Posted on June 7, 2007,

New PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer

There are moments when it looks like the PS3 is going to shine. This is definitely one of those moments.

I have to be honest–I really do want a Playstation 3. The truth is that I’m not willing to spend the money on it, but this new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4 looks amazing.

The cinematics and production value for video games has increased impressively over the years, and this is a shining example of how far games have come. And being a film buff, I’d have to say I love it.

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4 Comments on New PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer


On June 7, 2007 at 4:17 am

Hmmmmm. I’m in two minds about this trailer. On the one hand, it just looks as if it’s going to be just another FPS, but against giant robots. Which leads me on to ask, does anyone else have any issues of the styles of those Metal Gear’s? I’m not saying their capabilities aren’t cool, but they just don’t seem right, but on the other hand, a big other hand – the final fight sequence did kick a fair amount of ass. Unforutneately, it did have to be Raiden, wouldn’t it! Ahwell, I knew it was him while he was slaying them in an end-of-MGS2-style-amount, so it only ruined it a little bit.

Two further points: Meryl? Is it even possible that her and Otacon can be alive in the same time? That was a big spoiler I don’t think they should’ve released, really. Her words about FOXHOUD are obviously going to intrigue some people. Also, why would Snake shoot himself, just, why?! I know he’s hardly a clean-slate, but it just seems a bit OTT.

General thoughts: Not overly impressed, actually. Most of those 14 minutes were wasted I think and could’ve shown something different. Nice touches with the smoking and the box, which got my attention as soon as it came into the corner.


On June 7, 2007 at 4:37 am

For one, you don’t sound like MGS fan at all. I don’t know why you said the MGS4 looks like it’s going to be just another FPS. MGS is not, and has never been, a First Person Shooter. So I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Secondly, the metal gears in this trailer make me think of classic MGS. In fact, they really remind me of MG Rex from MGS. Lastly, who cares if you’re not impressed every one else is. The reason why; this trailer is amazing, and the fact that this game is going to be amazing too, is pretty certain.


On June 7, 2007 at 5:09 am

Oh, heck, I’m not denying it visually looks good and all that lot and I don’t not consider myself an MGS fan, but there was just a lot of shooting in this video. The only sections that were truly stealthy, truly tactical, was the escape from the 2 chasing Gear’s and that funky stealth thing and the jumping out of the truck whilst in disguise, which was very Solid Snake. I thought the head module was similar to that of Rex, but aside from that, just looked like a head portion of an MG on a human (obviously, that’s not the case, but general shape).

I also didn’t say that the game wouldn’t be amazing because it likely will be, simply this trailer. I personally feel there were parts of it that didn’t need to be included and it could’ve been a lot more effective without them, such as the scene of Snake just sitting there about to shoot himself. I found it to be rather pointless and unnedded. Perhaps it showed the point about war being bad, like the premise of the trailer, but I just don’t think it’s a good point. Not many people like their game protragonist to have images of shooting themselves. One gets attached to their main character and doesn’t want them to die. Or at least, I try not to let him or Raiden die as much as possible…course that’s wavered just a lil’ bit with Raiden.


On June 7, 2007 at 5:33 am

Just to let you know, Otacon and Meryl CAN both be alive, because in the canon ending ( Where you save Meryl ), the Colonel calls off the airstrike and sends someone in to save Hal ( Otacon ). Meryl was also alive during MGS2, in fact, she was mention briefly ( Apparently, she and Snake just didn’t really get along. )

As for “There was a lot of shooting in this trailer”, that is because the game is taking place in a more wartorn, urban area. There also multiple locations in the game this time around ( As was said by Kojima )

This is only one area in the game, and it cannot be said the entire game will be like this. If you played it, you would have seen that MGS3 was also more action/shooter heavy than previous games, but didn’t lose it’s tactical edge.

As for the Gekkous: These are NOT the only Metal Gears in the game. According to Kojima, they are considered the “Jeeps” of the armies. The real MG has yet to be revealed, and is considered the “Tank”.