out of danger. As you sprint between different parts of the enclosure, use the Butterfly Blade to cut your a path through the enormous wave of demons currently rising from the ground.
  5. Another tactic for this onslaught is to seek out any remaining opportunities for destruction, such as stone columns, and lure numerous enemies over to it before bringing down the rubble.
  6. When the enormous monsters rise up every once in a while, make them your primary target of attack since other enemies require less effort and concentration. In the process of killing larger enemies, it’s also inevitable to kill multiple smaller enemies in close proximity.
  7. Survive the ambush by eliminating every enemy in the area to activate a cut scene in which you are charged with opening the courtyard door, then return to the building’s front entrance and make a right to approach the exposed power box in the corner.
  8. Absorb the energy contained in the box, then cross over to the opposite side of the area and use the stored electricity to activate a cut scene in which you open the courtyard gates.
  9. Gather up your arms and move forward into the area you just made accessible, then use your Butterfly Blade to exterminate the ambush of demons and enormous monsters until a cut scene activates in which Arcadia is knocked unconscious.
  10. Fight your way over to Arcadia and revive her as soon as possible, then make an effort to stick together so that she doesn’t get overwhelmed by the hoards. When she moves to a different part of the courtyard, follow her to activate a cut scene in which a bird destroys the fountain.
  11. After another cut scene in which a way into the museum is revealed, search the surrounding area to find additional XP before making your way up the wooden ramp located beside the raging fire.
  12. Make a left at the top and turn back around when you pass beneath the scaffolding above, then remove your character’s head and toss it up onto the next level.
  13. Roll the disembodied head up the wooden ramps until the rest of your body reappears, then move left along the museum’s crumbling ledge and cross to the opposite side the walkway.
  14. When you see a stone wall scarred with claw marks on the right, move around to the other side of it and enter the next room through a doorway hidden in the corner to complete this part of the level.

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On January 29, 2012 at 2:53 pm

NeverDead should of been NeverMade. Game looks like .


On January 30, 2012 at 12:16 pm

“…Bryce Boltzmann, the very faux-english-named protagonist…”

Who writes this stuff?!? The only famous person of that name of whom I am aware is the 19th-century AUSTRIAN physicist, Ludwig Boltzmann.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On January 30, 2012 at 12:19 pm

You might want to look up “faux” David.


On January 30, 2012 at 7:09 pm

“Faux” is the French word for false. What, exactly, is your point?