New SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Trailer Showcases Future Tech

Maxis has released a new intro trailer for Cities of Tomorrow, the upcoming expansion for SimCity. Set to release on Nov. 12, the expansion will evolve your city 50-75 years into the future, complete with flying drones, sky bridges, and fusion power plants.

The video showcases both The Academy and OmegaCo specializations. After unlocking the relevant research, players transform their cities using MagLevs, Drone factories, Garbage Atomizers Wave Generators and more within the multi-zoned structures called MegaTowers that dwarf the city skyline.

Check out the video — there’s a little surprise for you at the end:

Sadly, this expansion will not include an offline mode or larger maps. It will cost $30.

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4 Comments on New SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Trailer Showcases Future Tech


On November 5, 2013 at 8:42 am

I understand that the resource cost of a simulation grows super linearly when you increase the map size but it’s not like this game is made for consoles. It’s a pure pc game so why not allow for the option of larger map sizes? If your computer can handle it then great, if it cant then fine the current village sized map still runs ok.

All I’m asking for is the option.


On November 5, 2013 at 3:24 pm

I did play till the game with its flaws, then totally forgot it, I think this is a bit out too late like the repair job still is, this should of been there implanted in the game in the first place, its yet another stab to get the game back on a track thats lost a lot of rails They needed to of made the game work in the first place. Too many company’s/devs are getting away with poor release none workable games that play like , Basically this all adds to a rip off to the paying customer. The game industry is the only industry that can rip customers off blindly, they are really blase about it. I have voiced this opinion for too many years now, it seems players/devs/companies are still very death dumb and blind, there seems no accountability at all for poor execution these days. even new cars sell with flaws these days so they can’t even be put into a positive example anymore of what is expected of bought and what was thought to be a working product. constant rip off society. sim city here we are and living it.


On November 5, 2013 at 4:19 pm

Simcity (this version) is an extremely interesting case study in management decisions. Here, the devs had multiple open forum discussions with the core fanbase about the game prior to launch, mostly on reddit. The overwhelming reaction, probably 80/20 minimum, to the design decisions that are still being complained about now was resoundingly negative.

The primary Simcity Community sites had almost countless forums and threads on what direction the new game should take starting years prior to launch, and it’s known that the Maxis devs actively browse those sites (Simtrop, Simpeg etc. etc.). These threads continued all the way through the public beta to launch. Same response, probably closer to 90/10, on what the devs should definitely NOT do with the game.

Launch day comes, and we see that Maxis decided to completely disregard all of that fan feedback. Maxis rooted the game in a foundation that the core fanbase had told the company, for well over a year, repeatedly and in increasingly explicit terms, that it DID NOT WANT.

This was not a failure to do market research, nor was it being tone-deaf. Nobody, not even EA, is that willfully oblivious. Maxis made a management decision that they could make more money selling the game to the Sims/Mobile/Casual markets than selling it to the core fanbase. I’m sure they were fully aware that they were going to completely burn the bridges with the core fanbase, and management decided that was a price they were willing to pay if it allowed them to hook a larger and younger market.

It was a calculated gamble. It does not appear to have worked out. Sadly, it will probably be the death of the franchise and for the wrong reasons. IMHO, this epic fail resulted from Maxis trying to make a hybrid of SimCity 4 and Farmville and succeeding at neither. It was a base strategic decision that should never have been made. Honestly, it’d be like trying to make a hybrid between, say, Portal and F.E.A.R.

What the fanbase wanted was Simcity 4, upated with modern graphics and a modern engine, and moddable. Hopefully, there’s some enterprising indie studio out there willing to do just that.


On November 27, 2013 at 10:11 am

never played or bought this game due to above mentioned “no offline, no larger maps” … *yawn