New League of Legends Players: Pick The Best Role & Champion


Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter

Last but not least is Miss Fortune, the sultry, red-headed, pirate bounty hunter who duel-wields pistols. Her passive is called Strut. After a few seconds of non-combat, it increases her movement speed. Using this ability, she can return from base to her lane faster than some other champions, and if you’re chase her and her strut kicks in, you can bet she’s gone.

Her primary ability is a bullet that bounces from her target to an enemy behind it, dealing damage to both. This is good for damaging enemies that are hiding behind other enemy champions. It’s also good for farming, since it deals damage to two minions at once. Impure shot, her secondary ability, is a passive and an active. Passively, it increases the damage she deals. When activated, it increases her attack speed, and her attacks cause the enemy champion to heal for less.

An attack called Make it Rain is her third ability. A small area of effect that causes bullets fall from the sky, this makes any enemy champion inside the circle take damage and become slowed. Bullet Time, her ultimate ability, is a cone of bullets that Miss Fortune channels in front of her. Due its long range and waves of bullets, this ability deals tons of damage to anyone trapped in the cone. It is a channeled ability, meaning that you can’t move while using it.


You may have overheard LoL players say that support is the easiest role to play, and while it is fairly simple, being a good support player can be very difficult. It usually requires a lot of remembering time counters, ward placement, map awareness, knowing your skills so you can save your teammates, and knowing how to zone to get your ADC farmed and fed. Learning how to play ADC can also help you learn how to play other roles, such as Top lane and Middle lane. It can teach you how to be a good support, because you know what an ADC needs. Some roles differ slightly, as some are scaled on Ability Power, yet the basics are the same — focus on farming, destroying towers, and getting kills along the way.

League of Legends can be overwhelming at first, but I hope this makes it easier for you to choose a champion so that you can focus on learning all the basics!

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