New League of Legends Players: Pick The Best Role & Champion


Ashe, The Frost Archer

There are a few champions that are easier to learn how to play than others. A perfect example of this is Ashe, The Ice Queen of one of the Freljord Tribes. You can to choose to play her in the tutorial. Ashe’s passive causes her to land a critical hit when she reaches 100 stacks. Her primary ability is a toggle passive called Frost Shot that makes her arrows slow champions. Her secondary ability, a volley that shoots seven arrows farther than her auto attack in a cone shape helps to clear minions and is good in team fights, can be combined with her Frost Shot to slow a target if enough points are placed in Frost shot.

Her Hawkshot gives her vision of the area she shoots it into and gives her a little extra gold with every kill. Last but not least, her ultimate – the Enchanted Crystal Arrow – is a global arrow that can deal damage and stun, and the further the arrow travels the longer the stun on the target. In addition, it also deals splash damage and slows nearby enemy champions. ‘Global’ refers to the ability to hit any target on the map no matter where you are, as long as you can aim well enough to hit them. The Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a skill-shot, so you have to point it in the direction you want it to go before you fire. It may take you a while to learn, so if you experience yourself firing a lot of random arrows across the map without hitting anything, don’t feel bad. Most of us have been there.

For more detail on Ashe, check out our beginner’s guide to Ashe!


Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover

Another Champion that is easier to learn is Caitlyn, the sniper rifle-wielding sheriff of Piltover. She has the highest base auto attack range at 625 units, and her passive allows her to deal more damage to a champion or a minion every third shot. Her primary ability is the Piltover Peacemaker, which is a skillshot that fires in a straight line and can hit multiple targets at once. It’s good for farming in a hurry, getting a double kill or two, and harassing enemy champions.

The Yordle snap trap, her secondary ability, is good for zoning enemies. Caitlyn can place this trap on the map, and when an enemy champion steps on it, they are revealed for a short period of time and snared. This can be good for trapping enemies for the kill, to help you escape, or to keep them from stepping in that area.

Her third ability is the 90 Caliber Net. It’s a net that propels Caitlyn backwards and slows the target it is fired towards. It doesn’t propel her very far but is helpful to get out of some situations and to reposition during a team fight. She can also use this net through some of the small walls to get to safety, though this can be a little tricky. You could find yourself face planting into a wall, resulting in your untimely death. Lastly, her ultimate: the Ace in the Hole. This allows Caitlyn to snipe an enemy champion from 3,000 units away (when max leveled). Enemy champions can choose to take the bullet for who you are aiming at, otherwise if they are low enough on health, and your damage output is high enough, they are a guaranteed kill. This is how you teach them they cannot escape their imminent defeat.

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