Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents

  • Sneaking Out After Dark
  • The Fairy and the Spellbook
  • Welcome to Another World
  • Meeting Old Father Oak
  • Entering Ding Dong Dell
  • An Audience With the King
  • King Tom’s New Lease of Life
  • Down in Ding Dong Well
  • Passing Through Golden Grove
  • The Majesty of Al Mamoon
  • The Brokenhearted Girl
  • Sage Advice
  • The Temple of Trials
  • Familiar Taming and Metamorphosis Training

    Familiar Taming and Metamorphosis Training

    After all that work, the Supreme Sage will give Oliver the Bridge spell, and the Broom Broom spell.

    Now, it’s time to learn one of, if not the most important, abilities in the game. It’s time for creature taming.

    Esther will be given the Heart-Winning Harp. This special item allows you to tame critters. Any monster you come across in the world, you can tame. But it won’t be easy!

    To start, the Supreme Sage will introduce three creatures. During combat, sometimes a defeated creature will stay on the field while hearts appear over their heads. That means they can be tamed.

    Only Esther can tame creatures with her harp. It doesn’t matter who defeats them, but you’ll need to switch to Esther to tame them. Got that?

    There are three Familiars to choose from. A duck-like thing, a floating ghost, and a plant-ish fairy. Grab whichever you want, it doesn’t matter too much yet.

    The first is the shonky-honker, which is good for all-around players. It has good defense, and some supportive magic attacks like sleep.

    The second familiar is the boggly-boo, which has a higher attack rating with more damaging combat abilities than the other two. If you want a pure fighter, go with this guy.

    The third is a naiad. It’s a pretty good healer, with some other magical attacks you can use in combat if you’re so inclined.

    When you’re ready to choose, talk to the Supreme Sage on his throne. He’ll put you in combat with all three creatures. Choose Esther, then beat up the monster you want to take with you. They won’t fight back, so there’s no danger here.

    After knocking the monster out, it’ll get back up. See those hearts floating over it? That means you can tame it! Select the heart icon in your combat menu. Select that you want to serenade it, and the creature will be your’s.

    In the regular game, you’ll be able to choose whether to serenade or let the creature go. If you leave it alone, it’ll run off – remember, some familiars will run away much faster than others!

    You can always keep three familiars to each character, and three familiars in reserve. But, if you catch more than that, you’ll need to store them elsewhere.

    Remember those sewer covers you see next to every waystone? Now you can use them! Talking to the little black creature inside allows you to send extra familiars away to the Familiar Retreat. Think of it as a Familiar Bank, where you can safely store extra familiars to be used later.

    That isn’t all! It’s time to learn about metamorphosis. If you’ve played Pokemon, you know the deal – your Familiars can evolve into new and powerful versions of themselves.

    To metamorphose a familiar, you’ll need special items. The Supreme Sage will give you one such item now, a sundrop.

    The Creature Cage menu will open. Select your mite, then select to feed the sundrop to the mite. Next, move your cursor right to select his next evolutionary stage. He’ll become a Mighty Mite!

    New species come with new abilities and upgrades. The mighty mite can perform one extra trick, even at level 1.

    The type of treat you need to feed to each familiar depends on their sign. Don’t forget, there are four signs: sun, moon, star and the planet.

    That’s all you need to know for now! Familiars that metamorphose will return to level 1, so you’ll need to give them some training so they can catch back up.

    Luckily, they’ll gain levels quickly. And, don’t forget that metamorphosis is totally optional. You can always keep what you have.

    Enough with the tutorials! It’s time to return to Al Mamoon to talk with Esther’s father and continue your quest to defeat Shadar.

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