Posted on September 21, 2007,

NHL 2K8: Now Featuring Ripoff Downloadable Content!

microsoft-points-card.jpgI have a love-hate relationship with downloadable content. Sometimes it’s terrific and really extends the longevity and enjoyment of a game (see: Crackdown). But other times it can act as a terrific detriment in the eyes of gamers to not only the game itself, but the developer and publisher of the game as well. Such is the case with NHL 2K8’s Reelmaker add-on which was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace a few days ago. It costs 400 Microsoft Points ($5) and allows for you to save and edit replays – camera angles, special effects; the works. That’s all well and good, but there’s just one problem:

Reelmaker is already on the disc.

The $5 download is a mere 108 KB, or in other words, it’s just a key to unlock content that’s on the disc. This has been pulled in the past, and each time I feel the need to call out the developer and publisher, because this is a crock of you-know-what. Content that’s already developed and available on the disc should be readily available. Charging a premium allowing gamers to access what is already essentially theirs is reprehensible and is a practice that should be discontinued across the board.

This is a pure money-making scheme. Content that is designed later certainly warrants payment, and I can’t blame publishers for charging for that content. But in this situation there should be no need whatsoever for gamers to go out of their way to pay money for something that is on the disc right in front of them.

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4 Comments on NHL 2K8: Now Featuring Ripoff Downloadable Content!


On September 21, 2007 at 12:11 pm

That’s taking the piss right there.


On September 21, 2007 at 4:34 pm

This is SUPER lame, i cannot beleive the nerve of 2k sports. The content is on the disk, the person already paid for it when they bought the game. That alone will make me pass on this game until they have the feature free. ITS ON THE GAME DISK!!!!

2K sports – you have come to a new LOW!!!!! Bycott this game. Thank you for giving us a new ferrari without the keys. SCREW YOU 2K Sports.


On September 23, 2007 at 1:57 pm

Let’s ignore the fact that you are choosing to purchase a game that is updated minimally every year, and focus on a $5 *bonus* feature. If you can seriously complain about paying for a little piece of bonus material here and there, you don’t need to spend the money on a new version every year. This isn’t some game that you play for years like the Quake or Half-Life or Unreal series. Sports games aren’t designed around endless replayability. These sports games are money makers, and you are supporting this business model by purchasing them year after year.

Reelmaker was not listed on the features on the back of the box. It wasn’t mentioned when you purchased the game. This wasn’t a feature that got left out after it was promised to the consumer. This was (like the entire game) specifically made to be sold. The coders did their time to make the product, and they should get compensated. If you buy the game and don’t use Reelmaker, it’s not like you have lost something (besides your soul).

“Waaaaahhh it’s on the disc already! Gimme gimme!” Let’s start demanding that all shareware be free. I say we pirate Adobe Premiere, after all, it just uses all the video content we already own. For the righteous cause! Demand free extra content from people who earn their living by making entertaining games!

I’ll even throw in the obligatory “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. You can just buy the competitor’s game.” Better yet, make your own damn games. Let’s see how up-in-arms you are when it’s time to get paid for YOUR work.


On February 1, 2008 at 10:17 pm

Even if it is on the disc, you can still take video etc, and if u get points or buy it, all you can do is edit them and share them online not a big deal. You buy a sports gmae to play a sports game, I have all video of unique things i’ve done. Who cares about editing.